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Maisha is a little girl who knows her own mind. When she wants to play (she’s pictured here with her frequent playmate Musiara clambering over her), she’s life of the party — but when she’s not in the mood and feels like someone has invaded her personal space, she lets out a mighty bellow of disgruntlement. Her very vocal ways have earned her the nickname “Bell” by the Keepers!

We rescued Maisha in the nick of time; she had nearly succumbed to the drought that took the lives of so many in 2017. To learn more about her, click the link in our bio or visit:

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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A snare nearly took Burra’s life in 2001; when we rescued him, the thick steel cable was wound so tightly around his throat, neck, and ear, that it was nearly throttling him and had rendered him unable to feed. Fast forward to today and although he still bears scars from his ordeal — his right ear is distinctively slashed nearly in two — Burra is living an otherwise normal life in the wild. We were delighted to see the 17-year-old near our Voi Reintegration Unit last month, thriving among a herd of some 20 elephants.

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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Brash. Bossy. A bit of a bully. Mteto is all of these things, but she’s also very endearing — and a real survivor.
This #DSWTTransformationTuesday, discover her story.

Photo 1: In March 2017, rangers spotted an emaciated calf wandering near the Mtito Andei village. Despite her weakened state, the ten-month-old put up quite a fight during her rescue. However, the Nursery herd showed her the ropes and she soon settled right into her new home.

Photo 2: We quickly realized that despite her small statue, Mteto had an outsized personality. She was always determined to get her way and could generally be relied on to wreak havoc, whether it was battling Esampu over spilt milk or sneaking away from the Keepers to try to steal an extra bottle.

Photo 3: It became clear that Mteto needed to learn her manners. So, on June 1, she graduated to our Ithumba Reintegration Unit alongside Esampu (a fellow mischief maker) and Mundusi (who is far more sedate). As she learns the ways of the wild, she will also learn the elephant etiquette that wild herds will expect of her. As you can see, the older elephants there have already taken her under their wing!

Your support makes success stories like Mteto’s possible. To learn more about her, visit:

Photos ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Photo 3 ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Mia Collis
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Zinga approaches bottle drinking like a competitive sport! The three-month-old waterbuck, who we rescued in March after she was found abandoned on Mzinga Hill, is growing quickly and racing through several liters of specialist milk formula every day. When she’s ready, she will return to a life in the wild — but in the meantime, she’s making friends (and honing her guzzling skills!) at our Kaluku Field HQ.

Video ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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In elephant society, parenting is a group effort. The birth of a calf is a momentous occasion; not only does one lucky female become a mother, but the others in her herd become nannies. Kinna, pictured here with her support system in tow, is case in point — many of the orphans she grew up alongside at the DSWT are now helping her raise her baby, Kama, in the wild!

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Mia Collis
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The herd spirit was strong at London’s @enormouselephantrun!
On Saturday, over 250 elephant lovers slipped on their trainers — and in many cases, elephant onesies — for The Enormous Elephant Run: Freestyle in London, raising over £26,000 ($35,000) for our elephant protection projects in Kenya!
Organized by DSWT UK as part of The Enormous Elephant Run series, participants sported all manner of costumes and outfits as they put their best foot forward to raise funds and awareness for the orphan elephants in our care and the protection of their wild kin.
A huge thank you to every runner, walker, and four-legged friend that attended, and to the incredible volunteers who helped to make the event possible.

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Until then, enjoy these photos from Saturday’s run and join us in giving a big cheer to everyone that made the event so much fun and, importantly, such an impactful day for elephants.

Photos ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Alex Wood
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Sagala recently had a very disconcerting encounter with a buffalo. She was exploring with her friends when they came across him in the tall grass. This sent the elephants into a tizzy; they scattered and, in the fracas, poor Sagala took a tumble and landed in a thicket. She was clearly shaken up by the whole incident, and as soon as she got back on her feet she took off running in the wrong direction. When she realized she was no longer with the group, she started trumpeting plaintively until the other girls rejoined her. It was a whole lot of fuss over one lone buffalo!

We rescued Sagala in September 2017, after the drought left her orphaned. To learn more about her, click the link in our bio or visit:

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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Did you know that a lion's roar can be heard up to five miles (8 kilometers) away?
While their presence is larger-than-life, lions are in danger due to habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, and poaching. We take a 360-degree approach in our protection of wildlife, spanning anti-poaching, aerial surveillance, and mobile veterinary operations to mitigate these threats and ensure that this regal fellow and his friends have a future.

To learn more about our field work, visit:

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Mia Collis
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Today was a very big day for Shukuru: she graduated to our Umani Springs Reintegration Unit!
Shukuru is a trooper; she initially graduated to our Ithumba Reintegration Unit in 2013, but she developed health problems, so late last year we made the decision to move her back to the Nursery where she could be more closely monitored. She’s faced her fair share of challenges and is still not in tip-top shape, but specialist care has put Shukuru firmly on the road to recovery. The eight-year-old’s steadily improving health, coupled with her apparent boredom in the absence of all her recently graduated Nursery friends, made it clear that the time had come for her to take her next step. Umani Springs will provide the perfect place for Shukuru to continue to heal in the company of friends. As you can see, she’s already settling in beautifully!

Video ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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Jotto is such a sweetie. While he was out browsing recently, Luggard stayed on his tail, hopefully gauging whether he could snag some of the grasses that Jotto was snacking on. Instead of getting upset, Jotto gamely let him carry on and even gathered extra so the two little bulls could share!

To learn more about Jotto, or to foster him, visit:

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Sami Mannerheiomo
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Trunks up for the weekend!
(This photo was taken on the day that Esampu, Mteto, and Mundusi graduated to our Ithumba Reintegration Unit — as you can see, everyone there was aflutter with excitement over their arrival!)

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Mia Collis
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Sana Sana is one of the more reserved members of our Nursery Herd, but her quiet demeanor belies a steely determination to survive. When she was just 10 months old, she became separated from her mum (we're not sure how or why) and was on her own for some time. After narrowly escaping an encounter with a hyena, she sought refuge at night by sleeping next to a Samburu tribesman's tent. When we were finally able to rescue her, she seemed relieved to at last be in safe hands. The other orphans at the Nursery immediately took a shine to her — this photo, taken in 2016, shows one of her first outings with them into the Nairobi National Park— and while she often keeps herself to herself, she's also the first to come running should she think that any of her friends are distressed.

This #DSWTFosterFriday, you can support Sana Sana's future and help us give her the wild future she deserves. To learn more, click the link in our bio or visit www.thedswt.org/sana-sana

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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