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Hi Photographers, Tune in this Sunday April 23 at 9:00 am PDT on to see Frans Lanting's free online course “The Art of Seeing,” if you’re interested in learning creative techniques for photographing plants. He created this course with Creative Live, which will stream it live for 24 hours. If you cannot tune in at that time or if you want to own a copy of the course, you can buy it directly from Creative Live. If you’d like to join us for a future workshop session, write to us at and ask to be on our emailing list.

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@ChristineEckstrom Tap the screen for sound, lower left! “Learning to Fly” Each summer thousands of young albatrosses born on Hawaii’s Midway Atoll head to the beach to learn how to fly. They’re still unsteady on their feet, but they start practicing takeoffs and landings. At the end of the clip you’ll see an adult who has truly mastered the art of flight and you’ll appreciate the skill involved when you see these young birds trying so hard. I produced this short video with Frans Lanting (@FransLanting) on Midway Atoll, where President Obama is visiting today to declare a momentous expansion of the National Monument that surrounds the Hawaiian Leeward Islands. The new marine protected area will cover 582,000 square miles, making it the biggest protected area in the world. It’s a gift to albatrosses, the oceans, to the people of Hawaii, and to the planet at large. Mahalo, Obama!

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