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It’s Friday and day 37/80 is in the BOOKS! 60 min of heart pumping arms, booty, and core work that had everything burning!🔥
On flex Friday, I couldn’t help checking out my progress in the mirror, but it got me to thinking... will people be sick of seeing my selfies and progress from this program? 🤔Then I quickly snapped out of it.✌🏼
There was a time when I cared about what others thought. I literally let it eat me up inside, but once I started exercising my self love muscles, I started caring less and less about what others thought about me. When you strengthen yourself on the inside as much as the outside, it gets tougher for people to break those walls down.
Are you flexing your self love muscles on a daily basis? I didn’t used to love the skin I was in. I struggled with confidence issues a lot. No matter how in shape I was I criticized my lower belly skin, cellulite on my thighs, and not so perky booty 🍑. I always saw the imperfections, but I also wasn’t feeding myself positive affirmations, personal development or working to love myself. Now that I’ve filled my cup 🍮daily by feeding my mind positive thoughts each morning ☀️, I’ve learned to love myself at every stage along this journey. .
My hope is that you can learn to see yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how BEAUTIFUL, STRONG 💪🏼, and AMAZING ⭐️ you are. This is YOUR journey. You do YOU. Share your progress no matter what comments or opinions you might hear and start speaking to yourself as you would to others. Happy Friday! 😘✌🏼💕
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Who’s ready for the weekend? We say, get started today. Cheers! 📷 @kullermealex

Seattle, Washington

Pizza, pizza, hooooooo pizza! 🍕 Ik heb eindelijk mijn eetlust weer terug dus een uitstekende tijd om in te haken op de veggie revolution challenge @magionipizza 💚 Wist je dat slechts 5% van de volwassenen en 3% van de kinderen hun dagelijkse aanbevolen hoeveelheid groenten eet? Bizar weinig toch! Terwijl groentes zo makkelijk in je dag te verwerken is! Denk aan soepen, smoothies, sapjes, extra salade bij het eten 🙂 Vandaag een vegetarische pizza vol met gegrilde groentes, een saus van mascarpone + rode ui + peterselie + citroen en vegetarische stukjes gemarineerd in de heerlijke kruiden van euroma! 🙌 Het toffe is dat al die receptjes zo vernieuwend. Jij kan het ook proberen als je wilt! Link staat in de bio 🔎 Nims knows whats going on! Pizza and chill it is 😏 Fijn weekend!!

Tilburg, Netherlands

#VeganCuisineMonth Today, February 23, we honor Gwen Foster for her work with Fit Philadelphia. Gwen was asked by Mayor John Street to help the City of Brotherly Love get healthy after it was labeled America's fattest city in one national poll. In 2000, Gwen started the “76 Tons of Fun” initiative in partnership with the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team in which they challenged the citizens of Philadelphia to lose 76 tons of weight in 76 days through exercise and increasing vegan foods in their diet. Over 26,000 people participated and the original goal was surpassed! Read an article about Gwen’s work on page 25 of this American Vegan magazine from our archives. http://americanvegan.org/AV0701.pdf
Learn more about all the vegan cuisine heroes at http://americanvegan.org/VCM.html

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Not the best idea to go to do weekly shop on empty stomach so here we are... Subway salad.... All the veggies (except olives) and a bit of sweet onion.
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