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โ€œIn a way, nobody sees a flower, really; it is so small. We havenโ€™t time, and to see takes time - like to have a friend takes time.โ€ Georgia Oโ€™Keeffe


Attract what you love. And love on what you attract, a million fold in return.
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Kangerluarsoruseq, Vestgronland, Greenland

Jaytuk Steinruck harvests a few anenome at last light and low tide, adding to the Tolowa traditional meal that @siixuutesna, Cindy, and all their families had been gathering and preparing all week. Anemone, eel, king salmon, acorn soup, acorn sand bread (baked in hot beach pebbles!). It was the most extraordinary, beautiful and nutritious meal - one their families have been surviving on for thousands of years. But many of these and other traditional foods are at risk. Clams and mussels are higher in toxins than ever before, the smelt populations have nearly gone extinct, the salmon barely come up the rivers given diminishing water levels from highly contested dams and large farms up stream. So the Tolowa continue to fight for the health of these ecosystems and for their rights to harvest sustainably. And having seen it first hand, the resiliency within the Tolowa is stronger than ever. Thank you @riseupranch @singsinthetimber for helping to document this story as part of the larger @gatherfilm project w/ @mrsanjayr @renan_ozturk @kim_baca1 @sammygensaw @jlg.ensaw @petergensaw @savsevs


Tangled trees, common roots, shared soil, cloudy days, cold rivers, reoriented perspective. These are a few of my favorite things โ˜บ๏ธ [shot on Smith River this week for @gatherfilm w/ @siixuutesna @singsinthetimber @riseupranch @mrsanjayr @renan_ozturk]


โ€œHere comes the sun,
over your head like a warm sunrise

you know that in this world not everything's good,

but right now nothing can hurt you.โ€ - Jain โ€˜So Peacefulโ€™ ๐ŸŽถ


**HI FRIENDS ** Mid November, I am co-leading digital media workshops with native wellness activists and photojournalists @chelsey.luger and @thosh.collins in the Yurok and Hoopa tribes of Northern California as part of the @gatherfilm project. Helping to train the next generation of inspiring and committed storytellers!!! Thanks to the generous support of @sonyalpha and @adobe we have a few cameras and software accounts but we are in need of more cameras so that wherever these workshops are hosted, we can co-create and leave a media library with photography and editing equipment available for youth to check out and use. Do you have an old digital camera laying around in need of a very special home? Please consider donating so that these youth can contribute to the growing movement of American Indian media - reclaiming and evolving their own narrative, using photojournalism for activism and community healing, sharing stories for the joy of art. All donated cameras will receive a tax refund slip from our 501c3. DM me for more info. Only one week to send in so respond as quickly as possible if you can! ๐Ÿ™


Tony leaned back from the driver's seat and said to me in a slow paced and rhythmic 'matter of fact'ness... "They had no idea at the time. The government, they didn't even want the land. Nothing grows here. So in 1868, after twenty years of forcing thousands of our people to walk hundreds of miles to New Mexico, we became the first native nation to return to our home land with the treaty. But then the discoveries came... oil, gas, uranium. My father worked in the uranium mine. It wasn't just the men who got the cancer. It was their whole families. Because they would come home covered in that dust, go to their beds covered in that dust." ~ ~

It was hard to respond with what immediately came to my mind --- climate change. The conversation I had last week wth @minshudeng from Environmental Progress working group. The fact that, without nuclear, we won't solve the climate crisis at the speed we need to in order to avoid a worsening of droughts, disease, water and food security issues... Minshu so intelligently talks about how nuclear needs to be a bigger part of our energy conversations (follow her!) but for many, including many environmentalists, its hard to discuss supporting nuclear development and policies because the dangers have this 'zombie monster narrative.' Teasing apart the statistical risks on all sides isn't easy. Especially after listening to Tony talk about the impacts uranium mining has had here in Monument Valley on the Navajo and others. [thanks @burkgnar for bringing me down to help on your whirlwind shoot. It's conversations with people we get to meet, like Tony, that make all the hours of driving worth it]


