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so excited to be finally reading wives and daughters by elizabeth gaskell! this book was incredibly difficult to track down and it only arrived yesterday. i’m only two chapters in and i already love it 💖


I hope you're not getting tired of seeing my cat in these pictures - but she poses so well with these two BBC adaptations I recently watched.
As I've talked about before, I DNFd #WivesandDaughters by #ElizabethGaskell in October (looking back, I think I just wasn't in the right mood), but the mini series is definitely worth watching!
And Tess is just amazing - it's so true to the book, and therefore devastating. I'd tell you not to let that put you off from watching this show, but I honestly think most people have already seen it.
By the way; who is worse: Alec or Angel?
It's definitely Angel all the way for me - Alec, in the end, I even find interesting and enjoy reading about (not that that excuses his previous actions.)


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Let’s light up your timeline this morning with our Glow Princess 👸
Happy birthday to our beautiful #ZayyanMunchkin, We are sending you lots of love and hugs on this special day.


i’m surprised i have come so far in my account without posting about this book because i am so obsessed with it!! i watched the 2004 adaptation of north and south a while ago and when i read the book i fell in love with elizabeth gaskell’s writing. i haven’t read anything by her since but i have grown accustomed to the rest of her books. i think i’m going to read wives and daughters next! if you have read north and south please share what you think and if you haven’t please check it out as soon as possible!!


November 2019: Shylock Is My Name (3/5) | Der Mond: Mystische Geheimnisse und wissenschaftliche Fakten (5/5) | Wives and Daughters (5/5, favourite) | Der geteilte Himmel (4/5) | Sternstunden der Menschheit (4/5). _______________
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"If you have a daughter and grow her, educate her and love her with full care then Allah will grant you Jannah for sure." - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) "Among the muslims the most perfect as regards his faith is the one whose character is most excellent and the best among you are those who treat their wives well." - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

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Speaking of Miss #JaneBennet 🎀 from yesterday’s trivia Tuesday answer post (if you’ve read the P.S. part in the caption 😉), her “why ever not?” line in #PrideandPrejudice2005 movie, Miss #RosamundPike (@mspike) 😉 also said it in her other drama, #WivesandDaughters (1999) six years back, as young #LadyHarriet. 😉😁 I saw the W&D miniseries about a year or two after I first saw Rosamund in P&P movie (way back in 2005) and that line instantly caught my attention, lol. If you have seen W&D, you know what I’m talking about or if you did and didn’t noticed this interesting lil’ detail before...now, you know. 😁 I thought I’d share this here as I found a clip from episode one of W&D with the quote and compared it with Jane’s similar quote from P&P! (Swipe to see it 😉)

Here’s a little #WaybackWednesday post about Jane/LHarriet.

#WivesandDaughters (1999) - Rosamund Pike, #TomHollander, #PenelopeWilton

Elizabeth Gaskell's enchanting tale of romance, scandal, and intrigue in a gossipy English town.

This was a pretty good miniseries. I quite enjoyed watching it. Four P&P actors (Three of them from P&P 05 and one from P&P 95) co-starred in this BBC miniseries along with #MatthewMacfadyen's wife, actress #KeeleyHawes. Not to mention, the screenwriter was Andrew Davies (same writer who wrote the script for P&P '95). Great cast! Interesting too that Penelope Wilton (P&P 05's #MrsGardiner) as Mrs. Hamley played as Tom Hollander's (P&P 05's MrCollins) Osbourne Hamley's mother in W&D. They both did a great job (especially TH playing a dramatic role for a change) with all their scenes and episodes they appeared in as does MM's wife Keeley Hawes as Cynthia Kirkpatrick, the protagonist Molly Gibson's step-sister. Also, the actress, Justin Wadell, who played the lead character, Molly Gibson, was in the #JaneAusten adapted film, 1999's #Mansfield Park as Julia Bertram. And of course, we got Rosamund Pike (P&P 05's Jane Bennet) as Lady Harriet Cumnor daughter of Lady Cumnor played by Barbara Leigh-Hunt (P&P '95's Lady Catherine...she still acts like Lady C in this one too as she plays another snob Lady Cumnor 😁). So, we got P&P and MP actors in this miniseries!


