Mike Keehmer@1whiskey_mike

Fighting fire, sleep deprivation and the man. Also battling an aviation addiction

Had fun climbing around this beast the other day.


P-40 Warhawk on display at the Planes of Fame air museum. Was a real pleasure meeting Steve Thorne aka @flightchops at the museum as well. Good times! 🤘


DC-10 aka VLAT, dropping below the ridge line during the “mop up” phase of what was a fast moving brush fire. Can’t imagine what the view from the pilots seat is like. 😬


The “Bone” soaking in the San Diego sun.


Traveling down Route 66 is like traveling down a road that time forgot. Along the California, Arizona route you will see towns left behind by progress. Forever frozen in time by the dry desert air.


Navajo point, Grand Canyon Az. I have shot this before with a canon 6d. However this shot is with an iphone 6s! To give you some perspective, that river (the "Colarado") is 100 yards wide!


Last shot from My trip out to the desert 🌵... Sometimes getting away from everything helps you realize that the serpents in your life aren't as big as you think. And that sunny days are just around the corner. ⛅️🌤️☀️


Old P-38 lightning getting ready to hit the skies over southern california.


Stuck in Traffic in Tomorrowland. #californiaproblems


Thought i'd take a walk into the Sonoran desert 🌵


Pointe Vincente, Palos Verdes California


Looking up the coast in Ragged point California.