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+ national activist.
+ award-nominated film director.
+ photographer/videographer for ///MShot Media Co.


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Lex Wu Martinez

recent work I did with the great @kwam3_

the work he does with @lasalleuniv & @lasallekats is amazing and the conversation we had about personal and professional growth was eye opening.
Thank you again for trusting me!
really want to photograph and chat with more people, good times 🖤📸


Lex Wu Martinez

your future is always in sight, even if the people are not.


Lex Wu Martinez

As I get more comfortable with being 20 years old, I come to learn more about being a man in parallel with being myself while trying to write my story.
Realizing that the successful people you get to meet, in my experience, senators, CEOS, VP, Attorney Generals, are made of the material you’re made from.

Seizing opportunities as they arise and speak even though you’re told to listen. Standing for something that no one else believes in.

Unfortunately, I still don’t know where I’m going. I still don’t know what I want to be, but there’s people along the way that’ll help you discover that part.
That’ll peer review that part of your life you question so much. The part that you stress so much.
That’s okay.

Just continue to write it.