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Dried slow worm realness 〰️


Monday pink 🌸 I’m crushing hard on this colour and it’s all I want to drink this spring and summer 🎀 #youngandhandy


Pink and green love from Gislinge #youngandhandy


First Rio’s Museu Nacional and now Notre-Dame... shitty things are happening everywhere, constantly, and with the loss of such fundamental global cultural heritage on top of that - it’s just heartbreaking. Sometimes it really feels like the apocalypse is right around the corner 💔 (sorry for the gloom and doom, but I’m not really into having to watch the world burn)


I did it! Honestly never thought I would end up with a master’s degree after trying and failing my way through so many different paths that never fit quite right. My thesis defence couldn’t have gone better (despite a raging sinus infection) in the company of my amazing supervisor, a lovely examiner from @momu.science and an audience of nearly 30 people! Family, friends and conservators that made me feel much calmer as I tried to explain my research on 5000 year old birch bark 😅 I’m so happy and relieved it’s over and also overwhelmed by the support from everyone around me. Can’t wait to get well so I can celebrate 🤩 #konservatorliv







Sometimes the beach ball just wants pancakes and you need a short break from the terrifying things happening in the world at the moment. Could use some of that delicious Canadian maple syrup, though 🍁


A fist full of wild flowers to close out a solid Monday. Really getting into the swing of things here. Feeling so inspired by the high-desert vibes: cool mountain air, long stretches of road, farm land, organic farm fresh food and endless flowers to play with. #YoungAndHandy




White fluff


Sommerblomster i min hånd.


I have a to-do list crossing, banana pancake making, celebrating a friend, procrastination doodling, love calming, life reflecting and yeah flowers in my hand kind of weekend.
On a side note, these kind of 'hold something' shots remind me of the sweet @youngmeerim 's #youngandhandy. Go check. she is picturing dead things in the most natural and beautiful way possible.

Anyway, go find me ( alonavibe ) on snapchat if you fancy seeing the whole dmn doodling thing and less curated stuff ☺️


There's always something to pick up #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands


Little puff ball before mounting #konservatorliv


Half way through my last course at school this year (taxidermy, if you hadn't noticed). Finally have a bit of time to work on some personal projects, freeing up space in my freezer - skulls, feathers and such. Even in these dark times there is exciting work to be done, and so things to look forward to 🐰


Sparrowhawk #youngandhandy


The nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus, da. natravn) is probably my favourite bird. You know how sometimes, you can't explain why you feel strongly about something, but you just know it's something that's really important to you? Nightjars aren't particularly showy, but its brown toned patterns are just incredibly beautiful to me. It's mostly active during twilight or night where it catches insects in flight - as you might be able to tell, the mouth can actually open pretty wide and the bristles around the mouth help locate and funnel prey into the mouth. During the day it will rest on the ground and try to minimise its own shadow to make it difficult for predators to spot it. Ugh, it's just an awesome and cute and wonderful, wonderful bird! Unpacking this one from its frozen newspaper packaging and holding it made my heart flutter. Sadly, it was killed in traffic, which is a very common way for them to die. Almost all of the back feathers and bits of the tail have been scraped away 😔 Luckily a very thoughtful person picked it up and thus made sure no further damage and decomposition would come to it, so that I could see it for myself ❤️ #youngandhandy


So I went to the end of that tip by myself and it was kind of terrifying, but fun! Stay tuned for the view 🙈 #youngandhandy #visitfaroeislands




Had the best time in Amsterdam (as in: got to pet a giant rabbit and hang out with a bunch of awesome people with butterflies on my head). Thank you for taking me here @ekkieboy 💕 #unlocktheneighbourhood #yaysinstameet01


#youngandhandy Oslo edition 💐


This ice latte is everything✌🏽#VSCOcam


#youngandhandy #🇸🇪


#youngandhandy #💐


That little bit of metallic green 💚 #youngandhandy


✨🌼 brillante petite fleur


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