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Skunk18. 10:4 Male. Rank overripe Onion Body Odor Acrid chemical Burn with a Touch of strong sour skunk funk. This fellas a winner now he's fully reverted too. One of 3 studs selected from the first 50 seed run.
For all those who have asked and most I've answered. But here it is. I have the next 50+ to hunt through for keepers and then it's game over or Game Start, still not quite sure.
Just got moved/situated at the new spot and now it's time for a quick hunt then the next stages of skunk18 reworking and release. It's coming.
All Truly Skunkbud flower tested keepers ONLY, M/F to my nastiest rank females and a few pure end funks to round it out. Its a process but i feel one will be well worth the wait. #69skunk18ibl #Unclefestersskunk #Professorbeatnikskunk #hellsangelskunk #PreSkunkman #OriginalSkunk1


Santa Cruz Blue Dream. One and only. #SantaCruzBlueDream #FuckBlueDream


Jager. One of my favorites don't care if you cropped 1000 packs of it last year. Fire. Telling me all about how much she loves home, the others love it too young lady. Eat your black licorice and then smoke your black licorice. #HinduKush #HinduSkunk #SensiSeedsDerived


Mantanuska Thunderfuck. #Akbeanbrains


100k Sour Diesel flexing hard at the new spot like hello there...#WelcomeToYorgenVonYorgenson #DatHumidtyHasThem🕺💃


Deep Chunk. Oldie stock. Have two versions of this to hunt against themselves. This one older than the other.
Also have some of the old Humboldtistan those beans are ultra small thats supposed to be from Tom hlls original 70s stock deep chunk line. Be cool to see them go and find the clear winners. These ones here are fatties. #DeepChunk


We still have work to do yet. #PeakYet?


Original Diesel. #MyDay1


New backyards lit.