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What do you do for Cardio? Do you get on a piece of cardio equipment and randomly pick a routine and just put in your time? Do you have a plan to go a specific distance? Or do you believe you should workout hard until you feel sick?

At Class Action Fitness, Inc. we teach our clients about heart rate training, METS and WATTS. We want clients to be more engaged in their health and not just put in the time. Here was my workout on Saturday, it was a HIIT Training circuit I put together. It was very tough, but I appreciate that I could monitor my heart rate, watch which exercise drove my heart rate up and knowing the number of calories I expended in the workout time. This information is very valuable to me improving my fitness level.

We have people join our gym after years of training at a different facility and not understand anything about cardiovascular health. Winter is coming that means additional stress to your health with outdoor activities including snow shoveling.

If you are looking at heart rate training and improving your cardiovascular HEALTH contact me. @classactionfitnessinc #classactionfitnessinc #classactionfitness #befit #heartratetraining #heartratemonitor #myzone #cardioworkout #cardiocoach #hiitworkout #hiit #hiittraining #goforit #workout #cardio #trackprogress #trackyourprogress #mets #watts


This does not mean you start drinking less, that is not the point of this post.

It’s for people who get so obsessed over the weight and don't realise how much it fluctuates.

If you're set on using the scales, here's a few pointers.

Make sure it's the same day and same time each week. Ideally just after you've woken up, but after you've been to the toilet. And obviously use the same scales.

You could also just opt for photos or measurements, you'll honestly feel better for it once you start seeing the improvements.

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And now to put the work in👍


Time with kids and extra steps - win win

Off to see my wife doing us proud


Time for quality time with my family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
But still putting in the work to get closer to my goals


In September I decided to get serious about tracking my fitness. I hit my workouts a little hard and took a few weeks off, but for the last 3 weeks I've been very diligent and taking things a little slower. For the last week, though, I've been feeling very discouraged. Nothing seemed to be changing except that my weight was going up and I couldn't really see the point. Then I re took my measurements. Holy cow! I've lost more than an inch off my waist, and added almost an inch around my booty (that's a big deal for me!). This is real progress! And the best part was plugging the new data into my fitness tracking app, including my weight gain, and seeing that drop in body fat percentage. I'm feeling recharged and even more determined to keep this up. It's just a really good reminder that there's so much more going on than the number on the scale.
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Now it’s time to relax and recover while doing bit of revision on @quizlet


Last session of the week done

Only one exercise on triceps but they feel pumped 👍


Top 5 Best Fitness Devices - Track Your Progress!

Tracking your progress is the Best way to understand if your fitness and nutrition plan is working.

1. Macros Scale - This helps to understand portions and the calories your food provides.

2. Activity Tracker - Helps to track key details in your behavior patterns like:
- Sleep
- Activity
- Heart Rate
- Calorie Output
3. Body Scale - New smart scales can give you more info than just your weight.
- Body Fat %
- Muscle Mass

4. Camera - Great for documenting your activities especially to help improve technique.

5. Recovery Tools - Help to keep you in the game and prepare you for your next workout.
- TENS Unit
- Therapy Ball
- Massagers
Getting an understanding of what your body needs to perform at its Best consistently requires the planning and tracking of your nutrition, activities, and recovery methods.

Training Smarter has become easier with the advancement of technology and the many useful tools available. This can help give you the added knowledge to make improvements faster and be more consistent.
For the fully detailed article click link in bio.

Do you think these devices could help you make #progress in your #fitness & #nutrition plan?
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WTF is this and why EVERYONE should care a whole lot AND do you know how your heart rate, intensity and recovery is either helping or crippling your WODs??🧐🤔😎🤩🤓 ❤ These are heart rates before and after a workout and the time the rounds took. 🤠 I have been working with an awesome new client that has been struggling some what with higher intensity training and negative effects (nausea, faintness, wanting to vomit, fatigue, etc). 💥 Some of these effects could be caused by exceeding a heart rate and intensity that is too high of a demand for that individual. 💎 other reasons could range from drops in blood sugar, improper workout nutrition, postural issues, bad supplementation, etc. 💣 we tried to weed out a lot of causes but noticed that elevating his heart rate above 170bpm WITHOUT a proper rest period between efforts was causing the symptoms. 🍃 a lot of people have a histamic reaction to higher intensity workouts and get symptoms like runny nose, water eyes, red/purple face etc. And that means that their workouts are actually causing unfavorable damage and crippling their results. Working out like this can literally make you fatter. 🦉What this particular client needs to improve is better rest periods and enhanced recovery during those rest periods, better fueling prior to workout and lower intensity until acclimated. 🌻 Approaches will vary between individuals but this is what works best for them. 💖 Your HR provides a LOT of feedback and is something that should be tracked regularly and for coaches or clients a better training of recovery DURING the workout should be taught and factored.
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Putting my workout information into the spreadsheet tracker I developed .

