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Video by @mborowick | Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon is located just off of the main highway of route 1 in Southern Iceland. It’s well worth the 20 minute hike to get to the viewing platform. Dating back over 2 million years, this canyon was formed around the last ice age. The Fjaðrá river flows through the canyons’ magnificent 100 meter high cliffs. #iceland #drone #nature #beauty #canyon


Salar de Uyuni with ✨✨@experiencebolivia✨✨ Which shot is your favorite? 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 😃😃😃 #experiencebolivia #visitsouthamerica

Pics & vid by @hiltondavila & @eduardoflorespe


Photo by Luca Locatelli @lucalocatelliphoto | Morning rush on London Bridge. While the City of London is nearly uninhabited at night, in the morning thousands of workers flood in to its offices. For decades, the City has been the seat of financial power in the British capital. But amid growing pains and with Brexit looming, can it stay on top? My work revolves around shaping the future, how our society transitions through new ways of living, and how technology is changing our approach to the environment and to our cities. I’ve embarked on a journey with @natgeo to showcase how London, one of the world’s busiest and fastest growing cities, is evolving. Follow me @lucalocatelliphoto to find out more about the London story I covered for @natgeo #London #architecture #street #britain #people


¿Cómo sobreviven estas increíbles criaturas en los más extremos rincones de la Tierra? Descúbrelo en #PlanetaHostil 🌎 Nueva serie. Estreno, domingo 21 de abril, 8 PM MEX-COL / 9 PM PE / 10 PM ARG-CHI.


Centrality | Photograph by Jon Anderson (@scubajonjake)
“On occasion, as divers, we are in exactly the right place at the right time to witness an inexplicably beautiful event unfold. While watching a school of fish expand and contract in Revillagigedo Islands, I suddenly realized a once in a lifetime moment was occurring,” writes photographer Jon Anderson. “A giant oceanic manta ray entered from the left, as it neared the center, the fish morphed into a near perfect sphere. The wings of the manta rose as it crossed the center of the sphere, and I squeezed the shutter taking exactly ONE frame.”

This photo was submitted to the 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest. See our Instagram Story for more Editor’s Favorites from Week Four. Submission deadline is May 3, 2019 at 12PM EDT. The grand prize winner will receive $7,500 and their winning image will be featured on @natgeotravel Instagram account. Good luck #YourShotPhotographer.


Want to believe you’re in a rustic fairy tale? “Close your eyes and let yourself go,” says Isa Colino Justicia (@akanita7), who did just that when she stumbled upon a wild horse in the outskirts of Lleida, Spain. #WHPvibes
Photo by @akanita7


Today marks exactly 1 year since I came out to the west coast - it’s really crazy to me how quickly the time here has flown by (probably because I spent most of the last year on the road - California, Croatia, Argentina, Thailand, New York, Boston, Maine, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, London, New York again, Grand Cayman, New York again, California again, California again, Utah, Arizona, California again, Japan and lastly Hong Kong...did I miss anything?) Anyway I think there’s a reason I’ve been exhausted lately 😂⁣

In the meantime I managed to shoot a few photos of Seattle / Washington I liked, here are a couple to celebrate a whole year of living somewhere new 🥳


Since last night's events my heart is broken. It's been 10 years since I live in Paris and I enjoy the banks of the Seine, strolling and photographing Notre-Dame de Paris in any weather. It is part of my daily life and will always be in my heart even after black Monday. 🖤


“This might be a little too cute...” writes @winnielovesjack


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