Austin Maimone@239_stin

Big shout to my Bruddas too 🍻


I dont rlly gotta say much cause when its real U dont gotta say shit 🤐 You can have all the homies all the bitches all the money all the whatever I got my Brother and most importantly my Family at the end of the day. The realest ppl Ill ever get to share memories with. This world full of crabs and snakes #DontLetThatGoOverYaHead .... Nothing but the upmost respect and Love for you Bro thank u for coming to kick it w me on my Birthday 😎


My lil mini me turned 3 today... I love you kid. ❤️


You are a big part of my mentality I learned alot from your music and your interviews and since freshman year of highschool I been listening to you. Shit actually hurt to see one of my favorite rappers Die and I never once met bro. #WalkingLegend #LongLiveFredo #061 #F$ #GBE #300 #SavageSquadRecords #PutTheCupDown


My lil nephew is the youngest flexer of all time #ForAllMineIllLayYours



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