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by @kimcarterwellness

Her first time staying in a hotel! This was complete with a shower with Mommy cause, let’s be real, there’s no way I am letting her sit in a hotel bathtub😳🤢! She did great and I think had fun! She got to jump on hotel beds😜 and run from room to room (adjoining rooms). Now she’s sleeping in her pack n play in the room and was so tired she fell right to sleep.
She’s been such a trooper today on the road. Love my munchkin. 😘

At what age was your kiddos first hotel stay? .
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Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

by @claire_cervino

Y’all know that I love doing hands on activities with my kids that let them get really creative. And if said activity comes in a box so I have to do as little prep work as possible than I consider that total #winning. These are @spinmaster Bunchems and they are easy to use shapers. You can bunch, squish, and shape them around different domes and cylinders and then attach eyes to make an animal or maybe a door to finish off a house. You can use these again and again and the clean up is a breeze! Bunchems can be bought at Target, so perfect for those last minute gifts, and a kit comes with lots of colors and 12 accessories to help you and your child build whatever they imagine. A “blue dinosaur” in Tripp’s case! What would you want to make with Bunchems? #sponsored #bunchems


by @tucsonkrystal

Bedtime story tonight is
The Paper Bag Princess. This was Paloma’s first book I ever read to her when she was a baby. I love these moments so much. I wish I could freeze time.

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by @triona_odea

One for #throwbackthursday last year at the pumpkin patch. Can't believe how much he has changed since then 🎃
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by @adalynnsattic

Day 3-

This is awareness!
My pregnancy was uneventful, but Adalynn was breech and I was scheduled for a c section on 9/28/15. I had an anterior placenta and felt minimal movement through my pregnancy, but on 9/22/15 Adalynn moved frantically. It was like I felt her punching and kicking with all limbs at once. Never being pregnant before, I thought, “Wow, she is getting so big I can really feel her.” I didn’t know it then, and research released out of Australia in 2017 confirmed, increased fetal movement in late term is a sign of distress.
For the rest of my life, I will wish that I had the insight to run to the hospital immediately. For the rest of my life, I will wish my doctor educated me on the importance of kick counts, instead of simply asking me, “baby moving?” I remember walking around work all day in 9/22, a colleague left work to go deliver her baby that day. We had the same due date of 9/28. I was wishing I could be at the hospital having my baby too, I imagined they would write my name and my babies name and weight on the announcement board like they did hers. It seemed so surreal. Turns out I should have been at the hospital that day. Obviously, 9/22 is hard on me. I awoke on 9/25 and told my husband that I was worried. Adalynn always moved at night as I went to bed and everything was quiet and calm. I could feel little subtle shifts, I told him I didn’t recall her moving the evening of 9/24/15 and was so exhausted I just fell asleep. I drank something sweet and cold to wake her. No movement. I called my doctor and headed to the hospital to hear the worst news of my life. My doctor put her hand in my leg and said, “I’m sorry, this is really rare.” (It’s not rare, 1 in 160) My sweet 7lb, 4oz baby I prayed for had no heartbeat💔😢 The devastation and whirlwind of activity and emotions that followed are both a blur and tragically embedded in my brain.
4 days later, we left the hospital with a memory box instead of our baby. Left only with pictures, imprints of her hands and feet, a lock of her hair, and the coming home outfit she would never come home in😢💔 #ivfjourney #angelbaby #griefandloss #hope #infertilitycommunity #infertilityawareness


by @laurenl.chapman

Thankful for these sweet moments captured. I look at them in bliss. I'm reminded quickly about how precious these days are with our little's. It's almost funny to post these photos though, because reality is, we don't look like this everyday! Most hours in the day you can find me filling up water cups a thousand times, making endless snacks & meals, doing dishes, changing diapers- lots of diapers, playing trains & cars, kicking soccer balls in the house, reading endless animal farm books, singing the silly song slippery fish, refueling on coffee, scarfing down food while holding or feeding the baby, loading & unloading tiny humans into car seats, kissing boo boos, breaking up fights, dodging toys being thrown, sweeping dry playdough off the floors, all while I living in comfy mom clothes, hair in a bun.... with leftover shampoo in it from taking 2 minute showers. But you know what, as often as I catch myself saying to my husband "these days are so hard" it's the kind of hard I do cherish. Oh too soon in the blink of an eye these boys will be off to high school, sleeping in till noon on the weekends & wanting to spend their time out with friends. So today, in our hard & exhausting moments that seem never ending, I will remember to kiss my husband as we pass each other by in the hallways with a baby in our arms, knowing we're doing a great and mighty work raising these boys. I will remember to hold these boys as much as they will let me & pause to look them deep into their eyes with awe & wonder. Those moments are the moments I live for 💫 #chapmanfive #raisingboys #greeneyes #tinyhumans

Phoenix, Arizona

by @amandaveydesign

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.”⠀

-John Green, The Fault in Our Stars⠀

I hope you find one such book one day, Son. A book as special to you as mine is to me, and I hope you’ll share it with all those who you care about and respect. ⠀

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Toronto, Ontario

by @valerie_koo

Get to see him Everyday makes my day. #toddler #toddlerlife


by @pots_and_tangles

Trying to complete macramé orders before the weekend... this is what I am competing with 🙄🤣 they are lucky they are adorable and hilarious! #workfromhomemum #mumlife #macrame


by @mommabear0916

When you dump your bag of chips but YouTube is life...#toddlerlife


by @realhswifechi

Last official day of summer
Last swim of the season
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South Loop, Chicago

by @mynameislily

Flu shot! I wish I recorded it because she was all happy and excited. Watched the needle go in and out and then started crying and saying “I don’t like that mommy, ouch. I don’t like that!” Am I a bad parent because I was laughing the whole time!?! #toddlerlife #peytonsuriyaorozco #fluvaccine #kaiserpermanente #shedidgood #shesmybravegirl

Kaiser Permanente

by @ohmisslauren

My boys 💙 -
These two have become closer than ever since Stella arrived and it makes me so happy to see their relationship grow even stronger than it already was. He loves his da da.


by @shannondirmann

The new house is moving on up! Today we chose verses for each room and wrote them on the wood frame. One in Bates’ room declaring he will be safe and grow up in the Lord, another in the kitchen to remind us we need Jesus AND food to thrive, one in my office/playroom that places my business confidence in God as I build my coach/challenger fam, and my favorite one about how God builds ALL things. Even houses! Bates still had to inspect his future room though. 🤣#whysoserious #homesweethome

Ascension Parish, Louisiana