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by @yellow_cadence

Let there be a moment to read,
a moment to look back,
a moment of silence,
a moment to THINK,
a moment to Lean towards light,
a moment of learning & unlearning 🌺🥀 #Catching up with yellow_cadence🌻
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by @_space_walker_01

The sense of experiencing the warmth of the sun on an early morning,
The feel of that mountain which could always be admire,
The smell of those muddy cakes soaked by the downpour of an outdoor of the cottage,
The tap tap of little childrens foot squabbling upon the clay like it was a bed,
The feel of those winds which could only be felt on a first rain,
That look of the sun behind the mountain felt it to be hiding from someone,
The herds of sheep returing to its rebellion after conquering upon its hunger,
The birds quarelling from cold and the dogs resting underneath the clothes for warmth While the farmers slept on a naked floor,
Chasing everyones day starting with a cock-a-doodle-doo,
To ending their day with hoot of an owl.

Thats how i always dreamt a village to be.
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by @hrspeaks

The theme of this month’s issue is ‘Stories Around The World’, where we have chosen some of our favourite short stories from people and places across the globe.🌍 This story is taken from www.livelifehappy.com👌
The link to the September issue is in our bio.

We are also open for submissions for the October issue. You can send us your articles, stories and poems at articles.hrspeaks@gmail.com.
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H.R. College of Commerce and Economics

by @arvindraj.chauhan

In this world or universe the nature of natural thing is same..
Not of the humankind
Stay tuned and be different.... #world #passion #writeups #uk #usainbolt #lovelife #nature #kindergarten #universe

Bombay 63

by @that_white_raven

In the moonlit night sky
When the fragrance of Jasmine
Seizes the air
I try to find our constellation again
The one we thought we'd discovered
Lying bare on the rooftop at midnight
The one we named after us
Our constellation, it was somewhere
between Aquila and Ophiuchus
Which looked something like you
And something like me
- @that_white_raven

Munnar, Kerela

by @iamkhudgarz_

I know its you. Its you in my heart saying that we arent meant together. Its you who don't know things, may be you're not willing to know. But sometimes I'm afraid that you do. What if you know it all but you're denying it.What if it's not the universe tearing us apart but you. I keep thinking this but if this is all true then why do you feel it all? May be you are afraid of something too. But its okay, not always people who love end up together. Not always all feeling stays. But atleast when they live apart they know someone somewhere loved them. Someone somewhere chose them over anything else. And sometimes thats all you need to know. I keep on thinking it may be different, you are not the one and i am just a fool made of feelings.  But if it is true then why do i see you now and then. Its like , I dont want you to spend your life with me, i want you to spend all the time you can. You want someone to love you in and out, to know everything you dont say, and i am so close to your heart and still afar. I want to know for once, all your heart and say it all to you.I keep on thinking, may be its not me, may be we arent meant to be. But i want you here. To Sit beside me when i see rain showers through the window and wonder how we end up together. I want to have coffee with you, i want to tell you how many times i see you with me, how many times a day i live those memories where we are laughing and i am staring at your smile. I want you to know how many times i have captured your smiling pictures without letting you know. I want to tell you that it was you about whom i have been writing so far and then i just want to look into your eyes and go through your heart and want to see that you know it all. I want to stare at you and for the first time i want to feel that you know that i love you. Ive always loved you. And in return i just want to know that i am worth being loved. That you love me atleast for once. Atleast for that perfect moment, if not your whole life. #writings #writersofinstagram #instawriters #quotes #musings #words #poemsofinstagram #writer #instagramwriters #pen #writeups #people #quotesaboutlife #quotestagram #words #instaquote #lovequotes #poem


by @lasika_mak

It’s too dark here. I am not sure where I am. Facing the dark sky, I find myself lying on a fresh grass covered with dew drops. I can hardly see any stars. They are hiding behind these black clouds. In this foggy cold weather, there’s nothing but a bunch of trees around me.
I try to get up to see why I am here and what place it is. I try to stand but I cannot move my legs. Even my hands are still.
Something has happened here. Something has happened to me.
My body is petrified, with the only movement of my head. I try to look around. There’s no one. I can only see trees and sky with no stars. This place is creepy. I am still lying on grass amidst these giant trees. The fog is increasing. My body is getting cold. I try to remember how I got here. But nothing’s helping.
I hear something. It’s the leaves crunching. Someone’s walking towards me. I try to keep calm with my eyes locked on my feet. The crunching sound is getting louder. I can sense someone staring at me. My eyes shut hastily. In the dead silence, there’s the only sound of me breathing which is getting fast and shallow. I slowly open my eyes and look around. I don’t see anyone. My breaths are getting faster as I can still sense someone. Someone is near me. I tilt my head back to get a glance at what’s on the back side. I see a girl staring at me. She’s pale with white hair wearing a long beige cotton dress. She leans down and whispers in my ear with big pauses,
You - are - afraid
I try to get up. My body doesn’t move a bit as if it’s chained down. I try harder but I fail. I can feel my heart beating faster which is now going to burst. I try to move my hands and legs. I again fail. The girl again whispers in my ear with big pauses,
You - are -afraid
You - are -afraid
You - are -afraid
She stands back with her lifeless face, her voice is combined of people. As if two or more people are speaking through her. She speaks louder with those bold voices,
I try to scream but nothing comes out. I struggle harder to get up. I Lift my legs, then my hands. The girl grasps my hand and screams on top of her lungs,
You - are - afraid
Visit - me - in - hell

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