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"A teenage boy, with passion of art & dream to inspire people lost in the world of creativity & art" 🎨


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"Spread your wings & prepare to fly! You'll become a butterfly" 🦋
Side note: the butterfly on my face was real, & she was alive during this photoshoot. She lived one more week after this shoot & sadly she's no longer with us! Preach'
#Butterfly #Peace


Having trouble figuring which is the the real artwork?
Perks of being an artist! You can celebrate yourself as a piece of art! 🖤


"I'll be an adventurer, you can be my mermaid"
Making & thinking about more of my fantasies though my art! I was thinking to spread awareness about saving water while making this edit! So preach' 🖤
Wonderful visions of double exposure is by talented photographers: @kellansworld & @sir.brendan
#SaveWater #Peace


"Spread your wings & prepare to fly"
Happy international teachers day to all the beautiful & angelic teachers out there who spread kindness & positivity, & make this world a better & peaceful place! Dedicated this piece of art as a tribute to all beautiful & heartwarming teachers out there who give wings to millions of kids out there! Y'll deserves all sort of respect & all sort of love! Can't even thank you for every single thing you've done to change other lives! All my love & support! Preach!
Side note: it's a pointillism artwork tribute to all those kind & angelic souls who give us wings to fly, & to live a better life! Reason to made a bird! 🖤x


Celebrating my birthday!
Here's another self portrait! It's a complete version! Going to frame it & hang it on my room!
"Just here To tell you that if you've darkness inside you, never keep it insides! Learn to turn on the light of hearts! The inner darkness will vanish by its own." Have a great day Y'll! Preach! 🖤
#JawlineGame #Selfportrait


"Take my hand, stay Joanne, heaven's not ready for you" 👒
Get well soon Queen (@ladygaga)! We'll fix you with our love! Just here can't even thank you for all the love & message of peace you gave to this world with your Art & creativity! I hope everything will be alright! You're giving us million reasons to stay!Have your time. All my love for you x!
Side note: I made sketch of this drawing last year during the release of her album & now here's a new pointillism version! Entire drawing is made up of dots! Peace!
#LadyGaga #Joanne


Hey angels' as many of my classmates, & people around the internet keep saying that I kinda look like Shawn Mendes! (maybe when I'm photographed) Lol' One of his fan (@angelicdudes) asked me to make an edit of Shawn's photo like I did of mine & compare it side to side, so here you go! I hope (@shawnmendes) will at least notice this! Besides this I honestly love Shawn & his music. He's one of the most talented & humble person I know! All my love towards him! Tag Shawn, if you want him to see this! 🖤x
Shawn Mendes exposure vision by (@martinwehrmann)


All my heart, support & prayers goes to all parts of world facing flooding hurricane situation including Pakistan, India, Florida & Harvey(Texas) & all parts of world facing wars/terrorism i.e: Burma &, Syria.
I feel broken from bottom of my heart, hearing & watching news about people who lost their homes, good lives & are struggling, & most importantly the people who lost their loved ones!
I pray to lord that HE may mercy on us, & all of the people from all across the world! A lot of love! x
Side note: it's an edit of my photograph! I thought this looks dope according to the situation!
Vision of photograph taken by an incredible Indonesian photographer "Denny Muhammad" (@dnym_) who describes this photograph as "In Darkness, there's always a light!" It's like I'm still looking for light & happiness in world filled with darkness & cruelty!
#Peace #PrayForWorld 🖤


So it's a big day of a big boy Cam (@CameronDallas)! The people who put smile on others face are the best! So Cameron all I can say is that I'm watching you growing in front of us from years, the thing you taught me is that spreading positivity & smiles on other faces is the true meaning of life, & gladly you conquered that years ago! There's much more to conquer! Most of my friends in high-school use to call to Cameron because they use to think that I look like him (Just statin' a fact)... I made this drawing earlier this year during my stay at Hospital!! So here it is! It's like a repost! God bless Y'll! 🖤


Having trouble figuring out which one is the artwork? 😏


"Be a caterpillar, & let the life be your butterfly" 🦋🐛
My heart is flattering posting this. I'm just feeling shy sharing about my life & love for infinitive rules of freedom created by God!
It's like I grew up playing with cats, dogs or horses! Exploring nature, catching butterflies, checking bugs, growing plants, writing & telling stories or poems! Making paintings, decorating stuff, & most importantly loving people with my deep soul & depth of heart!
I break into pieces & assemble myself, to create something so positive & new of me! We all have skeletons to hide in our closets & demons to hide in our souls, but the fact is none of these things can break our faith, if we're strong enough to fight with our issues! I'm breaking & assembling myself at the same time! And I advice Y'll the same! I took this photo during hard times of my life, & both of these butterflies were alive while I was taking this photograph!
Side Note: so many people complain about my bad grammar! I'm not a master, but everything I write came from my heart, & all these imperfections makes us perfect! Peace! X


"Legends never die, they live in our hearts"🖤
Happy Birthday to legendary Michael Jackson! The King of Pop! You made this throne of talent & Art that nobody can get! All of our love & respect to you. The fact some legends can't be forgotten even if the whole world is changing into something new & special! Just all of our love to you even in heaven! Rest in paradise King! Peace x👑
P.s I made this drawing in short period of time, almost in period of 3days! It's not that good! I'm just busy dealing with studies! Wish you a really great time out there! :) #MichaelJackson