#PrideandPrejudice2005 #TriviaTuesday❓🎬

Answer: #JaneBennet

If your answer was the lovely Miss #JaneBennet, you are a thousand times correct! 😉🤗 Great job! 😍👍🏻👏🏻 It was, indeed, Jane who said, “why ever not?” to Elizabeth about Mr. Darcy. It was during Bingley and Darcy’s visit to Jane and her family at Longbourn and they left the house for a moment... 😁 Jane and Lizzie were conversing about Bingley when Jane suddenly changes the subject by mentioning Darcy and saying, “I'm sorry, though, that he came with Mr. Darcy.” Lizzie quickly replied, “don’t say that.” That’s when Jane asked her, “why ever not?” (today’s trivia question 😉) Lizzie replied, “Jane, I’ve been so blind.” And Jane asked her, “what do you mean?” Lizzie was about to respond, but darn it 🤦🏻‍♀️, she got interrupted by Kitty 🙄 screaming that Bingley’s back, “Look, it's him! He's back. He's come again.” 😄 So, we (the audience and Jane) were left hanging with wonder what Lizzie’s answer might have been... 🤔 to Jane’s last question before Bingley’s unexpected return to their house, lol. 😂 Great scene! 👏🏻 Thanks to those of you who commented/answered today’s (and every week) P&P Movie Trivia! 😘 TBC next time for our next one! 😉🤗

P.S. An interesting tidbit #FYI: In the BBC 1999 Miniseries: #WivesAndDaughters” in which #RosamundPike played Lady Harriet and her character said the same line she said in her Jane Bennet character in P&P, "why ever not?" It instantly caught my attention (when I saw W&D after seeing P&P movie) and had to laugh the first time I heard her say that line 'cause she said it 6 years later in P&P movie! 😁


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Hello alpha babe,

Today I am sharing an excerpt from my upcoming FREE e-book.

I know that this is someone’s pain point now.
Enjoy and give me your feedback.

What does love mean to the alpha woman?

YES, I DO- Love means …… To an alpha babe, to love a man means he has traits of leadership, direction, focus, planning, intelligence, passion and drive. If you are a man with a mix of these, then the alpha woman is your slave.

You notice I didn’t mention money.
Being rich is a bonus, she doesn’t really care about that because she can make her own money and create enough wealth for both of you.

As an alpha babe, the alpha ego in you will probably be dancing salsa when you nail a guy who has this perfect cocktail of traits above but eh wait……..i hate to rain on your parade, but do you know that these are the very same same same traits that you have? 😁

Have you seen where likes attract?
Like may attract, but like will not sustain in this case.

You either love and admire this male from afar or be ready to drop your alphaness at the doorpost of your home for your sanity and creativity sake.

The point is the female alpha ego and the male dominant ego are a perfect recipe for a house- on -the- rock shattered by a bomb kind of life.

You will never be happy or fulfilled because every day will become a constant battle of a ‘’show and tell of power tussle’’. You might as well become a daytime reality show and get paid while at it.
In this situation, babe, choose your battle and don’t sweat the small things.

You have the gift of being result driven already, focus on building a happy home and reserve the demonstration of power to achieving your joint vision.

You can be powerful without being confrontational.

Guard your peace at all cost because it is the center of your creativity as an alpha babe.

Without your creativity you loose value and without your value obviously your strength is diluted, and you feel beside yourself and feel the need to unleash your dragons.

It pays for her royal alpha to keep her peace.🙏🏾. #alphafemale


Thankful for Family

I saw a post today to make a stack of books with family words to encourage another #bookstagrammer who is going through a difficult situation.
This is what social media is for: to build each other up. @stephlvsbooks I just started following you, but I wish you well! #bookstalvsstephandfam 🖤 #childrenofbloodandbone
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Elizabeth Gaskell, novelist and first biographer of any of the Brontë Sisters, died on the 12th of November in 1865. Gaskell’s longtime Manchester home (as painted by our project artist, Charlotte Partridge, and featuring in our book) is seen here. #ElizabethGaskell #NorthandSouth #WivesandDaughters


Elegance for the holidays listed now at my Etsy shop link in bio #pemberleythreads #1830s#wivesanddaughters#agig.


