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Who else will be joining us at @vegfestuk London this weekend? The event is on this Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of October at Olympia and advance tickets are currently on offer for £12 (plus booking fee) buy one get one free! We’re on the first floor at stall number WM13 and we have our usual best sellers with us including our new Autumn/Winter footwear and food and drinks items. We’d love to see you there! 🌱 #vegan #vegfest2017 #veganfestival #vegfest #vegfestlondon #veganfair #vegansofig #veganfamily #veganfoodshare #veganfood


🍇🍓Blueberry Cacao Smoothie w/ organic coconut milk.


#brunch ::: Breaking my 16-hour fast with this deliciousness 🍃 Green apple, kale, spinach, spirulina & lemon. Nom Nom 😋


If we’re gonna twin 👫, I’d rather us twin with cozy creamy pumpkin pie 🎃 oatmeals than with our outfits as per usual....
(This recipe is linked up top! Coincidentally it was created BY my other half himself! 🙋🏼‍♂️whataguy)
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Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Until we get an Italian hand gesture emoji 👌🏽 will have to suffice. #italiangreyhound #vegansofitaly #bellissimo #yasssss #vegansofig #veganaf


Hallöchen ☺
Hier ist mein heutiges Mittag-und Abendessen!
Süßkartoffel mit Lauch, Erbsen und Tomaten. So einfach, aber sehr lecker.
Habt einen wundervollen Abend!
Hello everyone!
Today's lunch and dinner: sweetpotato with leek, green peas and tomatoes. So easy but tasty.
Have a wonderful evening!
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Happy Thursday! Almost to the weekend, but I’m thinking about all the stuff I have to get done today and trying not to go into panic mode 😅 Too much homework and so little time. I’m trying to start off the day in the best way possible and that is with oats of course 😉 Pumpkin zoats with persimmon and black berries, hemp seeds, and buckwheat. I don’t think this pumpkin kick will ever end. Sorry not sorry, hope you guys enjoy my pumpkin obsession 😬 Anyone else relate?
Have a great day! ✨ #letscookveganfall


Baking with a toddler, I mean REALLY letting him help, is so messy and honestly a bit frustrating, but when I see him look at the things he makes with the happiest eyes, I'm so happy we did it. I love my little chef and vegan cookies 🍪
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New York have made some changes in my life. Every place I used to live was affecting my mind in a good way. America brought a lot to my life, head, heart (including husband btw😍). When I was staying in Asia for a 5 months, I’ve stopped eat animals, I’ve learned how to be peaceful, to enjoy what you have, to be minimalistic and to live simple life. This, new for me, set of mind I brought back to the states .... to NYC (where is everything bold and just too much!). It helped because I was not crying my face off w/o huge dressing room and decent storage in our new tiny apartment. I was fine with smaller space - simple and minimalistic life!
New York gave me a lot of good friends, experience, new ideas, new starts, MONEY, improvements in my relationships with hubby... even CrossFit (I do CrossFit since September and I love it so badly).
Моя цыганская душа требует движения всегда. Я благодарна судьбе, что переезды и жизнь в неожиданных местах - это часть моей взрослой реальности.
Из каждой страны, города, где я жила, я привезла новые взгляды и отношение к себе, семье, жизни, материальному...
Нью Йорк дал и дает многое (я никуда не уезжаю, если что!). Особенно ценны новые друзья (люди, а не вещи), идеи, улучшения во взаимоотношениях (взаимопонимание, забота, поддержка) с любимым мужем, деньги (немаловажно в современном мире, увы!).
НЙ не только красив и уникален... в нем столько всего. Одного в нем мало - Настоящей Америки✨

New York, New York

Make today a good day🌸
Happy Thursday lovelies! With the strike still going, it’s a day for sharing another new kitchen creation✨
I had some leftover banana bread batter from the cheesecake base, so I ended up adding a lil bit of chocolatey goodness to make these cocoa banana swirl muffins😍🍌
Definitely going to make these more often😋


It's time for a giveaway! Tag a friend on this post and the two of you will have a chance to each win a free Pumpkin Pie Bowl. A winner will be chosen Friday at 6pm. 🎃 #theherdjuicery #theherdisabsurd #pumpkinseason #smoothiebowl

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