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Faces are so powerful. They have a way to really jog your memory and put you right back behind the lens of that exact moment. Near the backwaters of Kerala India we followed a rivermouth to the sea in search of a near mythical wave. It ended up on the cover of Surfer mag. Beyond the waves.. the most significant experience was all the people I met on the beach.. This man just wanted his picture taken, he gestured to his cross and said he was here to worship.
Shot with a 50mm 5.14. I share this photo mostly because my wife loves it.



It’s called ‘The Land of the Rising Sun, but we never saw it... not once. It just kept snowing & didn’t stop. No complaints.
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In cold water everything seems to slow down a little bit. Maybe because your body feels like it’s moving through molasses in the thick wetsuit or it could be the heavy aspect of cold water. Honestly It’s hard to envision why people keep doing, after you get hit with your first ice cream headache it’s not a pleasant feeling. But even so, regardless of how good the waves are or even if there’s an exit strategy people keep coming back for more. @hammered_sam



Caught in the act 📷
I’ll often take advantage of any vantage point I possibly can to make a photo a little more interesting. Often that means just elevating or lowering myself by just a couple feet to change my perspective. You can pretty much guarantee that If you’re standing on the ground and taking a picture at eye level you run the risk of shooting from a perspective that we always see.




Working on a book can be a glacial process ( no pun intended :) .. at times it’s near impossible to see the movement until the end. Over the last 6 years I’ve been shooting, compiling & editing down my images to create a portfolio that illustrates a clear picture of Iceland’s complex river systems. But the beauty of any long project is the light at the end of the tunnel. Over 8,000 words of text by @63mph has really brought this project to life. The book tentatively titled “At Glaciers End” is slowly coming along.



Head in the clouds. Heart in the sea.



My passports first stamps were Oman, Yemen & Dubai about a decade ago. It was never a place I thought I would experience let alone as my first international trip. I jumped on board a film trip that I really had no right being on but since the 1st photographer fell through I was the next in line.. sorta. We spent weeks traveling to remote islands, traveling through 100’s of miles of desert & exploring remote cities for surf. We didn’t find much... but got enough. .
This was literally the first time my feet had left North American soil so to say the culture shock was palpable would be an understatement.. I made so many mistakes .. personally and culturally. This photograph in so many ways sums up my most cherished experience. Traveling hours & hours through the desert on what can only be described as a sand ‘highway’ we can upon a few nomadic people, literally a days drive from any type of town, some of them even identified as Bedouins. Small tents would flap in the desert wind & anytime we had a chance to stop & say hi we would.
Children would flock to the car often asking for biscuits in exchange for a few smiles. More than anything they wanted to hold hands.. inspect our clothes and even mimic the act of me taking a photograph ( pictured above) .
This was the first photograph I remember using to try and really illustrate what the experience was like to someone. Still using it today.



Early morning light on what could only be described as a near mythical wave considering how rare it breaks. I was lucky to travel far to see this little oddity break twice in my life and both times it left me pretty perplexed that this type of perfection can go unridden, unwatched for so long. @bennyboosh backdooring a golden tunnel.



“There’s a feeling I get, when I look to the West.”
Led Zeppelin always had it figured out.



This didn’t end well.



Currently in Las Vegas working through the chaos... It’s funny where you end up as a speaker talking about what inspires you, I’ve learned to love it. Sometimes it takes you to a convention hall in the middle of the desert. I’ll be speaking at the CES show tomorrow about my passion for aerial photography & how I approach shooting in these environments. .

@sonyalpha Booth 12pm



Did you always know you were gonna be a photographer? No.. Life takes us on some pretty weird journeys. I always love sharing something unexpected.. it’s what make us interesting... that’s usually the thing that draws me to other people honestly... their backstory.
At 19 I had a scholarship to an automotive school in Wyoming, it was my dream to restore old cars in my teens. I bought and sold vintage cars through high school.. kinda a side hustle. But when the perfect opportunity presented itself through auto-shop competitions I turned it down.. I couldn’t go through with it. It would have definitely been a different career path & probably would have made me happy but I decided to I needed more time. I found photography. Fast forward 8 years into my career as a photographer & my wife introduced me to Yoga... I practiced for years & years.. watched her grow as a teacher & practitioner. Finally I got convinced to do a teacher training... I was wayyyyy out of my comfort zone ( like outer galaxy) and it felt really good. I left a lot of emotion on the mat. For a split second I even felt like teaching could be my thing .. a way to reinvent myself in what felt like a less competitive atmosphere than surf photography. But as soon my training ended & my certificate was in my hand I realized just how little I actually knew about myself.. about yoga.. about anything really. It’s amazing how life constantly gives us opportunities for growth. Take em.

What shaped you?