Photo by @daisygilardini | After three months spent in a small maternity den, polar bear cubs really enjoy playing in the open. The cubs don’t seem to care about the cold, even with temperatures dropping as low as -40 °C. They love chasing each other and play-fighting. Playing is important as it helps develop the various skills and agilities necessary to survive the extreme Arctic environment. This past March, I had the privilege of observing this family for after they emerged from their den. From the cubs’ behaviour we could guess that one was a male and the other a female. The female was much more shy, always following and cuddling with mama, while the male was always bugging the little sister and biting mama’s ears. A real trouble-maker! It just fills my heart with hope to see these healthy, newborns play so joyfully! Follow me @daisygilardini for more images and behind-the-scenes stories. #polarbear #wapusknationalpark #conservation


#Followmeto St Paul’s Cathedral. I lived in England for more than 7 years. Very few people know that I finished with a degree of Civil Engineering at Imperial College London. Yes yes, Engineering, not art :). Last week was actually the first time I visited St Paul’s cathedral. I was stunned by the magnitude and beauty of this icon on the London skyline. @honorglobal #HONOR20series #CaptureWonder
................🇷🇺Я жил в англии более 7 лет. Не все знают что по образованию я Гражданский Инженер и закончил Империал колледж. Да, да вы не ослышались, инженер :) Только неделю назад я попал в одно из главных исторических мест Лондона ! Меня поразило величие и размах, в нем чувствуется история и сила. 🇷🇺


“When most people think of balloon art, they think of a poodle made from a single balloon,” explains chemical engineer and balloon art hobbyist Masayoshi Matsumoto (@isopresso_balloon), who creates complex artworks of multiple balloons with no help from adhesives, markers or sealants. 🤯🎈⁣

Photos by @isopresso_balloon


Photo by Ismail Ferdous @ismailferdous | Fellow travelers on the way to New York from Washington, D.C.


Innsbruck - Austria ✨❤️❤️❤️✨
Picture by ✨✨@ournextflight✨✨
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The Art of Making Pasta | Photograph by Joel Blue Pellicano (@31_joel)
Food connects us to our ancestors and the places we come from. In this image of his grandmother, #YourShotPhotographer Joel Blue Pellicano describes the art of making pasta as “the tradition of my land: Reggio Calabria, Calabria, Italy.”

Inspired by the new @natgeochannel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted—premiering Sunday, July 21, at 10/9c—@natgeoyourshot is inviting you to take us on a culinary expedition by sharing your best photos and stories at www.natgeoyourshot.com. As National Geographic’s global photo community, together we will illustrate @gordongram’s belief that food is the gateway to culture around the world


“Hakuna Matata 🦁 👑 #itmeansnoworries” writes @eggnogthebulldog


Paris Under the Rain ❤️🎥


Llega @gordongram a National Geographic para explorar nuevas culturas en busca de inspiración culinaria 🍝🌎 Acompáñalo en el primer episodio junto a @virgiliocentral en una travesía por #SaboresExtremos de #Perú. En agosto, sólo por National Geographic.


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