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Zendocrine is the detox oil! This blend of essential oils supports the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances👾💩 🌟This powerful blend combines Rosemary, Cilantro, and Juniper Berry, known for their detoxifying properties and ability to support healthy liver and kidney function, while Tangerine and Geranium have purifying effects against unhealthy substances. 😟I am not a big fan of the taste, so I personally put two drops in a veggie cap and take it with breakfast and then dinner. I do this for one week to kick-start myself in getting back on track with my diet🥗🍑 #doterra #crafthippie #linkinbio #zendocrine #zendocrineoil #detox #ihaveanoilforthat #ihaveanoilforeventhat #joinme


Did you know... Zendocrine essential oil blend supports emotional and spiritual wellbeing. With it’s fresh sharp aroma it promotes a sense of clarity and clearing.
This powerful blend combines Rosemary, Cilantro, and Juniper Berry, which make a great flavouring to add to water to complement any detoxification or cleansing program.


oh girl, do you Zendocrine?? .
Zendocrine has quickly become one of my favorite oils. I love taking it internally and applying it topically to help support my endocrine system. Also, I love the smell of it! 🤩
Have you used Zendocrine before? How do you use it? What do you like to blend it with? Let me know!


#Detox di qua , #Detox di la .
Quante volte hai sentito questa parola negli ultimi anni .
Tutti parlano di #Disintossicazione , di #Detox , #Detossinare .

Ma ti sei mai chiesta perché è’ così importante e che cosa comporta avere un corpo intossicato ?
La maggior parte delle persone sono convinte che il corpo umano (in particolare i reni e il fegato) è già predisposto per eliminare le tossine. In altre parole, i programmi di disintossicazione sono generalmente visti come ‘inutili’ e anche pericolosi. 🖐Ti senti sempre gonfia ? Stanca ? Soffri di infezioni ricorrenti ? Non riesci a dimagrire nonostante stia seguendo una dieta ? Soffri di Cistiti ? Soffri di mal di testa ricorrenti ? 👼Il tuo bimbo/a si ammala spesso ? È’ continuamente raffreddato ? Ha tosse ? Bronchite , tracheite , infezioni urinarie ecc
Lo sapevi che tutti questi sintomi possono essere dovuto ad un corpo pieno di tossine ?
Lo sapevi che il nostro corpo non riesce naturalmente ad espellere le tossine ?
Lo sapevi che i medicinali intossicano il corpo e possono alterare la tua flora intestinale ?
Devi sapere che se stai iniziando qualsiasi dieta , cura questa potrebbe non funzionare se non vai prima a disintossicarti ?
Un corpo intossicato è’ un corpo che non lavora bene , è’ un corpo che non reagisce alle diete , alle cure e che si ammala spesso .
Quindi cosa fare ?
1️⃣la prima regola è’ assumere dei buoni probiotici ( che abbiano almeno 2 miliardi di lactobacilli ) perché una flora intestinale infiammata provoca malattie e rallenta il sistema immunitario
2️⃣lavora sull’alimentazione ( elimina cibi raffinati , mangia poca carne , prediligi cibi bio , elimina gli zuccheri raffinati, mangia tanta frutta e verdura )
3️⃣bevi almeno 2 litri di acqua al giorno
4️⃣aiutati con #Zendocrine una potente miscela che combina #Rosmarino, #Cilantro e #Bacche di ginepro noti per le loro proprietà disintossicanti e la capacità di sostenere una sana capacità epatica 🙌. Quindi qualunque sia la tua situazione , se vuoi stare meglio inizia con me il mio programma di disintossicazione 🖐

