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Welcome to the world little Ranomasina! You are extraordinary!


Her name means “sea” in Malagasy. She is the first offspring of Mangamaso and Velona, blue-eyed black lemurs brought from Madagascar to the Duke Lemur Center in 2017.

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Well, this was really fun yesterday! Chassem proposed to Brooke on the tour path, and she said yes, and it was adorable! 💕 They weren't here for graduation weekend, he just booked because he really wanted to propose to her!
Congratulations, Chassem and Brooke! :D 💍

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Here at the @dukelemurcenter we’re celebrating #StarWarsDay with the birth of our critically endangered blue-eyed black lemur, Hamill! We think you’ll see the resemblance between him and his blue-eyed superstar namesake, @hamillhimself ! The force is strong with this one!
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The force is strong with this one!

Meet Hamill!
Named for Mark Hamill ( @hamillhimself ) he is one of the newest Blue-eyed Black Lemurs born at the Duke Lemur Center! Hamill was born on March 22nd to parents West and Quinn. He lives with his parents and older siblings Lincoln and Poehler.
https://lemur.duke.edu/gellar-and-hamill 📷: Hamill’s keeper Matt Cuskelly

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Larger than expected, body looks like a microwaved cat. Cannot sleep due to its constant tapping, compulsive chewed, causes damage to all my wooden cabinets and furnishings... 0/5 stars. Demand refund! #rateaspecies
NOTE: Lemurs are not pets and should not actually be ordered online #notapet #forrealtho


Happy Birthday Hesperus!! 🎉

Hesperus the DLC's only remaining male black lemur male turned 34 today, further cementing his position as the oldest black lemur ever housed at the Lemur Center. Second oldest is Hesperus' mate Harmonia who will also turn 34 in June and, just like Hesperus, is still alive and well! Over the years there have been 111 black lemurs living at the DLC. I am not sure what this adorable old pair's secret to longevity is, but over the years they have garnered quite a fan club. Today Hesperus celebrated his big day with a special birthday concoction lovingly prepared by his technician, Becca, which, despite his lack of teeth, he managed to gobble down without problem!

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⭐️⭐️⭐️ Really appreciate that it's solar powered and a travel size was included. Was told women wear the pants in this species, however the product arrived without pants. A real letdown. #rateaspecies #dukelemurcenter
NOTE: lemurs are not pets and should not actually be ordered online #notapet #forrealtho


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Really excited for this rare find!!!! Ordered the black color option to be safe, but so happy with the quality - already ordered the orange! #rateaspecies #dukelemurcenter
NOTE: lemurs are not pets and should not actually be ordered online #notapet #forrealtho


Here’s some bright news for your rainy Thursday: We’re thrilled to introduce the DLC’s first infant of the season -- Elagabalus, an endangered Coquerel’s sifaka infant born to parents Pia and Pontius on December 23! Pia always wraps her arms around her infants in such an endearing fashion when they are holding onto her belly, much more so than any of our other female sifakas 💕

The little infant, “Gabe,” is beginning to get off Pia more and more and is making little independent forays into their enclosure. He’s also starting to nibble on leaves and bits of solid food! He loves playing with big sister Gertrude (4 years old) and his dad, Pontius, is very gentle with him. Gabe is Pontius’s first infant, and the first time they met – on January 5, when Gabe was 14 days old – Pontius greeted Pia and the infant and began singing to the infant right away <3

Welcome to the world, little Gabe! We are so happy you’re here! 🎉 📷: David Haring

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Blue-eyed black lemur celebrity pair Leigh (nine months old) and Murphy (1.7 years old) got a February treat today! Our technician staff cut down a maple tree, which was standing too close to an enclosure fence, for use in branching cages. The tree proved to be chock full of flowers which the flavifrons loved! Since maple generally flowers in February and March, Leigh had never experienced their lemur approved taste, but after a few nibbles, she grew more and more enthusiastic. Murphy, on the other hand, was enthusiastic from the get go. Maple flowers are a sure sign that spring is fast approaching, and with a string of 70 degree days ahead of us, the spring train is picking up speed!
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For an old lady you have to admit that Ozma looks spectacularly good! Okay, perhaps she could use a little tooth trimming (and whitening!). Actually tooth trimming is something the Vet Department does every few months on some of our older aye-ayes. Younger aye-aye are constantly chewing on anything they can get their teeth on, and their ever growing incisors remain at a good length just from this natural wear. Some of the older aye-aye, though, have slowed down enough that their chewing cannot keep pace with the growth of their incisors. Ozma is now about 32.3 which makes her our second oldest aye-aye behind Endora (34.2) and right in front of our other two wild caughts Nosferatu (32.14) and Poe (31.14). Since all four of these elders were wild caught in Madagascar in 1987 (Poe and Nosferatu) and 1991 (Endora and Ozma) no one knows exactly how old they are, as their ages were estimated by former DLC Director, Ken Glander when they arrived at the DLC, based on the amount of wear their teeth showed at that time: An inexact science for sure, especially for animal's as unusual as aye-aye!

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Huckleberry, the Grey Mouse Lemur, has discovered the easiest way to get breakfast in bed is by sleeping in his food bowl!


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