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Mostly skate stuff from 8 year old Nate. He is currently battling cancer. Fall seven times. Stand up eight. @Realskateboards @vansskate

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Nate Viands

We love you. Thanks for always being a part of our escapades and we love your pancakes!


Nate Viands

Zoo Banks after @childrensphila


Nate Viands

Nothing comes easily


Nate Viands

4 years to the day. I used to bring Nate here for the better part of 6 months during chemo. The only thing he wanted to eat during heavy chemo was the shitty grilled cheese from this place. We hit Bruno’s and @morrisarboretum at least 4 days a week that winter. We skipped school today and did the same thing. Best of times.


Nate Viands

These guys made skating fun this winter. Thanks @mcsaucen @joebiewan @kevinliedtke #torebevivino


Nate Viands

National Champion 6-8 boys. CCCNYC Cross Country Nationals. #fuckcancer #relentless #leukemia @salomonrunning


Nate Viands

1st place at CCCNYC Eastern Regionals. Never let hardship define you. #relentless #leukemia


Nate Viands

Choppin’ heads