Per info scrivete nei commenti 🔽🔽🔽🔽


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The questions I'm often asked are, will body start reabsorbing the toxins if we stay in a detox bath water for too long?
Whats the best practice?
Join my private fb group for a week of FREE education and learn how to Master your metabolism with essential oils and much more 👌😃
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Ever started a new diet, or tried to eat clean and then had a whole bunch of kick back from your gut and digestive system?? .
Well I have, more than once or twice too ... I’ve done about 5 or 6 12 week challenges and no surprise I get signs of dietary adjustment every time. it’s a normal part of the conversion of diets from high processed carbs to plant based dietary fibre. It’s also a symptom of the bad gut bacteria dying off and the good bacteria settling in. It can take from a few days up to 4 weeks for some people depending on how clean you normally eat.
You can’t not have digestive upsets or adjustment if your overhauling your diet so please if your going through this know that this is 100% normal... uncomfortable but normal 👍🏻
Here Some natural remedies that might help ease the symptoms.
One symptom will be constipation
1. Drink Water - aim for your daily target of 2-3ltrs (add a drop of Digestzen, Smart and Sassy, Peppermint, Ginger or lemon to help ease digestive symptoms)
2. For a short time add dried fruits like prunes, apricots and dates (not many though)
3. Take a Probiotic to assist your gut
4. Add pre and probiotic foods like sauerkraut and yoghurt to your diet if you can tolerate them.
5. Add oats, psyllium husk or chai seeds to your smoothie or yoghurt.
6. Keep moving and exercising.
Another symptom is that bloated or really full feeling you get when trying to overhaul your diet.
1. Keep Exercising and moving through it this actually helps your digestive system - sitting still is not great.
2. Drink Water - this is so important
3. Ginger or ginger oil - add it to your foods in small amounts
4. Peppermint or peppermint oil - drop on the tongue or in a glass of water or try the fresh herb in salads
5. Try to eliminate foods that may make this worse like beans, cauliflower, onions etc the common culprits
6. Remove fizzie and diet drink as carbonation and artificial sweeteners can make bloating worse
7. Try to de-stress and do something relaxing as stress can exacerbate bloating and digestive issues. Stretching or yoga is great.
Have you tried my morning protocol... it’s a great way to support your digestive system 🙌🏻


Have to post a correction the one I did before said that terrazyne was out. Its actually zendocrine complex i didn't listen to my wife as close as i should have.
One #detox #supplement on our list is #zendocrine , for the #guthealth. The problem that we ran into is #doterra has it on back order. Seems that they couldn't get ingredients up to their standards for a new production run. So instead of being #pureenough like other companies they are waiting until the suppliers can match their standards.

#wifeknowsbest #listentothewife


To support my emotional and spiritual wellbeing while cleaning out my wardrobe of clothes I have chosen to diffuse Zendocrine in the bedroom diffuser.
It has a fresh, sharp aroma that promotes a sense of clarity and clearing and contains Tangerine, Rosemary Leaf, Geranium Flower/Leaf, Juniper Berry and Cilantro essential oils.
Zendocrine can also be added to citrus drinks, teas or water to complement a detoxification or cleansing program.
Apply Zendocrine to the bottom of your feet or abdomen to promote a sense of clearing and cleansing.
#zendocrine #cleansing #clearing #clarity #detoxification #tangerine #rosemary #geranium #juniperberry #cilantro



✅ Detoxify Body ⁣
✅ Increase Energy ⁣
✅ Improve Sleep⁣
✅ Reduce Brain Fog ⁣
✅ Reduce Cravings ⁣
✅ Improve Skin⁣
✅ Improve Mood⁣
✅ Strengthen Immune System ⁣
✅ Improve Digestive System⁣
✅ Increase Metabolism ⁣

These are things that I want for my health!⁣

On Monday January, 14th I decided to start the 30 day Cleanse & Restore kit from dōTERRA. I already see a difference in my energy levels and I’m looking forward to the end result. ⁣

