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Photo by @BrianSkerry.
Happy #PresidentsDay: Former US President Barack Obama explores the waters off Midway Atoll on September 1st, 2016, days after he created the world's largest marine protected area by expanded the boundaries of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. The President went snorkeling here to see firsthand the valuable and fragile marine ecosystems in US waters. The Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument was first designated by President George W. Bush.

Several national monuments designated by US presidents on land have been dramatically reduced in size by the current administration and marine national monuments are currently being reviewed for reduction in size or elimination.

Scientists have stated that in order to have a healthy ocean and a healthy planet, at least 40% of Earth’s oceans should be protected from damaging practices such as overfishing and mining. Currently only about 3% of the ocean is protected. Every other breath that humans take comes from the sea, as more than 50% of the oxygen needed for life is generated by the ocean. The creation of marine reserves has also been proven to help protect against the damaging effects of climate change. Conserving precious marine habitats then, is necessary for our own healthy future.

With only about 3% of oceans currently protected, we have a long way to go, but these conservation efforts are substantial steps of towards progress. Photographed on assignment for @NatGeo.
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Midway Atoll

Along the Banks of the Seine, Paris ❄️

Paris, France

Photo by @babaktafreshi
A starry night begins in the Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. Without this gentle light painting, the foreground would be pitch black. The sky is still unspoiled and naturally dark in this area away far from major city lights. The park is also known for striking rock formation, narrow gorges, wonderful hikes.
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Plitvice Lakes National Park - Croatia ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by ✨✨@jackmartinphotoart✨✨
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Plitvice Lakes National Park

SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs has an adoptable dog from DOWN UNDER! And that ear though! Meet Buddy! He's full of energy and overflowing with cuteness! And he's up for adoption in the Melbourne, Australia area. Buddy was surrendered by his former elderly owner who was unable to take care of him anymore. He will do best with a family who is looking for a well-trained dog, but who can also keep up with his youthful spirit. Buddy may be a "senior," but Buddy is anything but retired! He still ADORES playing fetch with his tennis ball and his puppy-like antics will keep you entertained for years to come.
@second.chance.animal.rescue wrote, "Buddy is a lovable, high energy, inquisitive, spoilt cutie. He's enthusiastic and loves playing tug of war, soccer and fetch, and he will play for as long as you can keep up with him! He's toilet trained and easy to get in bed at night. Buddy must be an only dog at home as he's terrified of other dogs and cats. He's also a fussy eater who likes to get his own way, but you can't help but adore him when he gives you his belly and grins! He initially is shy but once he warms up he fully bonds to his family. Due to his shyness, young children are not recommended. Lastly, Buddy has some arthritis in his knees that will need ongoing supplements for." Buddy is up for adoption with Second Chance Animal Rescue located in Epping, Australia - just 30 minutes north of Melbourne.
To adopt Buddy, please email with questions or to submit an application.


Last Ice | Photograph by David Cothran (@davidcothranphoto)
A polar bear rests on an ice floe in the Arctic Ocean. As more polar ice melts each year, the polar bear's habitat will continue to shrink. Scientists estimate that their population will decrease by 30 percent by the year 2050.

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about last night 🧞‍♂️

South Slope, Brooklyn

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