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ISSUE #33102 ;
~ Princess Albertine on last night's ball ~
Our head reporter Cornelius Black sat down with Illéa's eldest daughter, Princess Albertine! They had a conversation about The Selection and specifically Selected, and although the princess did not specify a favorite of the Selected, she did mention that she "talked to Lady Brianna a lot" and that she is "very kind". But despite her opinion, she believes that Prince Clovis will "pick the right woman no matter what because he's smart." What a wonderful and supportive sister!
~ Eliminations ~
We've heard that Ladies Jacklin Brown, Faith Woodkins, Candice Rousseau, Vienna Winslow and Angelica Blackburn have been eliminated for various reasons including; being caught with Edmund, stealing from the palace, and yelling at the young Princess Adaya! No wonder they were eliminated!
~ Is Prince Clovis involved with a Selected? ~
An anonymous insider claims that our prince was seen half dressed with a Selected known as Lady Avril Marlow. our insider comments, "He had his hands all over her, it's a wonder they weren't entirely unclothed." What a scandal! Prince Clovis, Princess Albertine and the other royals have all refused to make a comment.
~ does Prince Clovis have a favorite Lady? ~
Before the news of Clovis' scandal, he sat down with us for a quick interview, and this is what he said... "I couldn't entirely choose a favorite lady since I haven't spoken with all of them yet, but Lady Adelaide left me with a definite memorable impression." So Lady Adelaide Lisdroité has left an impression on our charming prince! Could this have changed since his recent undressing with Lady Avril Marlowe, or is it just keeping the princess entertained?
We are here to keep you posted. Until next time!
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—Nora E. Rizzo🌻

Nacida un 3 de enero, tiene 18 años vivió toda su vida en la casta 2; llena de lujos y sin grandes preocupaciones. Cuando era pequeña empezó desde los 5 años a modelar para revistas y marcas de ropa infantiles, pero años después decidió que quería comenzar a actuar, cosa que es tu trabajo desde entonces.

Es hija única (Aunque tiene un medio hermano de dos años) con padres divorciados y una madrastra que es todo lo contrario de ser cruel. Suele conseguir todo lo que quiere y no acepta un no como respuesta aunque eso le puede traer problemas. Es algo malcriada, y suele hacer chistes sobre eso; pero tampoco te gustaría tenerla como enemiga o meterte con con sus seres queridos.

Si bien nació en una ciudad de Bankston, viajó a lo largo de todo el país para filmar películas y algunas series. Sabe hablar tres idiomas con fluidez: español, inglés y francés, aunque también le interesan el búlgaro, árabe, e italiano. Se considera a si misma una chica divertida, algo romántica y tranquila, sobretodo lo último, puesto a que rara vez pierde la compostura. Entre sus pasiones se encuentran la moda, las artes, la escritura y la danza. ➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷➷
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Queen Adelaide Rosaline Benedetta Schreave

Age: 43


Poor manners
The press

After losing her husband, she became closer with her two children. She is an adoring mother and a gentle queen. She is the very image of what a queen should be, but she does have a few secrets she is hiding.

RP: open
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(You are fighting for him)

Edmund Percival Schreave

19 years old

The outdoors
Nosy people
Rude people
He is very secretive and closed off, but he is kind hearted and cares about people. He loves his family and his sister has a huge influence on him.

Song: Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival

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