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I kinda love that my niece's and nephews are starting to get on Instagram because now I can tag them in amazing photos like this 🦄. @hann.brd @jamesbird20 Just you guys wait, I'll start busting out the baby photos soon. #slc #utah #niece #nephew #donutfalls


I love me some sunny days 🌴🌵🌊 #slc #utah #tremonton #outdoors #hunting #iwishitwaswarmertho


When you are spared the Sunday Night Blues because you're a government employee and you get a paid day off tomorrow 🦄🌴✊🏻 #slc #utah #longboard #skate


Happy due date, Bubbaloo. We miss you everyday. We wish you could be here and that I could be fat, pregs, and uncomfortable, waiting for you to arrive. But I love that you come visit me and your dad, I love your influence in our life. You've made me a kinder person and I'm so thankful for the time we had. ❤️❤️❤️ @hammywarbucks #beckmichaelhampton


I ❤️ nature and conference weekend! #timpanogos #ldsgeneralconference #hike #afcanyon #slc #utah


Through all the tough times recently I've learned that trials can make you bitter or better. It's literally your choice. I have bitter moments but I hope overall I can be more kind, empathetic, thoughtful, etc. I sincerely appreciated the kindness I received after Beck died and it really meant so much to me. I learned so much from kind friends. There are hard moments in this life but there is so much good and so many things to enjoy! With Beck's due date coming up I've been thinking more about what kind of mom I want to be for him and what I want him to see me do. I want him to see me keep trying, be kind, have fun adventures, love his dad, and being happy. I was talking with a friend today about how hard it is to put so much effort, physically and emotionally, into trying to conceive and then not having a child here to show for all the work. It sucks. I am however grateful for the time I had with my boy and his presence in my life. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Our time here is precious and I want to make the most of it! #beckmichaelhampton #slc #utah


This guy. ⬆️ He's the best guy. Happy birthday stud muffin! 🎉 He literally can fall asleep anywhere and did so on our first day in Venice while sitting at this table waiting for food and woke up and caught me taking a picture 😊. @hammywarbucks you're my best friend and Beck and I are so lucky to have you for this life and the next. It's been 9 years and I'm pretty sure I'll never get sick of you. You're just a rugged teddy bear and I love you so much. ❤️🐼 #trentyloo #birthday #slc #Utah #Venice #venizia #Italy


After Rome we took the train down to Naples to explore the famous Amalfi Coast! This has been a dream of mine for so long. We decided to be adventurous and rent a car to get around this area since some of the places we wanted to go were hard to get to. Trent prefers to be chauffeured around 😂😉 and I love to drive so I was the one driving there. 😬 I took what I observed from our taxi drivers in Rome and tried to drive like a local. (which although crazy is pretty safe) Our first stop in the area was to beautiful Positano. We parked halfway down on the winding road leading down to the city and then took the stairs the rest of the way 😂. Going back up was quite the workout but so worth it! Trent commented that the town was "Kenzie Crack" because I was going nuts pointing out beautiful things. We swam in the warm water, collected sea glass, and ate great food. @hammywarbucks #italy #Italia #Positano #amalficoast #Naples #travel #slc #Utah


Now that we are heading home I'm hoping I have decent enough service to catch up on my posting! On our last day in Rome we went to the Vatican, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palintine Hill, and the Altare Della Patria. Rome ended up being my favorite city over all, I loved the amount of things to see and do! I also loved the feel of the city and how everything is so old and full of history. Even if something isn't ancient, they will create something new in the ancient style, keeping the aesthetic of Rome alive. I oddly loved all the fountains because they were so beautiful and also most of them you could drink out of or use to cool yourself off by splashing water on your arms and neck. I loved the laid back fashion, hardly anyone wore makeup and everything they wore was put together but practical for the city. Although the taxis were wild they were so fun and prepared me for driving in our next location. #Italy #Italia #Rome #roma #Vatican #vaticancity #stpetersbascilica #sistinechapel #slc #utah


@hammywarbucks why you such a cute captain? I can't get over yesterday's adventures and I really can't wait to see our GoPro footage from the blue grotto. It was just me and Trent on that little boat, and yes, I almost hit another boat when I was pulling out of the bay but other than a few, "how the crap does this thing work? Why isn't the anchor working? How do you tie this to a buoy? Do you think it will be okay if we leave it here while we swim in? Do you think it's safe to swim in? Are you about to throw up?" moments, it went really well. Super funny they don't give you instructions on how to drive those things but we figured it out and had a great time. #Italy #Sorrento #Capri #bluegrotto #italia #travel #slc #Utah #kenzandtrentdoitaly


So my phone hasn't uploaded my last two posts! It just sits there and tries to load and strains my battery, so here is just ONE photo from today. We went to Capri, rented a boat, went to the Blue Grotto, and swam in from our boat! Best day ever with my Trentyloo. @hammywarbucks #Italy #italia #Naples #Capri #bluegrotto #travel #kenzandtrentdoitaly #slc #Utah