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This book is a true gem. I’m very happy I own it. Packed with stuff that is as amazing as it is interesting. Well worth a read. Not occultist stuff at all, just a truly enlightening experience. 👁️


I see endless pomposity online, don’t do this, don’t say that, don’t eat meat, don’t sample from Spotify, in other words don’t live your life how you want too because it upsets the controlling nature and pomposity of people who are so insecure they find the need to dictate on how another individual conducts themselves, it’s never a kind word of guidance it’s always pompous and snide, why would anyone take pompous and snide advice about anything from people who only sees fault in others yet never sees it in themselves? It’s pompous. When did this become the status quo? Listen guys and gals do whatever you do as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s life in a malicious or negative way then who has any say in that? Why would somebody feel so inflated that they can become social media dictators? It’s pompous. Don’t let them into your head if you can help it. Whatever you are, do or say is your choice, be responsible for that and don’t offer anyone the room in your mind to knock you. After all what kind of person feels the need to constantly knock others? A person with such a deep rooted insecurity its convinced them they are perfect while projecting their imperfections on people they’ve never met? That’s not a statement it’s a query. This extends its grasp farther afield than music snobbery. It’s all pomposity. I am saying this cos each time I scroll through my timeline on twitter it’s endless pomposity, maybe I’m following too many rappers/producers and that old hardcore hip hop fragility is manifesting itself in strange ways .... to be honest I don’t know what drives anyone else all I do know is whatever drives you to be you, does not ever apply to the next person. Enjoy your experience or not, but please for the love of maturity stop projecting on everyone else. Let’s unite and stamp out pomposity (that’s a joke). With love The Illuminated Mustard Tiger.... 👁️✅


I saw this as an advert on here, a chicken ramen tracksuit? I don’t wanna slag it off but bloody hell does any peoples buy this stuff? And then wear it? 👁️ (edit) clearly judging from the comments many people like this. I’m not knocking that. I don’t claim any high ground in fashion. I wear whatever’s free. Big up yourself whatever you wanna wear. I wish I had the nuts to be eccentric. ✅


My dogs been really ill since Friday thankfully she’s on the mend for now. It breaks your heart seeing them be sick. Today I’m gonna get comfort foods and watch all the lone wolf and cub films, I’m sure you’ve seen shogun assassin well basically that one film is a Mish mash of the first 2 out of the 6 films in the series. If you’ve never seen the others I truly recommend them. Absolute belting films. That’s me for the day. Enjoy the cool raininess, Look after your loved ones and don’t be an Orrible cunt.
The Illuminated Mustard Tiger! 👁️


Always to the bitter end.... that bitter sweet end..... all brewdog fans it’s popping up on draught everywhere mainly costing £5.50 a pint but Holloway coronet has it for £3.79. I check for that to the bitter end.


Haha @westaytrue has only gone and done it...... I’m loving these memes thanks bro I laughed loud and nearly choked on my mustard.... Looking forward to seeing more. For anyone offending themselves because I’m paying homage to such an amazing show as trailer park boys by adopting this title given to Philadelphia Collins (rest well) by bubbles, I’m sorry but not for anything I’ve done, I’m sorry because I know what it’s like to take things too seriously, and to find a way to offend myself when no offence was given. I’m a huge fan of tpb and I am the second coming..... with love
The Illuminated Mustard Tiger 👁️


Me and my brother/Dj/all round badman you should be following @therealjca1988 are gonna make some harmonious noise today ..... enjoy the sun and be safe, on the other hand so long as it doesn’t affect or implicate anyone else in a negative way do what you want. ✅


The other day I wrote a post about plants having consciousness and how it’s only now scientists are proving what occultists said a long long time ago, a couple people asked what books could they read regarding that and I said I’d have to dig through my cupboards of books to find them as I don’t have a great memory, well this book is so good and touches on that topic as well as minerals, it’s not hundreds of years old but it’s over 100 now (not this printing obviously) but in general this book is pretty easy to read and the information is easy to grasp, that said I personally treat everything with caution In the realm of books about secret teachings cos it’s not a secret if everybody knows. With love
The Illuminated Mustard Tiger👁️✅


Gotta big up @hiarahki for this..... it’s where I’m at right now. . . With love
Yeah ok your getting the message now...... I am the Illuminated Mustard Tiger. 👁️


Here’s a picture of myself, Louis slippers and @farmabeats with @alana_hepburn at nozstock .... ok let me say this Alana is one of the most lovely and righteous souls I’ve met on my musical journey, anybody she’s worked with or for ought to agree. She goes out of her way to look after every artist she works with no matter how big they think they are or how up and coming they may think they are. She’s worked for free out of love in many situations while others run around eating of the scene talking about love. She deserves full respect. I say this with all seriousness I treat both her and @physiks_er like my family. Say some shit to them and it offends me. Deeply. Simply because they are top people out here. Consideration is needed. I love these guys. 💚 among the few people who “I’m doing it for the scene” is actually true. My people.


After a long day swimming in the Thames she comes and sits with me in the garden of the sheephaven bay (one of the best boozers ever) in Camden and has a couple a bangers. Yes I’m vegetarian and yes I feed my dog meat because of the simple and obvious fact that my dog is NOT vegetarian. As I said I avoid the high grounds of morality because I have vertigo. I’ve really enjoyed today. I have a sense of excitement about my direction, my life is mine and I don’t feel obliged to help anyone anymore. With love 👁️
The Illuminated Mustard Tiger. 👁️


This dog is a true warrior spirit no matter what. I learn so much from watching her behaviour. Down by the river at high tide she’s swimming I’m paddling. Please never let your dog swim in the river without a retractable lead and constant supervision this current will drag them away that’s the truth. 💚✅