Begin again


No where is the value of water so visible as in the desert. A place where Renan and I have been laying low all week, climbing and resting and appreciating the public water sources nearby where we refill our 5 gallon jug every few days. I geek out going on @environmentalworkinggroup #tapwaterdatabase to see what the various levels of contaminants are in local water sources from every town and county in the U.S. I mean, HOW LUCKY ARE WE THAT WE CAN ACCESS THIS INFORMATION! I think about Puerto Rico, the news coming out that people, out of sheer desperation, are turning to contaminated water pumps from superfund sites. Thank you Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) for calling on the U.S. Government to take more action immediately in making sure there is safe drinking water until PR can rebuild that infrastructure. #waterisahumanright @water

Indian Creek

Thank you to all the artists of the world helping us to better see, feel and understand the difficult parts of our shared history. And a special thank you to Shirley Jackson Whitaker, Winfred Rembert, and Cameron Granger (@versacejpgs) for so generously sharing your art and stories for this short film we are collectively bringing to life. Looking forward to diving back into the edit this month with the support of @mountainfilm #commitmentgrant ๐Ÿ™ w/ @renan_ozturk & @todd.rees (song by @andradaymusic)


Its understandable - human beings defend themselves, sometimes with guns, from other human beings who are on a mission to harm. The Congolese rebel groups we stayed with in North Kivu I could completely empathize with. Organized, armed, in defense of their survival. And yet I really struggle with Americans arming themselves "in defense"... to protect themselves against what war? I can't help but agree with those among us (esp my native friends) who are begging that the discussion ground itself deeper than self protection, deeper than the 2nd amendment, into the very roots of our real American trauma. That which drives our pain and fear. "Our country was built upon white supremacy, justified by the 'Doctrine of Discovery', to take this land by brute force, rape, enslavement, and subjugation of other humans who weren't like them." Native American tribes. (Thanks @thosh.collins for posting that story) I grew up as a white girl from Iowa hunting pheasant with responsible gun-owning family members. But I just can't continue to understand or agree with the need for high powered weapons for self protection against each other... when the danger of one another is an expression of a violent and fucked up American history that we won't address and that still divides us. I'm open to a better way of understanding but this is all I'm left with right now ๐Ÿ˜”


This summer in Alaska, @renan_ozturk did what he often does when on an expedition and stuck in bad weather... follow the hottest athlete around (in this case, @alexhonnold) to document their amazing feats and fascinating back stories. But what he didn't see coming was a flip of the script as Alex pointed the camera at Renan and started asking him the hard questions. The end result is a film that I feel honored to have co-shot and co-directed, a story about the human I love most on this earth... Renan. We wanted to share a more vulnerable and honest portrait of the realities of adventure filmmaking and hope it inspires others to seek balance but mostly stay true to what you love. Link in profile! Hope you enjoy โ˜บ๏ธ#lifecoach @thenorthface @rudy.le @freddiewilkinson @sanctityofspace @camp4collective @cwsonderoptic @reddigitalcinema @landonbassett


Truly heartbroken, and so sorry for the families of those lost. Wtf... ~

#guncontrol has to happen, now. These are not foreign terrorists causing mass shootings in America, these are American men with mental health issues and access to automatic assault rifles. Machine guns are legal in Nevada, and the state does not prohibit the transfer or possession of assault weapons, 50 caliber rifles or large capacity ammunition magazines. Open carry is legal without a permit. Call your congressmen. Support the Brady campaign on background checks. Visit the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Vote.