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I’m starting my PB assist+ probiotics today as a part of the renew phase of my 30 day cleanse and restore.
This probiotic gets some awesome reviews.... why?
⭐️it’s double encapsulated to ensure all the good bacteria in this product make it to your small intestine. Often a lot of probiotics don’t make it past the guts hostile digestive acids.
⭐️ PB Assist+ is a proprietary formula of pre-biotic fiber and six strains of probiotic microorganisms in a unique double-layer vegetable capsule that supports the community of friendly bacteria your GI tract needs to maintain peak function.
⭐️The formula of pre-biotic fiber and probiotic microorganisms contained with PB Assist+ includes L. acidophilus, B. bifidus, B. longum, L. plantarum, and L. caseii to promote a positive balance and variety of beneficial gut bacteria. Pre-biotics are the food the pro-biotics and the good gut flora need. So it’s like sending in the troops to battle fully stocked and supplied with food... it’s going to be more successful right? .
What pre and probiotics help with;
⭐️good bowel function ⭐️setting up an environment that’s hostile to pathogens and microorganisms getting in and making you ill
⭐️re establishing gut flora balance after a course of antibiotics or a cleanse/detox
⭐️supporting good immune function ⭐️supporting optimal GI and colon health
If your already a wholesale customer of DōTERRA It’s available through the US warehouse and if your not and your wanting to know more shoot me a message.
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Z E N D O C R I N E. .
✨Mezcla Desintoxicante✨.
. •El Aceite De La Vitalidad Y La Transición•.
✨Esta mezcla patentada de doterra nos ayuda a eliminar todo lo que nuestro cuerpo no necesita.
✨Es la combinación de aceites esenciales de Romero, cilantro, juniper berry, geranio y mandarina que tienen propiedades desintoxicantes y purificadoras.
✨Apoyan la función saludable del hígado, riñones, colon, pulmones y piel.
. ✨En el area emocional Zendocrine nos ayuda durante los tiempos de transición y cambio. Es especialmente útil durante los cambios importantes de la vida que requieren ajustes de los hábitos. .
#doterra #doterramexico #detoxesencial2019 #aceitesesenciales #paratodohayunaceite #aromaterapia #essentialoils #oilbrats #zendocrine


Maybe you're looking for ways to cleanse your body from toxins?
Just add two drops of doTERRA Zendocrine to teas, citrus drinks or water for one week for a healthy liver function and internal cleansing.
Try it!
#doterra #essentialoil #useessentialoil #detox #zendocrine #tea #citrus #water #blend #health #wellness


Super snowy day = extra self-care ❤️ Do you do dry brushing? I started years ago, then stopped and now started again, especially good on the winter to support the lymphatic system and renew the skin ❤️ To add essential oils to it, just place a few drops on your palm, dilute with a carrier oil and pass the bristles on it,to absorb the oils. Then, brush as usual. I'm working on detox, so I chose Zendocrine today #drybrushing #drybrush #detox #selfcare #zendocrine #laviaaromatica


#Zendocrine es una #mezcla patentada de #dōTERRA de #aceites #esenciales que apoya la capacidad natural del cuerpo de deshacerse de las substancias no deseadas.* Apoya las funciones saludables de limpieza y filtración del hígado, riñones, colon, pulmones y la piel.* Esta potente mezcla combina #romero, #cilantro y baya de #enebro, conocidos por sus propiedades #desintoxicantes y su capacidad para apoyar la función saludable del hígado, mientras que la #tangerina y el #geranio tienen efectos purificadores contra las substancias no deseadas.* Zendocrine ayuda a limpiar el cuerpo de toxinas y radicales libres que pueden desacelerar los sistemas del cuerpo, dejando una sensación de pesadez.
• Agrega 1-2 gotas a las bebidas cítricas, tés o agua para el apoyo de la función saludable del hígado.*
• Toma 3-5 gotas diariamente por 30 días como parte de un régimen de limpieza interna o para iniciar una resolución de Año Nuevo.*
Informes y Ventas Cel 9997386134


NEW YEAR DETOX with Zendocrine 🧼

I got a message from a friend the other day who was asking me if I think Zendocrine smells like rosewater! And yes I think it does, don't you?

Zendocrine is one of the incredible oils which are great for DETOXING and I don't know about you but I NEEEED this so bad right now!

It supports all of the filter organs in our body. So the liver, kidney and skin and helps the body to get rid of toxins and unwanted crap in our systems!! So if you’re feeling weighed down from all the food and drink you’ve been consuming then you will wanna add Zendocrine to your arsenal! It helps cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals that can slow the body’s systems down and leave a heavy, weighted feeling.
You can add a couple of drops to a drink of water or tea. Or you can use it neat on any acne or pimples or across your liver. I have made myself a little 5ml roller and have been rolling it across my liver and abdomen and on my feet.

It’s an oil blend so it has Rosemary, Cilantro, and Juniper Berry (known for their detoxifying properties and ability to support healthy liver and kidney function), Tangerine and Geranium (known for purifying effects against unhealthy substances). It doesn’t smell too bad to me either (a bit like rosewater, maybe)? But wow what amazing benefits. Think I need to bathe in Zendocrine for the next few days 😂😂 #doterra #essentialoils #aussieoilymixers #zendocrine #detox #christmas


My journey continued...Post 9
You can find the posts all here at https://essentialvitalitynz.wordpress.com/

When doing a cleanse it is very important to support the liver and other organs that help with detoxification.
The liver plays a vital role in detoxification, digestion and hormone regulation. If there are too many factors that the liver is having to deal with, it can become overloaded & not able to detox the body well enough to rid the body of all unwanted toxins & hormones.

