Jamie Rogers@5oilymonkeys

Christian, Firefighter wife, homeschool mama of 3 boys, lover of people, compassionate, want to see people thriving, work in progress.


I never understand when someone works so hard to eat right and be physically active yet inundate the bodies they work so hard to support with toxins that destroy. Read the labels on the products you use and the food you use to fuel your body. #truth #imaybefatbutimnontoxic #chemicalsmatter #readthelabels #knowthedangers #knowbetterdobetter


In honor of International Essential Oil Day and our founder's birthday, I'm blessing the next FOUR friends who join me on this incredible and life changing journey TODAY ONLY with $25 in rewards back on the premium starter kit of their choice. Simply use my link so I can spoil and love on you and tell me how you want your $25 ( product credit, Visa/Amazon gift card). I cannot wait to watch your life transform into something you've only dreamed of!

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Began my Hexagon crochet blanket the other day and really getting the hang of the hexagon. My 5 yr old looks at the stack and said, "The pink is really pretty. You must be making a really pretty blanket!" The pink is really an orange, but yes, I bet it turns out beautifully for a sweet little boy due in October. #hexagon #crochet #babyblanket


Ethan first day of Kindergarten (L) and High School (R). Seems like only yesterday 😭


My oldest (L) and my youngest (R) on their first day of kindergarten. Now the oldest is in HIGH SCHOOL!


And so it begins. Trying something new. I've never worked with cotton, have never done the hexagon and have never blocked my work! I love learning something new. Second photo represents the inspiration, not the colors I'm using or the finished product. #ilovethisyarncotton #hexagon #crochet #babyboyafghan #crochettherapy #onedownfortyeighttogo


My Savvy before and after☺️ Pay no attention to my ratchet hair. I put it up to do my makeup πŸ˜†

Before makeup: Art gentle cleanser, Art Toner, Art Intensive Moisturizer with Kunzea oil.

Foundation: Warm 2 with Misting Spray
Brows: A combo of Multitasker light and and Multi tasker dark.
Eyes: Eyeshadow palett: Ambition, Elegant, Chic. Jet setter (wet) liner and because I dont have the Savvy mascara yet, I'm using LimeLife mascara.
Cheeks: Smashing (applied wet) blush, Crowned All Over bronzer
Lips: Untamed & light layer of Miss Congeniality
The best part of using Savvy Minerals is feeling confident without compromising my skin with toxins found in makeup! #38andahalf #maturingskin #beautycomesfromwithin #butsavvyhelpsbringoutyourconfidence #savvymineralsyoungliving #beautywithoutcompromise #lipsfordays #youngliving #ARTskincare #kunzeaoil #nofilter #cantwaitformymascaraandmattifyingprimer


Ready for the border! Now to decide which kind of border to add. Suggestions welcome! #laboroflove #crochet #babygirl #blanket #gift #granniesandripples #mint #peach #sunsetvariegated #mixedberry #ilovethisyarn



Summer time means time for some fresh fruits and veggies! #washyoproduce #thievesfruitandveggiesoak #keepitclean #freshfruit #strawberries #summer


When they're feeling blue 😟, they come to me.

When they can't focus 🐿️ , they come to me.
When the seasons are changing πŸŒ·πŸŒ³πŸβ„οΈ, they come to me.

When they can't sleep 😴 they come to me.

When they fall down and go boom πŸ€•, they come to me.

When their skin needs some TLC 😊, they come to me.

When there is rumbly in their tummy 🀒, they come to me.

When their muscles are feeling tight or something isn't moving just right πŸ’ͺπŸŒοΈοΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‹οΈοΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ, they come to me.
When there's a tickle in their throat or their voice sounds like a goat 😷🐐, they come to me.

When their noses turn to hoses πŸ€§πŸ’¦, they come to me.
When something is really smelly🀒, they come to me.
I think you get the point! I legitimately use an oil for everything. Laugh 🀣 if you will, but if you've noticed πŸ€” that my family seems to avoid all the πŸ€’ that goes around, there's a simple explanation for that πŸ€—. Of all the investments you'll ever make in your life time, this one will yield you a tremendous ROI , and thru tonight (5/25), will cost you $124!!! NO monthly fees, NO selling required. One time fee (your kit) and savings of 24%- 49% on your purchases for life! Now that sounds pretty πŸ€“ to me!

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