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Please keep my best buddy @mx_708 will in your prayers he’s the strongest person I know! He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer❤️ please go to the link in my bio and do what ever you can THANKS! Link in bio #weloveyouwill


From 1 to 10, how would you rate Will's drum skills? #coldplay #willchampion #weloveyouwill


alright everyone so i decided to start a #willrolandappreciationday! please share this around because on the 23 of september we're having an appreciation for will roland so yeah we're using #weloveyouwill and #willrolandapprectiation and it's gonna be on twitter so he can see it but it can be on here too and we can send him screenshots! please spread the word and don't spoil the surprise!


"La distancia que hoy nos separa , sólo incremente las ganas de volvernos a encontrar " Sabes que acá estarán siempre tus #Orphans anhelando tú llamado de alerta #$$ siempre expectantes !. @donomar Por nuestra parte sólo queda decirle al Don : " Gracias por ser el idolo que nos acompañó tantos años y en diferentes etapas de nuestras vidas refrejando nos con cada canción, uniendo almas en cada show, en cada Tour. Tu música nos acompañará por SIEMPRE!" A William le decimos :¡¡ no te pierdas Will !! De vez en cuando aparece con tus post para romper nuestras rutinas y reírnos por un momento juntos, para no perder la costumbre 😉 y infinitas GRACIAS al hombre que sin duda demostró ser un gran ser humano quien se consolidó y demostró con su talento romper barreras, fronteras, raza y religión. Te queremos muchísimo #WeLoveYouWILL ! Seguimos FIRMES 💪🙏 #FOREVERKING #FCKingOfKingsArgentina #KINGOFKINGS #DONOMAR #ELREYPORSIEMPRE #INVICTO #THELAST #BANDOLERO #ORPHANS4LIFE 🌎👑💎


I was reluctant to post an actual picture of me at the gym but this one really does capture me in all my glory. Initially I tried @blueridgehemp products because I wanted to send some to my mom to try for her arthritis/tendonitis and was totally flabbergasted when just a small roll on of their Breath Easy & Concentrate essential oil calmed my anxiety within a few minutes. I ordered the salve/gel bundle for my mom and more roll-ons for myself. I can't express enough gratitude for the relief that these products give us. My mom uses the salve for her hip and trigger finger, the gel across the shoulders for headaches, and just received some oils for when she's out and about. When I started going to the gym regularly and was having some soreness (understatement x10) she ordered me a muscle care bundle which is now part of my pre and post workout routine. The organic hand & body lotion on my shoulders and upper arms helps me do more push-ups and trx pull-ups. The gel on my legs after a good muscle rolling is the difference between me being in pain the next day or not from all those squats and lunges. Of course all of this is great but at the end of the day, my mom and I agree, the best part of this discovery is that we now know Will and truly enjoy his message of gratitude and his love of life on IG everyday. #brhselfcaresunday23 #selfcaresunday #weloveyouwill #bestcustomerservice