Endocrine disruptors such as toxins in plastics and other things can actually mimic naturally occurring hormones in the body like estrogen (the female sex hormone), androgens (the male sex hormone), and thyroid hormones creating an imbalance in hormones. Its the livers job to process extra hormones but it can not do this if its to do list is unachievable.

Zendocrine Complex is made up of herbs that traditionally support the liver and detoxification. They will help nourish and detox body filters - liver, kidney and spleen. I took 1 per day but if your body needs a bit more help try 2 per day.
Zendocrine essential oil blend or zendocrine softgels are designed to support the liver and detoxification of the body’s systems. The body is naturally able to rid itself of unwanted substances and Zendocrine is intended to support this process. Zendocrine will help to open up the liver ducts so they don’t become clogged with the cleansing you are about to do
I used the zendocrine essential oil blend as I did not have the softgels at the time. I added 2 drops to a vege capsule 2 times per day or you can take the softgels 2 per day.
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Self care was hard for this Mama bear!!! I'm not gonna lie last year I struggled, I struggled real bad! But this year I've made a commitment to my self care by making consistent changes that become daily habits in my life! ⠀

I'd like to share one of my self care tools with you all!⠀

Who's heard of a Foot Detox Bath? I hadn't until I was looking online for healthy self care tools and found it!⠀

Foot Detox Bath Recipe:⠀
Container big enough for your feet⠀
Fill with warm/hot water⠀
1/2 cup Epsom Salt - transdermally delivers sulfur and magnesium (majority of people are deficient) and both of these minerals support your body's detoxification⠀
1/2 cup Baking powder - alkalizes, absorbs heavy metals, exfoliates + soothes skin⠀
+ 6 drops doTERRA Zendocrine - supports whole body detoxification⠀
+ 2 drops doTERRA Peppermint - for cleansing + boosting circulation⠀

Sit back and relax while you soak your feet for 20-30 minutes once a week!⠀

I hope you guys enjoy this self care tool! Give it a try and let me know how you feel! ⠀
What other self care tools do you use?⠀

#doterra #selfcaretip #footdetoxbath #zendocrine #peppermint #leahnoils #naturalsolutions





Bath time in our house ALWAYS involves
⭐ Titanic splashing🌊
⭐ ridiculous giggling 🤣
⭐ doTerra Essential oils

I like to switch up the oils I use in their bath depending on which kid and their specific needs. However, one constant in our nighttime bath routine in Roman Chamomile!. A few drops added to epsom salts and then added to the bath creates a relaxing, calming aroma perfect for bedtime prep AND it is great for their sensitive skin.

What do you put in your bath?
My go to for myself right now is Zendocrine eo. It smells great and helps to detoxify while I relax 😉

#doterraessentialoils #momlife #momofboys #bathtime #romanchamomileessentialoil #relax #zendocrine #detoxify #gotheftosleep #healthyliving #sensitiveskin