Hey bookstafam, guess what...IT’S #NOFEARNOVEMBER. What is that? It’s a reading challenge brought to us by @spacetoread @readbyheath and @readwithme.kc, where we read a BIG book in November. NO FEAR!

My choice for the month is Little Women. It’s the first time I’ve read this, but I’m insanely familiar with the story. So far I’m loving it and my heart is so happy.

I’d like to share three other BIG BOOKS that I think would be amazing to read for those of you looking this month: Bleak House by Charles Dickens, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, and Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell.

Are you participating? If so (OR IF NOT SO) what big book(s) are you reading or would recommend?? #literarypengwynsreads #classicbooks #classicliterature #littlewomen #bleakhouse #janeeyre #wivesanddaughters #bibliophile #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booknerd #readersofinsta #bookworm #igreads #cozybooks


Tag 7 der unvergesslichen Bücher, auf Einladung von @fleur_de_livres. Nur die Bilder sprechen für sich.... Ich lade heute @derduftvonbuechernundkaffee zum Mitmachen ein #wivesanddaughters #elisabethgaskell #klassiker #iloveclassics #10tage10bücher #instabook #englishreading #bookstagram #buchblogger #penguinbooks


They say "don't judge a book by its cover"... but I totally do! I just love these covers! The colors make me happy 😆
My current read is on the left and the other two are on my tbr. It's getting colder and that means warm sweaters and lots of reading! 🙋‍♀️📖📚 thank goodness for chunky books!
📚 Do you have a favorite book cover or series of covers?


October wrap up: lots of good rereads this month! I find Gretchen Rubin so helpful, I reread her books occasionally. Wives and Daughters was wonderful the second time.
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First time I read this book and I didn’t love it much. But the second time around, I loved it immensely. I think it is a fantastic classic with some crooked yet amazing characters. Loved the way in which the story enfolds itself. The writing was a bit hard to understand at first but then I flew through the story.
Have you ever experienced something like this?
#penguin #love .
. .
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It's been a month! What did I read? Why haven't I been making videos? Why are children so germish? I ask this, and many other silly questions, in my latest video. And I'll let you in on a secret...I've made another video which I'm uploading right now. You're welcome. -
[Picture is of me trying to balance a pile of books on my head. As always, I think I'm going to be really good at this, but I never am. I've sort of just let go and am looking expectantly to the side. I'm wearing a stripey knitted jumper and I'm in my shed.]
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I don't usually use filters on my photos - in fact, I've never used any until yesterday's post and now today's. But I like how this filter gives a warmer fall look to this new theme. ☺ Do you use filters?
And how are you doing with the time change? I like this time change, though trying to keep animal chores on a schedule can be a bit tricky with the change 😆
And speaking of time change...how about a Time Split novel! Normally I dont particularly care for time split novels but @jaimejowright writes THE BEST time split stories. Love her books!
#bhpfallfictionchallenge @bethanyhousefiction Day 3 Split Time
#bookishlegacy @abitheauthor Day 3 Classic Book - I haven't read a ton of classics but I love Wives and Daughters as well as North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell! 🍁🍂🍁
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Happy to report that I finally have another 5 star read for the year! ⭐️ #WivesandDaughters is probably one of my favorite domestic novels ever and has one of my favorite literary heroines, Molly Gibson. It is a sweet 19th century novel which sometimes reads like a bit of a fairytale but also has enough depth in it to keep it from becoming too saccharine. The characters were brilliantly drawn and felt real. One of my favorite aspects of the novel was the wonderfully refreshing relationship between Molly and Cynthia. I love how they are different and yet still love each other and while the story is very much Molly's, Gaskell does not make Cynthia unsympathetic, despite all her flaws. I loved this book a lot and it is such a shame that Gaskell wasn't able to finish it. 🦋🦋🦋☕️☕️☕️