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Photo by @tom_juenemann
Tall shadows star in this drone-powered image from Tom-Christoph Jünemann (@tom_juenemann). “After I took some photos in the forest with great light, I decided to fly with my drone above the trees,” says Tom-Christoph. “I like the fact that it’s an image that made me think and also confused many other people at first sight.”
Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPNaturalLight.


Video by @bertiegregory | A drip falls from the nose of a male polar bear. Although this male still had a lot of growing to do, the largest male polar bears can weight 750kg/1,600lbs! This curious bear approached us from a distance and then laid down once close. After an hour or so of watching us, it decided to move on down the coast. We’re excited to share more soon from the making of @natgeo Wild_Life Season 3. Follow @bertiegregory for more!

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Photo by @gerdludwig. A rediscovered tourist attraction following German reunification, the Bastei is a rock formation scaling roughly 194 meters above the Elbe River in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains of Germany. Not far from the city of Dresden, they are the major landmark of the Saxon Switzerland National Park where especially strict conservation rules are in place. Follow @gerludwig for photographs from assignments and travels around the globe.

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Tokyo - Japan ✨💖💖💖✨
Pic by ✨@loic.lagarde
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“Filinia is only 4 weeks old and already knows how to melt people’s hearts” writes @kes_theincredible


Nuestro embajador @axeloficial nos cuenta algunos cambios en la rutina familiar que pueden inspirar a otros ¿Tienes un cumpleaños? Trata de elegir obsequios ecológicos, no de plástico, que contribuyan con la preservación del medio ambiente ♻️ #PlanetaOPlástico #PlanetOrPlastic


Heeeeeeyyyyyy Taxi - peep the story for a bunch of free wallpapers and let me know in the comments what photo I should post next 🤷🏻‍♂️


The Colors of Soil | Photograph by Quân Hoàng
“Every year in June, after the heavy rains, the terracing fields of Mu Cang Chai district of the Yen Bai province sparkles with colors,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Quân Hoàng. This photo was selected for the December 7, 2018 edition of our Photos of the Week series.

“This view is incredible! The organic shapes and dreamy colors of the terraces make them look like nature’s stained glass. I love it!” — @natgeoyourshot Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (@kemcnicholas)


Snow in Megève 🇫🇷 🌨
@bestofthealps #bestofthealps #bestofthealpsroadtrip #megevemoments


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