Also planning out the progress I want to see in my second leg session for the week tomorrow

Important to track to see progress


Make your morning worth it. 🌞
📸- @crossfitdt1.com_
Athlete- @colleenkeely


Monitor your workout no matter the activity 🏋🏾‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️🏊🏻‍♀️⛹🏿‍♂️🤸🏼‍♀️
MZ-1 & MZ-3 Heart Rate Monitors will remain $20 off through November 30th ❤️

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You have a sales goal to achieve at work, but you don't bother checking your sales numbers today nor any day.⠀
2 months in and you feel you've made no progress; your motivation tanks. ⠀
If only you had checked-in with your progress every now and then...*sigh* ⠀

But I bet you knew that. ⠀
The same goes for staying motivated in reaching your fitness goals. ⠀

If you don't track your progress, then how can you celebrate how far you've come in your journey? ⠀
Track, celebrate, continue to ride the motivation-wave!⠀
*********⠀ Progress stalled because you can't find the time to workout? All you need is just 5, 15, or just 0 (yes, zero!) minutes to get a workout in and end the day feeling accomplished! I tell you exactly how in the 0 Minute Workout Game Plan you can find here: www.strongandsmart.net/gameplan⠀

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Perform an online search for your brand frequently to better manage your SEO progress with branded terms. #marketingtip #onlinemarketing
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Should you discover issues with your brand's SEO, give us a call!


"You can't gain weight, no matter how much you eat" "You are just cursed with being skinny" "You are suffering from skinny guy syndrome(girls arms are bigger than yours)" Well than you must be a hardgainer and there is nothing you can do about it... Sorry dude... WRONG(Jokes aside now, get ready for some serious gain attaining knowledge)
Being skinny is like being fat it sucks because you are not shredded and jacked so here is what you do if you're a skinny dude like I used to be!
You start tracking your calories using @myfitnesspal or a pen and paper(that's for dinosaurs though) or any other accurate fitness tracking app!
You eat in a caloric surplus for a few weeks, here is a good formula that really helped me and many others! Your bodyweight in pounds multiplied by 20! Here is an example 140×20=2800 calories per day and for maximum gains you'll want to take in 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight! The fats can be 0.4×your bodyweight in pounds and the rest can be carbs however if you like fat better than you can do what works for you!
Protein is the MOST IMPORTANT intake level to hit!
Stop doing so much cardio and expect to put on muscle mass... Those runs are useless unless you want to look anorexic, try sprints, to look like a sprinter not a marathon runner!
Throw your xbox or ps2 out the window and make some sleeping GAINS(at least 8-9 hours, 9 hours is optimal!) Lift heavy in the gym especially on compound movements like bench, rows, squats, deadlifts, pullups, dips and shoulder press!
Full body workouts 3 times a week have been superior than splits for me personally and many other "hardgainers" who wanted to pack on muscle mass!
This is why you are not really a HARDGAINER... Maybe a hardgainer is someone who doesn't know how to track calories, hit macros, do the right exercises or get the proper level of sleep!
If you read this post you are no longer a hard gainer, if you have any other questions, shoot me a DM to make some more GAINS!


Why would you purchase a 2019 Hunks4hope calendar?
Let Donnie motivate you.
Link in bio. 📸@josepaganphotography
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How do you know how far you came if you don't know where you came from?(DEEP I know)
However I know everyone hates taking pictures of themselves when they are not in GREAT shape however you get to see where you started and where you can improve(if you follow me and take the advice from this account and implement it, you will improve much faster)
However it's tough when you don't have the shredded abs and your belly is protruding over your pants or you can see your heart beating because you are so skinny(that was me at one point)
Most PEOPLE don't realize this but everybody starts somewhere!
Dwayne Johnson wasn't born 265 pounds of iron Dwayne Johnson!
Taylor Swift didn't come out with crazy toned legs she worked for them!(@taylorswift hit me up sometime, I sing your music all the time we can sing together and squat and chill, if that's still cool)
The point is we all start somewhere!
I probably started worse than you I was 112pounds and 5 foot 4!
However I now stand 6 feet and a bit at 175 and gaining!
Every person that you look up to started somewhere!
Take progress pictures so you can see yourself improving it's important for tracking progress and crazy inspirational!
Make this Friday COUNT!
If you have any questions, shoot me a DM and let's make some GAINS!


