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“As the sun beams through old splintered glass it outlines his face. Busy city streets can be heard muffled in the distance. He sat patiently. ‘I’ve been waiting for you’ he says as someone enters the lot. ‘Do you know who I am?’ The gentleman hesitant with each step he takes. At first glance he had not a clue, yet as he drew near, he got one good look and it all became clear...” went with a different vibe for today’s story, toying with a bit of a thriller. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

New York, New York

“FLL -> NYC. The cabin quiet, with nothing but the sound of the plane making its way through the air. ‘You are now free to dream as you please’ he hears over the cabin speaker. ‘That’s odd’ he thought to himself, but maybe he was just delirious. As day turns into night he begins to fade, but not before he opens the window shade...” back in NYC and today is just meh. It’s snowing again but not the fun kind of snow you’d hope for. I honestly never thought I’d say it, but I can’t wait for Spring to get here! Summer, you can stay away...Forever 🙅🏻‍♂️

Out Of This World

“The sound of a speeding subway car fills the station. Donning a hunter green captains coat he peeks from around the corner, and to his surprise, there she was, waiting since they had both just missed the train. Is there such thing as fate or destiny? ‘Haha’, he laughs to himself, ‘this isn’t Serendipity!’ What were the odds though?! Granted NYC isn’t as big as most think, running into someone more than once, at different locations is rare. This was his chance! He takes a deep breath and walks her way, but it was too far away to hear what he had to say...” This captains coat can be found on @asos_man_us since winter doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! 🕺🏻

Chambers Street Station

“As the sun sets before his eyes he’s taken back by its immense beauty. Outlining the classic Tower Theater as if it were a show all on its own. ‘How do you do it Miami?’ He mutters to himself. You see, this is where it all started for him and this is where it all changed. As he grew older his love for this city shifted but from Miami to Fort Lauderdale one thing remains the same, the suns undying love for this city puts everyone else’s to shame...” stuck in Miami due to NYC’s second storm in a week, but realistically I can’t even complain. Thank you Miami for still showing me why I love you, and thank you to all of YOU for your continued support! 50k makes for a great day 🤘🏻

Calle Ocho

“The car door swings open and he steps into the morning sun. Birds out to play soon fly away startled and on their way. He takes a deep breath and takes it all in, the smells, the sights, and the sounds. So many things have changed yet so many remain the same. Regardless of how vexatious one place can be, there will always be love and memories deep down inside. The door shuts behind him, he’s home...” Sorry for the lack of posts recently everyone, I’ve been spending lots of needed time with friends and family, or cruising the streets of Miami in the new Toyota 86, which has impressed me to say the least. #DriveToyota #LetsGoPlaces #86

Brothers and Brawlers

“He steps forward into the light and out through the darkness. As the sun shines down on him through old splintered glass, he peeks outside to the beauty that is. Everyday he wakes is a new day to roam his concrete jungle, a new day to fall deeper in love with his passion, a new day to shine. ‘This is the life I never knew I wanted’...” Alright friends, I am over the moon about teaming up with one of my personal favorite brands @warbyparker , who will be launching “quintessentials” their latest sunglass collection, and right in time for sun filled days I must say! Keep your eyes peeled for my story today, where I will be giving you special early access to shop the frames today before anyone else, because that’s how much I love y’all! The model shades I am wearing is Hunt in oak barrel. 🕶️ #ad

New York, New York

“The rain remains persistent as the days pass. However that does not stop the journey he has found himself on. It’s bigger than just’s about what he’s feeling. As the rain falls harder all he hears is water and a beating heart. ‘What is it that I’m looking for?’ he whispers to himself. Is there a reason I’m stuck where I stand, ‘I guess I’ll wait, since the best moments are unplanned’...” only 2 days to Miami! Excited to be back visiting my hometown 🤘🏻

Financial District, Manhattan

“February 23rd 1950...It was a quiet day in the news room, yet all was anything but quiet in his head. Through the silence, a distant pitter patter grew stronger as the rain began to fall. ‘Who was she?’ he thought to himself. She was absolutely radiant, yet he had found himself tongue tied not knowing what to say. Over and over that moment filled his head, what would have been had he spoken up instead. Only one can hope now, their paths cross again, for next time he’ll know just what to say or he can expect a repeat of today...” It’s Friday, and I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! It’s gloomy here in NYC but I’m looking forward to heading back to Miami late next week for some fun in the sun! Excited to create some editorial moments back home 🤘🏻

New York, New York

“And through the smoke it emerges, as if to conquer the day. These yellow beats roam the city in search of a new soul. While outdated they remain relentless in their endless pursuit back to the top. Yet, no matter how hard they try, they’ll remain in a viscous circle of hopes and dreams since innovation and change are necessary in growth...” we must not get stuck in routine! Push yourself further each day in order to keep the world guessing. Far too often this industry aggravates me to my core with the overall acceptance of mediocrity! We’re all capable of so much, so never be happy with the bare minimum. This goes for anything we do in our lives as well, be the best “you” and always strive to get better. This is what we do, this is the time to SHINE, so why sit by being ok with “this is fine...”?


“He sits by the window with his head in the clouds. Birds flying free in the distance. What would our world be like from up above, he thinks to himself. We have our moments in the sky but always end with our feet on the ground. Would things be different from way up high? Would we appreciate life more if we truly saw how blessed we are, looking down on all the endless beauty? These fleeting thoughts fill his mind as he looks on, he’s simply a dreamer...”

New York, New York

“The damp air fills the streets of Manhattan, as the clouds prepare to let loose. Shadows begin to fall on the buildings creating a mysterious mood that feeds his creativity. While everyone else seeks cover he seeks moments that will take his breath away. There it is as he readies his camera. ‘Click, Click’ he snaps picture after picture seeking the perfect shot. ‘CLICK’... and there it is! The ONE...” Man this rain lately just wont let up. I can’t remember the last time it rained constantly for days straight, since back home in Miami. What I’ll always love though is how photogenic this city is on gloomy days. There’s just nothing like it...📸

Delmonico's Restaurant

“It’s 1937 and the sounds of the train car racing down the track fill the compartment as he reads the days paper. All suited up and ready for the day, he couldn’t help but notice he wasn’t alone. He glances to his right and sees the most beautiful broad he had ever seen, quietly singing to herself. He was transfixed by all her beauty. ‘Should I say something?’ He thought to himself. You see words easily spilled onto paper at the drop of a hat, but when it came to speaking with someone so breathtaking, those words seemed to disappear. ‘Oh, what the heck!’ He says as he gets up and walks over to her seat. Their eyes meet, and all the worry just washes away. ‘Hey there, my name is Erik, what’s yours?...’ “ Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you’re all having an amazing day so far. Roughly 2 weeks ago I visited the NYC transit museum in Brooklyn with my amazing friend @danielleacooper, and had the best time! Seeing all the past train cars in NYC’s history was so much fun. We went in there with some retro ideas in mind and came out with what I would say is some of our favorite work to date. So if you’re in Brooklyn and have nothing to do, make sure you check it out, you won’t be disappointed. 🤘🏻

Brooklyn, New York