the sky was quiet as we flooded its veins


서울 피플! 난 수요일에 개인 파티를 연주 해요, 무료로 100명 초대합니다! 당신의 이름을 @ourmusicfestival에 DM을 보내면 우리가 100 명을 선택하고 연락드리겠습니다. 새벽 7/18에 세트 시작합니다! @burningsun_seoul


Playing a set in Oahu tonight before heading back to Seoul for Korea Blockchain Week - where else should I play this summer?!
Shouts to @nolanomura for showing us this island / @nickmarfing for this epic photo!


Can’t stop smiling while watching this insane moment, playing my first set ever in Seoul.


Certain places hold incredible beauty and unparalleled magic; some clense our stress and negativity, some might inspire us, and lift us to absolute mental clarity. I learned today that I need to visit these places more often. ⛩️⛩️⛩️


What’s your favorite streetwear brand!?
Any recommendations?


東京大好きです! 今週末の京都と東京での公演にワクワクしています 😁🇯🇵 @villa_tokyo @worldkyoto


So stoked that Ultraviolet has helped raise over $20k for @letsfcancer thus far! Every time you listen to a song on the album, we donate profits to the organization; I couldn’t be more thankful for your support, and that we’re all giving back, just by listening 😁
📷 @iamm4ximus


I’ve spent the past year completing the Ultraviolet album & touring, while sleeplessly researching securities law compliance & tokenomic modeling. Now we’re running a project with a mid 8 figure valuation called @ourmusicfestival - Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, because you CAN with hard work, and the right team.

Join our community at the link in my bio to chat directly with me, win free tix, signed headphones + a boatload more. My goal is to give back to you, in massive ways, because I couldn’t be here without your support and artists can’t exist without fans. Thank YOU, and @forbes for breaking this story!


We had this insane idea to let fans pick the lineup for a music festival. That’s gonna take some time, but we had to start somewhere.
October 20th. San Francisco. Civic Center Plaza.
@ZEDD + ME + more TBA. This is @ourmusicfestival -
Join our community at the link above (& in bio) for weekly ticket giveaways & to ask me any questions & to be the first to know ab future festival details!


TAG a friend who wants to see me in Vegas this summer for a chance to hang with me on stage at any of my residency shows! Also giving away 200 free guest list spots for this weekend’s show here: bit.ly/3laurehabgl (password is pizza)
6/23 - @rehablv
7/21 - @rehablv
8/4 - @rehablv


My dad @robspx is a true legend. He’s taught me so much, guided me through some of the toughest spots, and is so supportive that he’s probably listened to Ultraviolet 500 times from start to finish. Could not ask for a more selfless awesome dad, love you! Happy father’s day!


We wanted to make you 🤯 with this music video for Touch. How’d we do ?!? (Link In Bio)
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🎤 @carlypaigemusic
🎬 @slimesunday