Nailed it! Gone from 3 crappy reps straight up to 8 in a couple of days, must've lost some weight 🙏👌 now just to work on my balance and do it without a wall holding me up.

Anyone who can do a full handstand push up please pm me or comment with how to progress 🙌 much appreciated
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This time I’m giving away a 2028-2019 @startplanner DAILY HUSTLE PLANNER! (60$ value)

This thing is amazing! I use mine every day for EVERYTHING and it’s a must-have for super busy entrepreneurs living the #hustlerlife

Also, this planner will be an amazing tool for folks in my new Mind Body Shift program that will be 4 weeks of diving deep into major pillars of wellness, including functional nutrition, functional movement, biohacking and mindset. This program will provide a ton of information and actionable steps to shift your mind and body to live a more abundant life! So this planner will be an amazing tool for keeping track of everything through the program, or any lifestyle changes you are making at all! #trackprogress

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The winner will be announced on Monday Nov 19th! ✨

If you are interested in finding out more about the Mind Body Shift, then please DM me, or keep an eye out on my IG stories for more info! *Note that this planner is July 2018-July 2019, BUT I know those extra pages totally come in handy for me, so I know you’ll use them too! ✨ ✨ ⠀⠀
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#hope Romans 15:13 (NIV)
“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Learning to Trust that things are not on my schedule, but instead they are in God’s plans for me.
If you or someone you know has #pmdd you likely understand that feeling hopeless can come around quite often. Been feeling this a lot with learning programming and in job searching. Remembering to reach out to friends when #impostersyndrome kicks in, instead of curling into a ball is #essential.

Learning to give up the worry and just trust is challenging, but when I do that fully, I do feel instant joy and hope.

This verse is packed with #goodness to ease our #mind and #comfort our worry.
Hope is in Trust and you’ll feel Joy and Peace. Just what I needed today, and hope it’ll lift your spirits, too.



Creating healthy habits can be difficult if you don’t know where to start.
First take an honest look at your nutrition intake and exercise by keeping a journal for 7 straight days.
After reviewing your journal, choose a small, but achievable habit to implement. I recommend choosing something that isn’t much effort on your part and will have an impact.
After a week or two, choose another habit.
Rinse and repeat.
Above, I’ve listed a few habits you can implement. For a more detailed list, check out my blog post How to Create Healthy Habits for Weight Loss and Wellness. Link in bio.


#TBT Throwback to my old mindset when I was only focused on numbers! 🔢 Starting your weightloss/ transformation journey can be scary, overwhelming and hyper focused on the numbers on a scale.  I’ve been there…..obessessing about the numbers on the scale to counting calories. 😣 There is so much more to tracking your progress along your journey than numbers on a scale.  Some of the best ways to track your progress is by taking full body photos BEFORE and AFTER starting a program, or every 4-6 weeks depending on what program you are following.  I recommend wearing something where you can really see all the changes – a bathing suit, sports bra and shorts, for guys just shorts or underwear.  Enlist some help to take full body photos from a few angles (front, back, side) as well as different poses.  It sounds silly but you’ll be really happy you have the pictures to compare and see the physical changes to track all your hard work. . .
Another big way to track your progress is taking masurements. This should include chest, waist, hips, left and right arms and thighs.  It’s important to look at the full picture of your changes and not just the scale as it only tells part of the picture.  It’s easy to get discouraged if the scale isn’t moving.  Often times you are building muscle and shredding fat and that will change your overall body composure and depending on where you are on your journey the scale may not move at all.  If you put in the work, your body will respond. . .
Next week we will focus on recognizing and celebrating non-scale victories! 🎉 How have you noticed your mindset shift throughout your journey?  Or what mindset do you hope to shift in starting your journey if you are just getting started or ready to start?


Over half way through my muscle building phase and while I’m happy with my progress it’s time up it a little

As I have throughout this phase I am keeping activity high and not reducing that

I am upping my calories slightly by 100 per day and will review the progress

Getting the calories in has not been a problem as I am really enjoying my food

This should push me to my goal for this phase for mid January when I start to reduce calories for cutting at the start of February
Loving how many carbs I’m having 😋😋