This ninja of light.... #grandma #sidetwisting


When we look for our reflection not in mirrors but in the living environment, I think we are more careful with the ways we use the planet. And just like the way there's a rhythm of adaptation that has to happen between two people (who are always changing) to keep a relationship healthy, the same applies to our relationship with the earth. I know I need to live a lot more simply and a lot more slowly than I am right now. Movin in that direction a little bit more every day ๐Ÿ™ #someyoganonsense #becauseifeelzit #adaptation [๐Ÿ“ท of my reptilian yoga practice by @renan_ozturk]


California coast with the #ancestralguard native youth community activists @jlg.ensaw and @sammygensaw. Excited to kick off a series of photojournalism workshops with them in conjunction with @gatherfilm! Stay tuned : ) @apple @sonyalpha @lightroom @siixuutesna @chelswhoelse @thosh.collins @fndi303


Art is healing. It can also help us see more clearly where we as Americans come from, especially the parts of which have been hidden or distorted from text books and cultural understanding. This photo is of a noose that blues musician Guy Davis burned at the end of the 'Ashes to Ashes' funeral, a memorial put together by Dr. Shirley Jackson Whitaker for the 4,000 men women and children unlawfully lynched in America. It was also through Shirley that we met Winfred, a lynching survivor and artist who uses leather work and painting to address racial trauma in America. Feeling so grateful today to receive the @mountainfilm commitment grant to help us finish this short film about two artists working to heal the impacts of violence and create a future of justice. @renan_ozturk @versacejpgs @todd.rees ๐Ÿ“ท@ben_moon


Foxy foxes don't ever use straws. They are *completely unnecessary* on top of contributing to gyres of ocean trash and harming little sea buddies. Foxy foxes would prefer even land-locked landfills have less plastic, and straws are some of the easiest single-use plastics to avoid. Thanks @chrisburkard for nominating me to #stopsucking FOREVERever. Not a single straw. Because why be anything but cunning and clever and kind to the earth like a foxy fox. I nominate the @nevernotcollective women and @sherpascinema to #stopsucking too ๐ŸฆŠ


"Science is no more than an investigation of a miracle we can never explain, and art is an interpretation of that miracle." -Bradbury, 1950, The Martian Chronicles. [And in my own celebration of scientific inquiry and artistic hooliganism, here's a Renan snap of me improv dancing on abandoned mining equipment, illegally trespassing. Because death is one day closer today. So why not play when you can ๐Ÿ˜œ]


Wherever we're from, we have stories about others. On scales as big as nations and as small as neighbors. But unless we seize the chance to listen to the way another person tells their story, all we have are assumptions - bits and fragments we pick up from school text books and dramatized news segments, if we're even paying attention at all. North Kivu, Congo was perhaps the place that revealed this to me more than anywhere else I've been. Where a story of war-driven rebel soldiers turned into a story of a community protecting itself against decades of failed international diplomacy and international exploitation of land. Thank you to the Congolese people who allowed us to listen : ) @natgeo @natgeochannel @renan_ozturk @j.j.kelley @elaishastokes @taniarashid @aldo_astoria @camp4collective #storyisnotover #conflictminerals


Throughout my life, every time I go on a road trip with my father we somehow "end up" at a nuclear research facility. At 5, it was Idaho National Laboratory on our way to backpack the Sawtooths. At 22, during what was supposed to be a motorcycle cruise through the desert SW, Dad happened to get lost and we found ourselves snooping around Los Alamos National Lab for the day. He is as fascinated with nuclear energy as he is cold hard granite. And here - celebrating his 60th birthday wedged into a cavernous chimney - I told him with endearing jest to 'never stop exploring'. With a smile he turned and said "No T, Never Stop Chain Reacting" ๐Ÿ™ˆ#dork #windriverfamilyaffair #neverstopchainreacting @renan_ozturk @austin_siadak @jackrees20 @todd.rees @thenorthface @thenorthface_climb


Headed to the mountains with this old guy : ) #happybirthdaydad -

@todd.rees @jackrees20 @renan_ozturk @thenorthface @revo @goodtogofoods @austin_siadak [photo from last summer's Grand Teton summit, and yes that's a bike helmet]


Give me vast red desert and fur baby kisses or give me death โ˜ ๏ธ (ok maybe that's extreme but you get the feeling) w/ @baloointhewild @renan_ozturk


