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✨🌘🌙+ London Grammar on repeat = heaven


A discovery of champagne! With my rad crew sipping some fine wine 🍷#Mumsnightout


AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!! 💛💖💜💙We are proud to be Australians today #webelieveinlove #thankyou


Goodnight from our neck of the woods to yours 🌙 Check the link in my bio to listen to my random musings on Hollywood, Parenting and other reflections on #Aussiewood the podcast by my friend and journo extraordinaire @jennycooneycarrillo 🙏😍


WANT TO WRITE FOR @yourzenmama?! Maybe about being a working Mama? or dealing with impossibly cheeky 3 year old little boys? Or how your house is never tidy these days and you're too tired to care!? (Or is this just me?) Pregnancy Woes, Toddler Tantrums, Baby Wearing! We'll take em all! We are accepting new articles on anything parenting related. Email us at hello@yourzenmama.com 300-1000 words, include a pic that you own, a 30-50 word bio and your social media links! #Bodhistealingjobssince2014 @adiscoveryofwitchestv


Ahh bath time, the elusive "me" moments. Somebody woke and wanted to join and suddenly me turned in to us and it was lovely. Forest I love you (and the two wobbly first steps you took this week!!) #10monthsoflove #intheflow @yourzenmama


My beautiful Mama. There was something so lovely about being an only child to a single Mama, it was always just her and I life-ing it on our own. Thanks for making it fun and magical Mum and thanks for doing the same with my boys. #Throwbackthursday #1991 #bodhitwinning


Mama Thoughts in October is up now on @yourzenmama, I talk about dealing with an emotionally heavy month for the world and how we include our children in those conversations. I share one of the most inspiring and moving quotes I've read recently and include some more pictures from our off the grid camping trip! LINK IN BIO


My hubby @likemark's film #FleshandBlood has its LA premiere TONIGHT. There are still tickets left. The film is so raw and poignant I promise it'll stay with you. Come along and say hi to my hubs! #supportindependentfilmmaking #realitycinema LINK IN BIO for tix 🌟🙏


Beautiful girl Mackenzie, rest with the angels sweet baby girl. My heart goes out to your loving and dedicated parents and all to whom you've brought so much joy. @mylifeof_love thank you for sharing her with us, I loved following your journey and seeing her smiling pictures brightened up my days. Myself, @swrightolsen and the whole @yourzenmama community are thinking of you all right now. Sending love xx


Mums night off! #netflixandwine watching @mindhunter thanks for the recommendation @phoebejtonkin 👌💥#malbecforlife #loooongweek


A couple of tired parents and a couple of cheeky boys 🌍❤️


This statement above is a message from my husband @likemark- "Hey Men, I call bullshit on all of us, yeah even us good ones, we can do waaaaaay fucking better, and we all know it." Friends, let's raise conscious men and celebrate those men around us who are making positive change. 🙏🌈


Some days at work are better than others ✌🏼️#agiantspidertriedtoeatme #thethingswedotomakealiving


On set love affair with my costar #Emmathetarantula


Hey guys! Did you know that by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight? Americans alone discard more than 30 million tons of plastic per year. Scary stuff. @swrightolsen, @yourzenmama, @mind_and_motion, @green4ema and I are teaming up this week for a NO PLASTIC CHALLENGE. Will you join us? For tips follow my friends above and let's move towards a plastic free world together #NOplasticchallengeoct16 ❤️🙏 tag your friends! Start the challenge today 🌏☘️


This is @cassandratkerr she is one of my best friends (and Bodhi's favourite person in the world!) and the manager of @loveyourzenlife. Cass wrote such a moving and important article on the crippling effects of anxiety "It's Not Me it's my Anxiety" I found it so moving, relatable, brave and vulnerable. I'm so proud of her and I want you all to read it because it's helpful for us all. It's on her beautiful site @forsheisyou LINK IN BIO #youarenotyouranxiety


Gigglepots 😻


Nature always reminds me to be present, to let go and to just breathe and be. The most beautiful weekend. Thanks to my honey @likemark for suggesting this getaway. You know us all so well 🍃🙏


Fairy dust ✨


Sometimes this is the best picture you're going to get with babies and toddlers! Happy Birthday to my bestie @clairehoban1 love you sister, always. P.s haven't we always dreamed of a baby pile on?!? #babypileon #alldayeveryday


The Forest #Magichour (📷: @likemark)


#takeyourkidtoworkday 🌈🙏 Shoutout to the #Allsouls crew who let me do this everyday, hope my boys will one day appreciate these adventures in their lives & all the good people they get to connect with! I'm certainly very grateful #globaleducation #adiscoveryofwitches #webuiltthebodleian


Lovely night presenting at the @baftacymru thanks for having us! 🙏😻 Dress by @prada styled by @annabelleharron makeup and hair by Lesley (my H&M on ADOW!) using @artistryus products 💄#ADiscoveryofWitches


Pic 1: 13th attempt to do a selfie we were both okay with. Pic 2: Marks tan lines 😂 #cantstoplaughing #selfiefail en route to the Welsh #Baftas #Datenight


#tbt 2006 (20 years old) @festivaldecannes for 2:37. My first film, my first red carpet, my first overseas trip, my first "Hollywood" party, my first time ever wearing a designer anything (I later told my friends I wore "Dulse and Cabanna") This night was also my first time ever seeing someone famous up close; Bono, My first time ever being star struck; Isla Fisher @islafisher (#Shannonforever @homeandaway) thankfully I remembered to tell her that I named my childhood pet turtle after her. I chatted to her boyfriend too, some random in some movie playing some character called Borat? I remember thinking "WOW what a night!" And that one day when I'm a schoolteacher in Adelaide I can tell my kids all about "this one crazy night in Cannes"... #itsdolceandgabbana #rhymeswithpolchay #Boratismyspiritanimal #nailingtheawkwardredcarpetposesince06 #shoeswerentdesignerifyoucan'ttell


My husband @likemark made a film called Flesh & Blood. I don't have words to articulate how special this film is. It stars his real family, telling his real story in a new and groundbreaking way. It'll leave you speechless. The trailer for this critically acclaimed film was just released. I'm so proud of him & all it took to share his journey. LINK IN BIO #realitycinema