Happy birthday @mc_lively na man you be.


Today on My Flatmates.


I think this post lacks facts!!!!!!
Emirates had 257 aircrafts in 2017.


I can’t believe this!!! I just can’t believe this!!! Why are girls like this?
@emmaugolee be strong, I’m behind you all the way. Don’t say anything to the cops anymore. I’m calling you a lawyer.


What’s up Accra, Ghana?
Are you ready for the show today?
#TheDome #GloLaftaFest #4pm
See you soon.


How you know you've met someone special.......when you can share comfortable silence and still understand everything you guys just spoke about. #Genesys3Lite


Hello everyone, I’m going to be introducing you to a new friend of mine next week. We only just became friends so I’m still getting to know far so good, I think I am already falling for her. I’m going to tell you the whole story.....from the Genesys. #Genesys3Lite


I want to make this very clear right now, I will not be held responsible for whatever comes out of my mouth that day. Na una wey gate fee encourage me to na all of us dem go catch las las. See you on the 1st of Oct Port Harcourt.


Ghana!!!! Let’s jollof on the 12th of August @ The Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair. Accra.
We will be serving the following:
Freshly squeezed spontaneity.
Choice of spicy ginger glazed humor.
Marinated timing in creamy material sauce.
Served with a blend of Ghana and Nigerian Jollof Rice.
Bon Appetit.


Port Harcourt!!! The date is the 1st of October.
The venue is Aztech Arcum.
The time is 6pm.
The show is me....The Son of Peter.


Thank you for this one @iamkelmitchell


Big shout out to my peeps in you all know, I have been nominated for the @savannacider Comics Choice Award, taking place in Joburg on the 8th of September.
I will be on @kayafm95dot9 talking to @skhumba_official, make sure to tune in online on Friday, 31 August at #SavannaCCA