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Refreshed website + new lightroom presets, two days from now. 🔥 #8thdamon


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If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Instanbul travel giveaway winners will be announced tomorrow🔥✌🏻 #8thdamon


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Some would say, "Dreams are for dreamers." Dreams are for those with a clear vision of their goals. Dreams are for those striving for greatness. No matter what you do: Dream, plan and execute ! 🏆
NEW @ikonick PIECE : “Dreams Come True" is now live ! ✨


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JESTE LI SPREMNI ZA 🇹🇷STRASTI ORIJENTA🇹🇷 28.9.-6.10.2018.? Oduvijek ste htjeli posjetiti Istanbul? 🕌 Naučili ste turski jezik gledajući serije? 📺 Želite probati pravi kebab? 🌯

Mi vam poklanjamo 5x2 poklon bona u iznosu od 500kn za putovanje u Istanbul s posjetima Bukurešta 🇷🇴, Sofije 🇧🇬 i Beograda 🇷🇸
Pravila nagradne igre:
1⃣ Zapratiti @vamos_putovanja
2⃣ Označiti u komentar osobu s kojom želite ići u Istanbul
3⃣ Vaše ime pišemo duplo ukoliko podijelite ovu sliku na storyu i tagate @8thdamon i @vamos_putovanja 👍🏽 Pobjednika ćemo odabrati slučajnim odabirom. 🍀
Igramo se do 15.09. i sretno svima! ❤


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If the sky could dream...it would dream of dragons. 🐉 #8thdamon


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Magic is always around for those who want to see it. ✨ #8thdamon


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When you need to take a breather, take a look at this, close your eyes, and float away for a few minutes. @8thdamon x @IKONICK “Moody Nights” is now live ! (Shop the full DREAMWORLD collection, link in bio.)


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Impossible. I'm possible. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 🏆 #8thdamon


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Want one of these? First two pieces from my Dreamworld collection with @ikonick are out! (Link in bio)


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How I started, what's my mindset, what's the equipment that I use(and does it even matter), how do I make these edits(and how can you make them), how can you create your own lightroom presets, how to market and sell your presets, how to connect with other influencers, how to attract sponsors, how to make a career of something that you love... All of these questions will be answered and tutored step by step in my upcoming course. I will also create a community facebook group for everyone who participates so we will be able to connect and create stuff together, answer your questions, fix your mistakes and learn new things on the go. You will literally get all the valuable info that's needed to succeed on instagram as an influencer and grow your following to make a legit business while actually doing what you love to do, and the best thing of all, the tutorials will actually never stop because I'm gonna update the group every few days with new challenging stuff for all of you who are there..Now I need your help with one thing - If you were to apply for it, how much would you be willing to pay for all of this(DM me)? Keep in mind that, if you really invest your time and passion, you would eventually be able to make lots of money with everything I'm gonna learn you in this course. DM me your opinion! #8thdamon


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The best views are from the top. Get there and stay there. 🙏🏾☁ // @8thdamon x @ikonick “Heavens Stay” is now live ! ( Link in bio for full DREAMWORLD release )


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What would the ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark... #8thdamon