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A look behind the scenes of ‘Under an Arctic Sky’ - next Monday 20th in New York City I will be presenting a filmmaking workshop & diving into the entire process of making a film from beginning to end. open discussion format - so bring your questions! .
20$ ( a few spots left)
Tickets in my bio link ! Or here


To only share the still image of this place would be a travesty. To truly appreciate the beauty of the Aleutians islands, you need motion. @benweiland has stood beside me during some of the greatest moments in my life. We’ve explored together for almost 10 years & I was grateful to have him with my to capture footage of one of Earths last wild places, a place him & I traveled to almost 5 years ago & only dreamed of returning. .
Shot on assignment for @conservationorg ‘s Fellows Grant.


Sometimes you find balance & sometimes you just hang on... .
Grateful to hear our beloved Yosemite is Re-opening soon as the Ferguson fire is nearing containment. Thanks to the men & women who worked day & night to contain this fire. 🙏🏽
@handsomerobinson on a new highline we set up a few years back.


New York City!
August 20th 7–9pm I’ll be teaching a Filmmaking workshop & diving into the behind the scenes of my film ‘Under An Arctic Sky’ with @adorama .
This will be mostly an open discussion format but will cover topics like: planning, budget, marketing, editing, music, building a storyline, equipment & shooting in the arctic etc etc.
Bring your questions !!
Tickets $20 - space is limited .. .
For a more in depth teaching & shooting experience I am guiding a small group workshop in Southern Colorado in the beginning of September for 7 days.
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The magic of a telephoto lens.. compressing the scene far beyond what our eyes are capable of. Often seeking to create layers & layers to visually digest. Beyond just compressing the scene into 300 or 400mm I am putting my Fstop around F11 or higher bringing more depth of field to the image. This was shot with a 70-400mm Sony lens on an A7RIII body. One of my favorite tools when trying to bring together the foreground & background because of its 15 stops of dynamic range. For me, the small subject in this really adds context to just how big these places are. .
One of the many topics I love to discuss in the composition module of my workshops


I glimpsed this view for maybe 3 seconds. 2 was spent taking a picture out the plane window which left 1 second of just taking it in. There is never enough time to appreciate these places.. ever.
Somewhere out beyond Dutch Harbor in the no-mans land of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. Shot on assignment for @conservationorg


Creating illustrations for a kids book was so much harder than I envisioned. We started by taking some of my favorite images... mixed it with a bit of wild imagination & partnered with an amazing Artist to bring it to life. My favorite part was adding all the hidden critters for kids to find throughout. @mcclellan_art was the genius behind the artwork in my children’s book ‘The Boy Who Spoke to Earth’ .

Thanks to all those who supported this on Kickstarter & for those who share it with their kids today! It has since gone on to win awards & become available at most National Parks. Purchase a signed copy here or in my bio link.


Another unpublished image from the ‘Cradle Of Storms’ trip in the Aleutians years ago for Surfer Magazine. The setup in my eyes was the closest thing I’ve found to a perfect photography studio outdoors as I’ve ever seen. Perfect soft light, a perfect tide, no wind, a rising swell & a playful right hander with an end section that kept us entertained for hours. It may have been the 6 days of fog, sideways rain and Katabatic winds that made us extra excited this day.. but I’d like to think it was the fact the the Volcano finally came out to say hello. My palms were sweating the entire session.. I knew every shot was pretty special. I think I checked to make sure I had a memory card and battery in my camera at least 10 times.
@a_gray hits the lip while @joshmulcoy paddles back out


Instagram is not always meant to be pretty. At what point do we become apart of the solution instead of the problem? I hate to preach on this platform because I strongly believe in personal accountability, and people’s rights to govern themselves, but seeing a scene like this in a spot that is seriously one of the most beautiful gems of a swimming hole breaks my heart and honestly ticks me off. If everyone we saw at this swimming hole picked up a bag of trash that was left here, the entire trailhead would have been clear. It’s beyond time for everyone to leave no trace, and if you see someone else has, use a free hand and clean up what you see. I’m the first one to admit there’s been times in my life I’ve made an excuse not to pick up trash and have just been mad it’s there, but in those times I was just as guilty as the people who lazily left it in the first place. Whether it’s regarding trash, or life in general, we have to stop acting like the problems we see around us are someone else’s to deal with, and start being the change we want to see.


I dedicated the first 13 years of my career to shooting nothing but Surfing. During that time I saw what I would like to think were some pretty incredible Waves in some pretty surreal locations. But nothing will Come close to the 15 days we spent on this small Island in the North Pacific that is known as the birthplace of storms. I think about it a lot and every time I watch the film we made ‘The Cradle of Storms’ it brings me right back. .

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A Shelter from the Storm.
There’s a reason we are drawn to try and exist in environments we aren’t built to.


An Island fortress.