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Surf check 6:45 am
Nothing but the iPhone this morning. Totally content just being an observer today.



Nothing will ever replace the look of Natural light. Allowing the setting Mallorcan sun to reflect its warm glow inside this cave created some of the warmest fill light I have seen. Even managed to hit the highlights of @rannveigaamodt ‘s hair while she worked out the moves on this pumpy 5.12



No better time of year to reflect.



It’s the history of a place that really draws me in.. simple things like tracing back the the name ‘Lofoten’ to ‘Lynx Foot’ and trying to fathom how the earliest settlers could have survived here. Evidence shows signs of life nearly 11,000 years ago in the cluster of arctic islands. The shape of a landscape becomes very different when you consider the human connection & affect its had on people for better or worse all those years. It takes a hearty soul to call this home.



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Some places stay with you a bit longer than others. Late at night when my mind races & I can’t sleep (most nights) I’m drawn back to certain memories & feelings. This sunset in Mallorca a few months ago was hard to forget... rightly so.
@nathaniel.coleman above the Balearic Sea.



If the wind wasn’t so cold I could be convinced it was the tropics. The swell wrapped in on both sides.. to the north, the sea was a dark blue giving a hint of how deep the sea floor was. To the south, shallow sandbars & white sand beaches gave off a greenish glow. Hard to imagine that this is in the Arctic Circle.



While digging through the rubble of their destroyed home my friend texted me this photo. It was the only book that survived (sorta) the Woosley fire.
This Thursday night 6-10pm I am doing a film screening & raffle to raise money for the California fire relief. We will be showing The Dawn Wall Film along with live music & raffle items from @dometic @prana @kleankanteen . Along with a few of my large prints.
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I owe a lot to the work of @paulnicklen . My library just got a welcomed addition... I just got my copy of ‘Born to Ice’ ... it was an early Christmas present to myself. Paul’s work has always been an inspiration since I saw it grace the pages of Nat Geo so many years ago. They were otherworldly and in many ways inspired much of my early travels to the arctic. This book does more than just fill your life with beautiful images but much needed tales of conservation. Check it out at @paulnicklen and of course .. do yourself a favor and give him a a follow.



I was never a great photojournalist. It always affected me more than It should have being immersed in the hard to tell human stories. Often times I would take too much of the story home with me. But I tried at times to include what I loved about culture & the human experience into surf photography. This was on the shores of southern India. A remote river-mouth gave us some of the best 3 days of surf I have seen.. but none of that compared to watching a thousand men manually pull fish from the sea with their hands & handmade nets. Blood & sweat would mix with the salt water as they tirelessly pulled ropes for hours (literally hours) . Hundreds of fish would be pulled through the lineup.. churning through the breaking wave forcing us to stop and watch in awe as thousands of years of culture would be revealed before us. What I loved about this image was the man far right.. stopping for a second to stare at the wave.. as if maybe he saw what I saw. A perfect left handed peeling it’s way through an otherwise empty lineup.



Mistakes can often be pretty beautiful. Like water drops accidentally left on the water-housing port. I often wonder what happens to our creativity if we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to potentially miss a shot in an effort to create something new.

@michaeldunphy years back.