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Life is too short for everything to be so serious. Here is a little something from my personal life to brighten your day & maybe make you smile. This is my Alpaca Suzy-Q & Mistal, one of the many joys of my daily life. More behind the scenes at @burkgnar


Aside from taking pictures for a living, teaching people how to create their own images & tell a story from what they see & feel has quickly become a huge passion of mine. Being able to teach & speak across the world has been an opportunity for me to stretch myself & attempt to articulate my creative process.
Next week I’m doing a Free public panel discussion on social media & digital storytelling in NYC next week for @adorama. Im also teaching a 1 Day intensive classroom workshop the day prior 27th. I host a small selection of intimate photo workshops throughout the year in places that inspire me. Early September I’m teaching in southern Colorado (pictured above) with @ranchlands & October on a boat trip through Norway’s Lofoten Islands with @seilnorge
For details & curriculum info check out or check my bio link. More locations & dates coming soon! 🤙


Hallowed ground.


All the feelings of summer.
Add snow.


My dad taught me to measure wealth by the joy that fills your home. I’m grateful to know the difference of what it feels like to have a life with & without a father, makes me appreciate the example a lot more. These photographs are from one of our yearly traditions, spending a week hiking in the yosemite backcountry. We’ve logged a few hundred miles in this valley over the years. A good reminder that the best memories for us have always been created outdoors.


I’m kinda ashamed to say that at times I get really frustrated when shooting landscapes. When in a place this beautiful you shouldn’t feel anything but Joy right? As I walked to the end of the boardwalk in Milford sound I was expecting a composition to just jump out at me. But as I looked around at the midday sunlight during our only clear window I realized that I was probably gonna be stuck shooting the same photograph that is on the postcards at the gift shop. Mid morning light is usually the harshest time of day to shoot & typically when I like to put my camera away, but in this case I just had to make due. So I started to explore hoping to curb my frustration, and as I looked up I saw these incredible tree branches that loomed overhead. I slung the camera around my back & started to climb...the older couple below me sitting on the bench probably thought I was some next level creep as I humped the tree branches in shorts getting further and further on the limb. I changed the lens to a fisheye to accentuate the branches & pushed my f-stop to F16 to create the star burst affect. I was probably talking to myself but some kind of excitement started to form as I began to create photos that felt different.
I created a short video about my experience in NZ & shared some of my tips for shooting and editing, check out the link in my bio for how i use @lightroom and @photoshop .
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I’d always hoped someday to just disappear into history .. leaving behind images that meant more in my absence.


By far my favorite printed pictures aren’t the ones hanging on my gallery walls or even the walls of my own house. It’s the handful of photos that hang on the walls of my parents house where some of my first images sit.
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My children’s book ‘The Boy Who Spoke To Earth’ is back in stock.


My love and passion for landscapes has shaped who I am as a photographer, and how I create images. I recently took a trip to New Zealand with Adobe to shed some light on my perspective. I’ve been editing my work in Lightroom for almost a decade. If you want to get more details on my post-processing, check out the link in my bio for @lightroom and @photoshop tips.
Or check it here:


I’ve learned over the years that conceptualizing a photograph & bringing it to life can be just a rewarding as finding a perfect random moment. This was the marriage of both.


History says this place was an outlaw hideout for Butch Cassidy & the Wild bunch gang. An endless washboard road that feels like it will vibrate your vehicle to pieces leads to a series of thin slot canyons in every direction. Some were so tight a inhale could hold you in place & a deep exhale is the only way move through. Dropping into one of these canyons knowing the only realistic way out is through it, can feel pretty committing & equally as rewarding when you finally see the light at the literal end of the tunnel. .