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Let your day be filled with joy, laughter and good moments. Smile, because it often confuses people and eventually you get a smile back. •
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A collection of elephant tracking collars - a mixture of dropped collars and ones removed from dead individuals - sit outside the Save The Elephants research camp, each marked with the date of collaring and the date of removal.

Samburu National Reserve

Day 3: Rocky Mountain National Park. Catch me on the mountain #LAtothe6ix2017

Rocky Mountain National Park

Located at the southern edge of the Lotus Lake are the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas 🐉🐅 We were told that entering the dragon's throat and coming out the tiger's mouth symbolizes turning bad luck to good fortune.🤞 .
📍: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

Carlessly you pass the hours humming songs you heard when you were young...


We arrived at the Grand Canyon early this evening and watched the sunset at Grandview Point which was pure magic. Found ourselves a gem of a dispersed camping spot within the park (for free!) and currently inside our little @escapecampervans looking at photos and eating cookies 😊 We can hear coyotes howling in the distance which is super neat to sit silently and observe.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

He laid emeralds in her eyes
Oh, but I'd already tried
A bracelet made of gold
And scarlet thread around her wrist
And everything was wrong
So we sang sentimental songs
Oh, how seldom we belong
But how elegant our kiss
And we painted crooked lines
But we danced in perfect time
To a love so much refined
We know not what it is
So like the dullen wine
We pour into a grief we'd known before
But never quite like this
Never quite like this
All I know now is regret
She follows like a silhouette
Of a cobblestone behind me
She has nothing left to say
Except to innocently ask
Her voice delicate as glass
"Do you see me when we pass?"
But I
I continue on my way -Norma Jean “Memphis will be laid to waste”

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Sea Caves ꥃ꠪


I'm a bit obsessed with over exposed shots, so here's something a bit different. No filter because none is needed.

A great day showing one of my childhood besties why I fell in love with the Yukon. She figured out why pretty quickly.


Beaches and adventures are great forms of procrastination

Vancouver Island

Reposting this one from Summer, a recent favorite. 🌿


An undying thirst for greatness.
Sandier trails at the #SambharSaltLake.
Upcoming Expeditions to Rajasthan start Dec'17. For details, send us a Direct Message or an email to explore@terraquest.in

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A tiny bird on it's way to fly in an explosion of colors! //First shoot with my 40ish year old 80 - 200 mm lens and Kodak portra 400.


Немного солнца в вашу ленту ☺️🌻 Have some sunshine in your feed #lifeisbeautiful


📍 Chocolate Hills, Bohol
(photo by @amoureuxvoyageux)
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Chocolate Hills, Bohol