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鉂楋笍To prevent muscle imbalances, switch up your leg workouts by incorporating single sided exercises. They usually work well after heavier, bilateral sets.
The single leg press is one of my all time favorites! Try it out today, and get the biggest burn by:
1锔忊儯Keeping your hip, knee and ankle in line, just like all other leg exercises to prevent maltracking, and increasing your risk of injury.
2锔忊儯Angling your foot at 45 degree outwards, so you can engage more of your glutes, and
3锔忊儯Stabilising your back by using your arms to hold you in place. This is VERY important if you want to be able to focus solely on the exercise.
Incorporate the single leg press into your WBK program today, just click the link in bio! @workouts_by_katya

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