[3/3] When your mentor in life is also your partner in crime ๐Ÿ˜˜ ---- Allison Davis (@themightyupsetter) moving through the shadows on my last night in LA, balancing tenacity and sensitivity in her every move. Allison is currently writing a narrative series with Barry Jenkins and just days go premiered a project she produced with @google - "The Legacy of Lynching: Confronting Racial Terror in America" - which opened at the Brooklyn Museum. It can also be seen and explored online, LINK IN MY PROFILE. The list of her accolades goes on, but what I admire is her ability to adapt year by year as her career evolves. To be creatively relentless in the pursuit of story. To move through artistic mediums with metamorphic superpowers - scripting television, developing narrative features, writing essays, participating in public radio, curating exhibitions, and producing multi-media projects on the most complicated and challenging truths in American history. So much love for this woman and her wild purple blue hair ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿพโ€๐ŸŽค


[2/3] The incredible Barry Jenkins - @bandrybarry - in downtown LA's #moonlight. A man who was so kindly curious to ask about my early childhood in Idaho and the Midwest, so open to sharing the nuances he and his writers are working through on their upcoming projects, and such a vibrant glowing soul on the less frequented side of the camera lens : ) w/ @themightyupsetter @essenceh @djdadjeans


Sunday evening in LA with some of the loveliest [1/3] I met @essenceh and @djdadjeans while they were DJing in downtown LA. In addition to making music, they are both incredible community artists. Essence is in the middle of her PhD at Berkley where her dissertation explores how black masculinity has been figured through fashion. In particular, she asks how black wmyn, trans men, and queers have taken up the masculine and re/performed "optics of possibility via style from black power" as a way of demonstrating resistance and liberation. She also curated a group exhibition art show at the Charlie James Gallery (Chinatown LA) which is open to the public until August 19th. Black Is A Color asks how "color" - as spectra, chroma, saturation - has been employed as a central musing on blackness. 9 artists are involved, check it out if you're in LA! With @themightyupsetter and @bandrybarry


There's no doubt in my mind that the future of transportation is renewably-powered electric, but it takes many steps to get there. On Friday we reached a huge milestone when @teslamotors delivered the very first batch of *affordable* zero-emission electric cars, the #model3. Many other manufacturers are making EVs but what I love about Tesla and @elonmusk's vision is to go all the way, as fast as possible. To prove that batteries can be scalable beyond what we've deemed possible (like the one he's building in Australia), and that residential solar can power our domestic needs without coal. Yes - building virgin solar panels and cars is also very environmentally costly and requires mining and manufacturing. But this can be and continues to be improved, and a world without air pollution from a bazillion cars is the world I want to live and breathe in. Thank you @teslamotors for inviting me to help document this evening!! This is not a paid post nor a paid gig, I'm just a mega fan of this company and all the men and women working tirelessly to engineer the future. Pictured here is Elon coming out of the darkness and onto the ramp to reveal and deliver the first Model 3s to his employees. @yoesbeforebros @denyags @artsytartsi


Iv never known a human so deeply alive, passionately moving through life, so unconditionally patient and kind and lovable. And (as we both just realized today was the day!) we have made our first orbit around the sun as lovers and friends with this special sacred commitment. I feel more grateful all the time to be growing together and independently in all that we do. Happy Anniversary
@renan_ozturk !!! โค๏ธ #loveiscollaborativeart


Stories of humanity and history are what keep us evolving, and so there shouldn't be an economic barrier to participating in creativity or storytelling. But sometimes for pitching film or photo projects, funding public art installations, or working on impact-driven campaigns, having a visual pitch document that can help garner support is the biggest hurdle. Graphic design software is expensive and being able to pay someone to do it for you isn't always an option. While spending this last week with the inspiring people who created and developed @lightroom and the Lightroom Mobile products like Spark Pages (which are free apps to download!), I've learned how to edit photos at a professional level and create interactive digital documents and websites quickly from zee mobilephone. Hoping to soon share these tools in media workshops for youth who are self-publishing magazines and photojournalism pieces to affect needed change in their communities!! Best damn #sponsored trip I've ever taken, srrsly. #BecauseAvaGardner #Room412 #beboundless @adobe @joshhaftel @bryanoneilhughes @lightroom