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Pinhoti Trail| Day 9| 12 miles|
Total 103
The morning sun didn’t wake us up quite as early as we had hoped. It was a cloudy morning and had been raining for much of the night. The rain subsided and we got going on the trail by 9 AM. Kelsey and I had to make a solid push to the road crossing before the severe storms made their way to us. The forecast predicted the first wave would hit us around 2:30 pm with subsequent storms to follow.
The terrain of the trail was much the same as yesterday, and the 12 miles went by rather quickly with some pleasant weather. We were at the road crossing exactly at 2:30. No storms in view.
Kelsey and I tried our hand at hitchhiking, sticking our thumbs out to on going cars, going in the same direction as us. We tried standing in one visible spot with our sign, and we tried walking with our packs on and thumbs out. Not sure which method will prove more effective, as the main thing to convey when hitchhiking is that you are a hiker and not a serial killer. Further testing to be done.
We were picked up 20 minutes later by a man and wife in a white pickup truck, who agreed to drop us off down the road at a hotel. Thank you’s were exchanged and off they went. 👍
Kelsey and I checked into the hotel then headed for a hot meal at the Mexican restaurant down the street. Still no storms.
We questioned a couple times whether we should have gotten off trail, on what turned out to be a beautiful day. Our decision was soon reinforced. The storms came around 9pm, and although we were not in the tornadoes path (the storms were correctly identified as “severe” the lightning flashed and lit up the nights sky every couple of seconds for hours with bursts of heavy rain and hail. Glad to be safe indoors!
Even better than escaping the storms, Kelsey passed her final CPA test and can officially call herself a CPA. I am so proud of her! She set an incredibly ambitious goal of taking and passing all of her tests before we left for our hike, and she crushed it. She studied constantly over the last 6 months, on top of working a full time accounting job, and completing her masters degree. 4 tests up/ 4 tests down. A big congrats to @kelseyadell

Cleburne, Alabama

Enjoying the view from the sky! 😍 Beautiful little flight off Bradwell Edge in the Peak District of England! Looking back, it amazes me that just a few years ago, I didn’t even know what paragliding was, and now, almost everywhere I go, I carry my little wing with me in hopes I can fly! I think flying is such a great privilege, and now, I’m very pleased to be able to give back in some small way! Moving forward, I’ll be helping out with the Cloudbase Foundation! This is an amazing organization that equips pilots for charitable endeavors in the communities where they fly! From local education support, to clothing donations, and building safe water wells, CBF, has some awesome projects in the works! If you’re interested in finding out more, head on over to @thecloudbasefoundation! #cloudbasefoundation #ushpa #karmaflights #paragliding #parapente #peoplehelpingpeople #giveback #pilotlife #cloudbase #soaring #ridgesoaring #hikeandfly #paraglidinglife #peakdistrict #ukflying #bradwelledge #enjoytheview #liveyourpassion #flyskyhigh #3rdrocking #ourplanetourplayground #thisisfreedom #ultralight #freeflight #skyparagliders #anakis #happyplace #windinmyhair #flyingcat #themountainsarecalling @3rdrocking


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Leaving suburbia and driving up to these mountains after work yesterday- though it’s not my everyday right now - makes me so hungry for when it will be. No other place in the world speaks to my soul like these mountains. #futuregoals ⛰️❤️ 📷@countbendago


#nursingschool #studystudystudy #twomoreweeks #winterbreak #themountainsarecalling #optoutside #winterhiking #soon


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“The way up to the top of the mountain is always longer than you think.
Don’t fool yourself, the moment will arrive when what seemed so near is still very far.” Mount Baling.

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Puncak Gunung Baling Kedah

Martes con sabor a lunes. 😺 Solo faltan 4 días para la próxima aventura... #themountainsarecalling
Foto de @enriquevera hace unos días en la Huasteca 🙌🏼