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While many are out having Sunday funday, I’ll be here grinding.
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4 weeks out.
It’s time to go in a little harder.
Don’t fucking miss.
Control what you can.
Focus, effort, and consistency.
It’s all mental now.
I will not get beat for things I can control.

These are somethings I’m having to tell myself while this competition is getting closer and closer. No one is going to make you do it, you have to bring that shit out of you. Let’s work.
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Payne's Gym

Wasn’t that pretty but I’ll work on that. 225 🙌🏻💪🏻. I remember the first time I put 45’s on the bar and thought I was going to die picking it up off the ground. Flash forward to today- 2 on each side. Got it off the ground. Now to work on my form at a high weight and increase from there. Changes are in the works and it’s so much funnnnn 😁. #workharder #womenwholift #earnit #eatcleantrainmean #roadtobcs2018 #teamash2nutrition #instagood #okanagan #picoftheday #powerlifting #shuswap #strongwomen #fitlife #happyplace #liftalltheweights #vanproshow2018 #bcabba #bodybuilding #nevergiveup #MP4UFamily #musclenuggett #dumpylegs

Anytime Fitness Salmon Arm

Power snatch@95/65
*6 burpee box jump overs@24/20 open standard*
= 112 reps
Back in track after the best weekend of my life
ATTENTION COMPETITORS: For those looking to crush the open I had an idea which I will fine tune over the next few weeks
Every Saturday or Sunday until the open I will host Open Practice at OSA. It's free and open to anyone. It will consist of 1 open style workout then whatever other training we want to do for the day
I will plan the whole day with the only definite being the first part which is the open WOD. I will make a FB group and post the WOD they're and on IG on Thursday night just like the open
I figure it'll help a lot of you to not know the WOD until Thursday since that's how the open is. Every few weeks if someone has an idea we can plan on their wod and ill post it Thursday so I'm surprised too
We will judge each other as well. If wet can continually get a large group we can add some wagers to make it fun
If you're interested email me so i can start making a list of competitors! .
I'm not claiming to be a genius but this will be my 8th open and i think i have a good grasp of how to prepare for it
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