Photo by @stephen_matera | If you're a fan of beautiful waterfalls and deep canyons (and who isn't?), you'll want to check out Iceland's Skogafoss and Skogaheidi trail above the falls. The highlands above Skogafoss are lesser known but have a countless number of waterfalls within the narrow gorge the river has created. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Iceland and around the world. #iceland #waterfall #Skogaheidi


#HelloFrom Lombard Street in San Francisco. Take a scenic drive down this steep, winding single block. 🚗⁣

Photo by @veeceecheng

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Photo by Susan E | Prryhuloxia (a Desert Cardinal) taking a good soak at the waterhole on a hot summer day in south Texas. #YourShotPhotographer


Wonderful winter night in Colmar - France ✨❄️❄️❄️✨
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Photo by @edkashi | Steam erupts from bagasse-fired boilers at the sugar and ethanol plant USINA Da Pedra, in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, in 2011. Bagasse, a by-product of the sugarcane industry, is a convenient and cost-effective primary fuel source at sugar mills. Brazil is host to the largest sugar and ethanol producers in the world. Hi-tech production areas cluster in the Sao Paolo region, where sugar is sold to the international market or processed into ethanol. #brasil #sugarcane #latinamerica #agriculture #smoke


Today I’m heading back to North America to talk about another park which few people are aware of. It has been called the Galapagos of North America, and it is one of the most wild, unique ecosystems on the planet.
Gwaii Haanas National Park.
Gwaii Haanas is the southern third of the Haida Gwaii Islands (aka the Queen Charlotte Islands) off the coast of British Columbia. (The last image shows where the park is on a map.)
The park can only be visited by boat or by float plane. There no roads to the park, and it wouldn’t really even be possible given that the park is a collection of islands.
In the park you will see sea lions and sea otters, as well as black bears, deer, and lion jellyfish. The landscape is also stunning with mountains meeting the sea.
As amazing as the natural beauty of the park is, the cultural significance of the park might even be greater.
The park has several Haida villages which were abandoned in the early 20th Century during an outbreak of smallpox. The sites of the villages have been allowed to return to nature, and most of them are now just hollowed out sections of forests, with some potlatch poles.
The most significant village is SG̱ang Gwaay, which has the last, original standing pre-European totem poles in the world. The Haida people believe that totem poles have a life like people, so they are being allowed to decay naturally. They clear brush around the poles, but other than that they are being allowed to decay.
Given the cold waters of the area, even if you visit in the middle of the summer, the boat trips to the park can be quite cold.
The launching point for visiting the park are the towns of Masset and Port Clements, and the airport on the island is Sandspit (YZP).
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Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site

Street Vibes in Hanoi, Vietnam (2019)
It's a selection of pictures taken my last morning in this city, focus on street scenes and at night market.
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Hanoi, Vietnam

Blue hour 💙 I’ve been challenging myself recently to shoot a series with just one lens - here’s 10 shots I took on the walk to my neighborhood wine shop a couple days ago. Any guesses on the lens?

Pike Place Market

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