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Ndotto was born two months premature and, when we rescued him, was one of the tiniest calves we’ve ever set eyes on. Fast forward three and a half years, and he is growing up and getting bigger by the day. He has also been finding his independence lately, spending more and more time browsing and exploring on his own, much like an adult bull would. However, he is still very bonded with his Keepers and hustles back when they give the call for milk!

Want to support Ndotto as he grows up and works his way towards a life in the wild? Click the link in our bio or visit:

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Martin de la Torre
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Hot off the heels of our Los Angeles run, we’re excited to announce that registration is now open for the @enormouselephantrun: Freestyle London run, which will take place on Saturday, June 16!

Spend the day surrounded by fellow elephant lovers and help us raise vital funds to care for Kenya's orphaned elephants and secure wilderness areas for them to roam in once grown.
Whatever your style — whether you choose to wear an elephant onesie, your regular running gear, or festive face paint — take your support of DSWT one step further and join our London herd today! Register here:

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Freya Dowson
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When she was just six months old, a bruised and battered Godoma was rescued from the bottom of a well. Now three years old and a mini matriarch of our Nursery herd, the welfare of her fellow orphans is Godoma’s top priority. Case in point: Enkesha was recently wallowing so enthusiastically that she got stuck in the mud bath, making it necessary for the Keepers to wade in and pull her out. Godoma was extremely upset to see one of her friends in a tight spot and attempted to assist with the extrication efforts; when it became clear that the Keepers had a handle on it, she ran around the mud bath trumpeting loudly in solidarity until little Enkesha was back on terra firma.

This #DSWTFosterFriday, learn more about Godoma and support her as she moves towards a life in the wild: www.thedswt.org/godoma

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Martin de la Torre
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Everyone is celebrating the recent rains in Tsavo!
A terrible drought gripped the southern part of Tsavo East National Park last year, causing close to 400 elephants and countless other wild animals to lose their lives. Thankfully, the skies have opened this month — and at our Voi Reintegration Unit, we got more rain in 48 hours than we had in all of last year! As you can see, the elephants are delighted and the park is finally bursting back into life after two years of failed rains.

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Mia Collis
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Please join us in wishing Mbegu a very happy birthday!
As the anchor of our Nursery herd, Mbegu is a mother figure to the orphans there, offering love and guidance in equal measure. With all these infants looking up to her, it’s easy to forget that Mbegu — who turns four today — is still just a baby herself! It will be a few years before she is old enough to return to the wild and lead her own herd, but we can already tell she’s going to be an inspiring and incredible matriarch.

Get to know our birthday girl by reading her story and adopting her today:

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Martin de la Torre
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#tbt, 2013: Sonje puts on her best “game face” as she tries to entice a friend to play with her.

Sonje, who will turn seven in April, now plays the role of matriarch of our Umani Springs herd. Although she takes her role very seriously, she also still has a playful side: On a particularly hot day last month, she snuck off to the water hole early, leaving her co-leader Murera and the Keepers far behind to watch after the youngsters while she enjoyed a refreshing dip!

Photos ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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Temperatures in Tsavo have soared above 90°F (32°C) in recent months — so it’s hardly surprising that the orphans at our Ithumba Reintegration Unit welcome the opportunity for a refreshing dip. Some of them will dive right in even on cooler days, while others are more picky and prefer to stay onshore unless it’s especially hot out. Needless to say, everyone was partaking in the daily mud baths before the recent and much-needed rains!

Video ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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Sattao is a popular little fellow and most recently, he has become the apple of Mbegu’s eye. Of course, everyone tends to flock around the beloved mini matriarch, but Sattao is a good sport about it and happily shares his time with Mbegu with the other babies. This is a stark contrast to his pal Musiara, who chases anyone away if he sees them vying for Mbegu’s affections!

To foster Sattao, click the link in our bio or visit:

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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When we rescued Sonje, a painful leg injury had left her with a severe limp (in fact, her name is the Mliangulu word for lame!) — but today, she’s leading the herd at our Umani Springs Reintegration Unit.
This #DSWTTransformationTuesday, discover her story.

Photo 1: We rescued Sonje in February 2012, when she was about ten months old. The source of her leg injuries remains a mystery, but we suspect they were caused by spears or arrows. She was understandably frightened when she arrived at the Nursery, but the other orphans made her feel right at home.

Photo 2: While Sonje’s limp never quite went away, it soon became clear that nothing could hold this mini matriarch back. Not only did she have a talent for snatching the tallest branches, but she was also a natural leader with a knack for caring for the little ones.

Photo 3: In 2014, Sonje and her friend Murera graduated to our Umani Springs Reintegration Unit, located in the lush Kibwesi Forest. This new location was built specially for the pair, who would have struggled in Tsavo’s harsh environment given their permanent lameness.

Photos 4-7: Soon, more orphans graduated to Umani Springs — and Sonje was absolutely overjoyed to have more babies to coddle. She and Murera are fantastic matriarchs of their herd, and Sonje is always there to provide guidance and a comforting trunk for her little charges as they all work their way towards a life back in the wild.

Your support helps us give orphaned elephants like Sonje a future. To foster her or another elephant in our care, click the link in our bio or visit:

Photos ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Photo 4 ©️ Freya Dowson
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After an altercation with humans left this elephant with a spear embedded 12 inches deep into her shoulder, the rest of her herd was understandably reluctant to let more of our kind step in to help her. It took a little maneuvering, but the DSWT/KWS Meru Mobile Veterinary Unit was able to temporarily separate her so they could set about removing the spear, cleaning the wound, and applying green clay to expedite the healing process. Soon, she was reunited with her family, and the team — who has been keeping an eye on the patient — expects her to make a full recovery. #DSWTfieldsuccessstories

Spear injuries like this one are the result of human-wildlife conflict, which is on the rise as habitats shrink across Africa. Working with the Kenya Wildlife Service, we are proud to offer elephants and other wild animals a helping hand — particularly when harm has so often been done at the hands of humans. To support our work in the field, visit:

Photos ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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When he was at the Nursery, Kithaka always left a trail of mischief in his wake. Now six years old and working his way towards a life in the wild at our Ithumba Reintegration Unit, the bull has lost none of his wily ways. Recently, he managed to climb up the stockade walls and break a tap from one our tanks before the Keepers noticed his misdemeanors. He seems to have a thing for tanks; on another occasion, he toppled one over and pierced another with his tusks!

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Freya Dowson
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There’s no doubt that every elephant is unique, but research suggests there are four major personality types among elephants. Each type — leaders, gentle giants, playful rogues, and reliable plodders — plays a key role in the herd, helping them succeed in the wild and overcome threats like starvation or drought.
We have been raising orphaned elephants for over 40 years, and in that time, we have come to know plenty of these character types. It’s safe to say that Naseku, pictured here, sits firmly in category of the playful rogue!

If you were an elephant, which personality type do you think you'd be? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Freya Dowson
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