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I probably purchased this chia breakfast mix a year ago. It expired a couple of months back, but that's OK because I pretend I'm in the walking dead whenever I eat expired foodstuff. 😂

Manchester, United Kingdom

Green curry stew 💚✅🌶

The Feel Good Café

While cookingmy veggies, here my friends in the kitchen, little pigs, my friends les petits cochons.
They are my remembers why i am vegan, it is also for them.
Knowing all the tremendous suffering this innocent beings is coming trough, make me wanted to remind that eating them is causing suffering too every one, the one who rise, the ones who kills, the lands damage, the one who est it , long term it is a desaster for all of us. Society created monstrr machine and system to industrialize the real life of sensitives beings.
Wanted to remember words of wisdom of Gandhi , we will have peace when we will stop the abuse of animals.
Close to the little pigs are the seeds for the birds, our friends too.
Animals are our friends and it looks society only choose to eat the more nice and friendly of them, that make us monsters. As a french rise by homnivores parents i always eard my dad said everything is good in the pork, by growing up I didn’t agree at all with his view , very french view of transforming this poor beeing in pate, sausage, my dad use to eat the intestine and also the feet, i had to witness the killing of one pig that was suppose to be a party with friends of my parents i was 8 and i was disgusted, so sad to ear the screaming, like the pig was a human asking for mercy, please please i want to live.
French love their Ham & butter baguette sandwich, that is sad That is certainlly the reason i am a vegetarian for so long and a real vegan for only 6 years and this animal is my favorite one. When you understand the suffering you are putting in your plate and body, you just want to switch to joy and healthy real food .
I am a frenchie vegan, happy i made this move and would like to help others to open their eyes. Eating plants is way better for all.
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Super Food Acai Bowl @rawsqueezeclontarf


Vegan Kebab Curry! 🌿😋
5 min. på panden, tilsæt grøntsager og du har en velsmagende ret klar - fungerer perfekt sammen med ris, som vist på billedet 💚

🌿 G O D W E E K E N D🌿


Puff Puff please 😋 📷:@immaculatebites


Faça boas escolhas! Coloque sua saúde em 1o lugar! 🥇

Parque Ibirapuera Conservação

Just call me the miss acai bowl 😜the love I have for this empress right here 😘@jadaceo real genuine good hearted people 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Heute Mittag gibt es #erbsenrisotto 😋 richtig lecker
#thermomix #gesundessen


Вегетарианский козий сыр🌱
Нежные шарики в смеси арабских трав, заключённые в баночки с оливковым маслом:)
Очень любопытно, много любителей козьего сыра у меня на страничке?
Или все же «запах козы» 🐐 отталкивает?😄