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Happy earth day to my favourite place on this earth. Here’s to another summer to be spent trekking across it hoping to protect it. 🌎#WapuskNationalPark #ParksCanada #earthday


Repost from @natgeowild using @RepostRegramApp - Photo by @daisygilardini // Being able to observe cubs playing joyfully and tirelessly for hours is a photographer’s dream, but it’s certainly not an easy task. With temperatures that can drop below -40C, technical and physical challenges abound. Cold is a challenge for your equipment as well as you yourself. If you’re uncomfortable you won’t be able to focus on the job. You must be clothed properly to avoid frostbite and hypothermia. Knowing how and when to apply layers while avoiding perspiration is vital. Hydration is important but I’ve learned to manage my fluid intake as getting rid of surplus fluids is far from enjoyable in these conditions. Once you’re physically comfortable, you face the technical challenge of operating a camera with all its small buttons while wearing bulky gloves. Finally, you have to accept the fact that after a while parts of the camera will freeze, and you need to find a way to work around that. Batteries tend to freeze first, followed by the control panels and back monitor. It comes with practice. You must be skilled enough to work your camera in blind mode. The only way to learn is to keep shooting and hope for the best.
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Photo by @DaisyGilardini // “Hitching a ride” - In this particular episode a mother was resting with her two young cubs in a day den on her way to the pack ice to hunt. Day dens tend to be in wind-protected areas, where snowdrifts and trees form a natural shelter.
Mama bear remained calm as our vehicle approached the location giving us the opportunity to photograph both her and the cubs for several hours before she suddenly decided it was time to leave.
She flopped downhill in deep snow when one of her two cubs decided it was more convenient to hitch a ride on mama’s behind. The cub jumped up and held on with a firm bite on mama’s furry backside — a charming and totally unexpected behaviour.
Wildlife photography is all about patience and perseverance. Despite the challenging conditions and long hours waiting for something to happen, the experience of witnessing something so rare is beyond price.

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Photo and video by @daisygilardini | Wapusk National Park - Nursing time

When pregnant, polar bears enter their maternity dens in November and fast for anywhere from four to eight months, neither eating nor drinking. Their sole purpose is to provide for their cubs.

Cubs are usually born in December, and measure 30 to 35 cm (12 -14 inches) at birth and weigh little more than half a kg (one pound). They grow quickly, nourished by the richness of their mother’s milk (which is 36% fat), and are ready to leave the den in the early spring, in March or April.

The mother will continue to nurse her cubs for a year or more. The cubs will stay with their mother until they're two-and-a-half- to three-years-old.

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