Looking for ways to start fresh and cleanse your body of toxins? .
Here are three ways to incorporate Zendocrine® into your weekly regimen:
👉🏻 Add one to two drops to citrus drinks, teas, or water to support healthy liver function.
👉🏻 Take one drop daily for one week as part of an internal cleansing regimen or to kick-start a New Year’s resolution. 👉🏻 Apply to abdomen or bottoms of feet to support the body's natural detoxification system. .
💧Get your account (for reduced wholesale pricing) or order (with retail pricing) here!👇🏻
💧Follow me on Instagram: @essentials2you
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La mezcla de aceites esenciales Zendocrine es compatible con la capacidad natural del cuerpo para deshacerse de sustancias no deseadas. Es compatible con las funciones saludables de limpieza y filtrado del hígado, los riñones, el colon, los pulmones y la piel. Zendocrine ayuda a limpiar el cuerpo de toxinas y radicales libres que pueden desacelerar los sistemas del cuerpo, dejando una sensación de pesadez.
* Agrega 1-2 gotas a las bebidas cítricas, tés o agua para el apoyo de la función saludable del hígado.
* Toma una gota diariamente por una semana o 10 días como parte de un régimen de limpieza interna.
Si quieres más información, escríbeme y te asesoro en lo que necesites. En mi perfil encuentras el link para escribirme a mi WhatsApp.
🍃Distribuidora independiente 5634635🍃
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But this is how I started 😆😂🤣
Crazy wakeup face & hair HAA HAA HAAAAA!! Happy detox y'all, Let's DO THIS!! Have a Terrific Tuesday 😎
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Essential oil: Not a paid review.
Is it important to take multi vitamins while on Ketogenic Diet? I belong to the camp that says YES. There are many types of multi vitamins available for us to choose. Its all about personal choices and perhaps for some what our doctor recommends.
Sharing my practice : I take essential oil based multi vitamins (LLV - LifeLong Vitality from doTerra) for few years now. Essential oil has been part of our family lifestyle since 2016.
When i say lifestyle means i stop using my usual perfume ☺️, or store bought deodorant, body soap or shampoo. Instead made my own using simple ingredients like fractionatedcoconutoil, sheabutter, cocoabutter and infused it with oils.
Below are some of the ways i use essential oil :
Baking/cooking : #lemon #wildorange #oregano
In my handbag : #Peppermint #onguard
Cellular health : #lifelongvitality #Frankincense #Copaiba.
Pain Management : #deepblue #pastTense
Diffuse during day : #citrusbliss #peace #balance #peace
Diffuse at night : #serenity #lavendar
Perfume : #ylangylang #serenity #citrusbliss #peace #balance #lavenderpeace
Deodorant : #Purify
To detox/digestion : #zendocrine #digestZen
Skincare: #pachouli, #immortelle #melaleuca #geranium
And many more and by now you would know that i’m an essential oil hoarder 😊.
I love this particular brand as doTERRA created its own testing process, calling it CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®. The CPTG process certifies that there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants in their essential oils.
If you want to know more about doTerra and its magic oils go to @doterraglammalaysia or @doterra
#essentialoils #doterraliving #doterraessentialoils #ketohealing #ketoandessentialoils


And we finish our DoTerra A-Z series with .... Zendocrine Softgels support your body’s natural detoxification system with a proprietary blend of Tangerine, Rosemary, Geranium, Juniper Berry, and Cilantro essential oils.* Zendocrine helps cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals that can slow the body’s systems down, leaving a heavy, weighted feeling.* Primary Benefits

Supports the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances*
Supports healthy liver function*
Purifying and detoxifying to the body’s systems*
60 softgels

This powerful blend combines Rosemary, Cilantro, and Juniper Berry, known for their detoxifying properties and ability to support healthy liver function, while Tangerine and Geranium have purifying effects against unwanted substances in the body.* Zendocrine Softgels provide a quick and easy way to consume the doTERRA Zendocrine essential oil blend, whether you’re traveling, in a hurry, or simply like the convenience of a softge


#Zendocrine #DetoxificationBlend supports #healthyLiverFunction #smsdōterralifestyle
15mL or Softgels
Retail: $32.67
SMS: $29.40
Wholesale: $24.50 (Plus shipping)


CLEANSE & RESTORE KIT • dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack (Available in Vegan) • PB Assist+™ • GX Assist™ • Zendocrine™ Softgels • ZenGest TerraZyme™ • Lemon (15 ml) • Zendocrine™ Complex • DDR Prime™ Softgels • dōTERRA Essentials Booklet
192.50 PV
295 euro tva inclus
Mai adaugati produse in cos de 7.5 pv si primiti si Serenity+Tamaie de 15 ml cadou ( Tamaia doar pana pe 15 ianuarie)

La acest kit de inscriere, in luna ianuarie primiti kumkuat si mandarina rosie ambele editie limitata la 5ml

Pentru pasii de inscriere:

Pentru orice detaliu mesaj privat la m.me/UleiuriEsentialeByElementsOfLife

In urma inscrierii beneficiati in permanenta de consultanta in utilizarea uleiurilor si acces la un grup de suport

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Zendocrine Blend- perfect addition to your New Year Detox plan. Add 2 drops to a glass of water every morning to promote a sense of clarity and clearing. .
#doterraessentialoils #doterramildura #zendocrine #detox #clearing #wellness