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Bam was rescued from the second largest dogfighting case in U.S. history, but he was never born to fight. Bam was #BornTo be a nanny! 👶🏻💕What was your pup #BornTo do?
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URGENT🚨Help us stop the King of animal cruelty!🚨Rep. @SteveKingIA is trying to roll back animal welfare protections with his “Protect Interstate Commerce Act.” If enacted, much-needed improvements in animal welfare standards passed at the state level could be nullified. Laws against cruel gestation crates, battery cages, and even bans on horse slaughter and eating dogs and cats could be in jeopardy.
*Ask your rep to VOTE NO on the King Amendment!* visit to take action now (or watch our IG story and swipe up!) #aspca


UPDATE: The animals we helped rescue from a failed sanctuary have arrived at our temporary shelter where they’re receiving food, medical care and the attention and enrichment they’ve been denied. Now the slow road to recovery begins 🧡 (watch our Story and swipe up for more info) #aspca


Rescued from a dogfighting operation in Queens by the @nypd, sweet Ursula was #BornTo play in the grass and get belly rubs, not to fight!
Post a pic and tell us what your dog was #BornTo do and help us break the stereotype that any dog was born to fight. Together we’ll raise awareness of the horrors of dogfighting and end this heinous practice for good! #aspca #breakthechain #nationalpetday


Humphrey is here to say, today’s our birthday!! We’re pretty old — 152 years old to be exact, that’s 1,064 in dog years 🐶💕 #aspca


Tune into our Instagram Story today at 2pm EST for a behind the scenes look at @sirpatstew recent visit to our CARE (Canine Annex for Recovery & Enrichment) Facility in #NYC when he met some adorable dogfighting rescues! #BreakTheChain #aspca


It's National Dogfighting Awareness Day! Join our friend and animal advocate @SirPatStew in the fight for victims of this cruel and barbaric practice. Visit to learn how you can help #BreakTheChain.


BREAKING NEWS: Our responders were in New Mexico at a self-described “sanctuary” pulling nearly 120 animals out of horrific conditions. The animals were shaking with fear, their water bowls empty, many living in areas covered with urine and feces. Read the full update at (link in bio!) #aspca


Crissy — ASPCA office foster cat and green-eyed beauty, just got adopted! Check out our Instagram Story as we send her on her way to a loving home 😻💕 #aspca


Looks like #winter isn’t over yet for the East Coast! Keep your dog’s paws moisturized to protect against salt and chemical agents — apply a dollop of petroleum jelly to their paw pads before going outside! ☃️❄️ #aspca #petsafety


How has this furry nugget NOT found a loving home yet?! Orson is a special guy with lots of love and smiles to give, know someone who would appreciate his company? Tag them below! 🐶💕 #aspca #adoptdontshop


The dog of your dreams could be sitting in a dark room right now. Join us and our friend @SiaMusic in the fight to take down the cruel breeding industry, visit #barredfromlove #aspca


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