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You might be be wondering, why in the world is Jillee running a loaf of bread under water? I promise I'm not going crazy! 😂 It's actually part of a genius trick to soften a stale loaf of bread. Click the link in my profile to get the full instructions!


Chocolate and coffee are friends with benefits.

Toronto, Ontario

It is Thursday! The week is flying by and will be over in a flash. The clock is ticking on your dreams. GET TO WORK
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Tip of the day: MaMa Kelly 💕✨ Will you get the Chicken or the Lobster?

MaMa Kelly Amsterdam

yup, we've all been there before• we have all fell asleep in our makeup, and then we wake up feeling all types of ICKY 😱😝
you've probably heard that your pores open up when you sleep and that's why sleeping in makeup is bad, but the truth is once applied, within a matter of 20 something seconds all that makeup has already seeped through a couple of layers of skin• so much difference in sleeping in it🤷🏾well it's about what happens over time that matters.
This can occur:
•Eye irritation and infection •Wrinkles😫
•Dry skin
•Broken eyelashes because the mascara will have hardened
•Clogged eyelash follicles that'll stunt growth
•Chapped lips🙅🏾 #DontNobodyGotTimeForThat
#BeautyTipFromCrystal : now this shouldn't be a daily routine BUT for those nights where you just can't move a muscle to wash your flawless beat, @laurennapier has you covered with one of the best facial wipes!
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Are you a dreamer? Big dreams and aspirations are what get me out of bed in the morning.
My whole life I’ve been told ‘that’s not possible’ or ‘you won’t be successful at that’. Instead of just listening and giving up, I use that doubt to drive me to go even harder toward my dreams.
Usually when I tell people my dream is to live on a sailboat and travel, working as little as possible. People just laugh or try to tell me all the reasons why they believe that wouldn’t work out.
Don’t let negativity suck you in. Dream big! Be positive! Stop at nothing! If you have the right attitude and drive, I believe you can achieve your big dreams, no matter how silly everyone else thinks they are.


We all know we should aim to drink 2 to 3 litres of water per day. But how many of us can truthfully raise our hand and say we do 🙋‍♀️ Water is needed for the body for numerous reasons: it helps with energy production💃keeps our skin healthy plus hydrated😄 helps to digest food🍽️ keeps our kidneys clear plus helps with detoxification🙌 assists in weight loss📉 and also helps us perform better physically throughtout the day.💪👟
Lets make this year the year of breaking bad habits and making new ones. Lets start by cutting down on all the sugary drinks and coffees we consume and start by increasing our water intake. A little tip: if you are someone who finds plain water boring, why not add some fresh fruit to give your water some natural flavouring.