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Just my opinion.




It’s hard to blame you. The mirror is our greatest enemy.


Knocked it out! @claudie_boy


@salih4life 5. May answer your question. John C. Maxwell


Learning to slow down and enjoy the small moments. #theGodbox


That boy ran for office in a fitted. (And won!) I told the students that I was running as a student with flaws and all. I said I am one of you so I shall present myself as that. When it’s time to suit up I will but that will come when it’s time. One of my opponents brought up the fact that I smoked weed at the time. I said yes I did smoke weed sh*t im a college student. I then turned to the crowed and asked them who has smoked weed in college and most of the crowd raised their hand. I went on to say that if I win I would stop smoking for a year and dedicate myself to them. I won and I kept my word. S.U. I later was banned from campus for about 10 years. Then came back and talked the same sh*t! Ha ha ha ha #southernuniversityinbatonrouge repost @d.k.foreman


Thank you all for allowing me to grow up! Photo by @annettenavarro1


Get your ass up! Make that bed up!