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Huckleberry, the Grey Mouse Lemur, has discovered the easiest way to get breakfast in bed is by sleeping in his food bowl!

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Agatha can only look on in astonishment as her 14 year old mom Medusa, hanging effortlessly by her feet, greets our staff photographer.
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As the weather cools down, the snuggles increase!
Carolina’s family pictured here is enjoying one last forest afternoon before being moved to their winter habitat.
From left to right we have Nacho (0.5 year old), Oscar (3.5 year old), Bonita (1.5 years old), Carolina [only her tail is visible] (7.5 years old) and Duggan (9.5 years old)

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The NHE 4 ring-tailed lemur group was blissfully catching some rays this morning, in a sun bathing ritual repeated throughout the Lemur Center. Tonight, temperatures at the DLC are supposed to be in the 30s, which means that for the first time this fall, all free ranging groups must be closed into their winter barns for one or two days until the arrival of milder weather. Not to worry free ranging lemur fans, our forest dwellers should be back in the trees by Thursday! 📸:David Haring

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Five month old blue eyed lemur female Leigh sends out a high five to all her fans!
She reports that she is doing really well since moving away from her totally unsupportive mother, Margret, and that everyone should stay tuned for some potentially major news!

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Ring-tail matriarch Sprite leads her family through the forest. Lemurs are female dominant, so wherever Sprite goes the rest of the family follows. 📸: Melanie S. (Primate Keeper at the DLC)

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Little Nacho is taking his name a little too seriously by sitting in his food basket!

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"This is my Friday face!" Francesca, a 1.5 year-old Coquerel's Sidaka has her #Friday face on and she is ready for the weekend!

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Meet Elliot, the new sifaka on the Lemur Center block. He arrived in early August from the Los Angeles Zoo, where he had been living since birth (01/2013). He breezed through quarantine and will be meeting his new companion Beatrice in the next few days. 📸: David Haring
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Two month old male #crowned lemur Shezmu is doing well, but he is still a bit shy, especially when there is a stranger in his enclosure. During a photo session today, the little guy tried to remain concealed behind his mom, Sanura, but still wanted to get a peak. Any more hidden, and he would have needed a periscope! 📸: David Haring
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Everyone at the DLC loves #sifakas! When they leap from tree to tree they are some of the most graceful (and powerful) animals on the planet. And their bipedal locomotion while traveling on the ground, demonstrated here in Natural Habitat Enclosure #4 by Rodelinda’s group utilizing a path at feeding time, is endlessly fascinating, and sometimes amusing. But occasionally, when the camera freezes a group in mid hop, the effect is more #ZombieApocalypse than David Attenborough! :D 📸: David Haring
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You've perhaps heard of Cool Hand Luke? Now meet Cool Tail Buzz!
Buzz, Pyxis' two-month-old #RedRuffedLemur infant, has developed a unique way to beat the heat. When his technicians provided his group with a bowl of icy water on a sweltering day, rather than drinking it, Buzz simply rested his tail on the ice! Whether he is consciously doing this as a cool down strategy, or is just at the age where lemur infants have a bit of a problem keeping track of all their body parts, we may never know... !

Thanks, David Haring, for the fun capture + comment! :P
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Recently, a DLC intern secured an "enrichment ball" (practically indestructible balls often used in zoos, primarily for big cats and bears) to the branches in one of the indoor triplex rooms which shelters free ranging ring-tailed lemurs, sifakas, and red-fronted lemurs living in Natural Habitat Enclosure #2 🌿 It quickly became obvious that red-fronted female #Redbay had become attached to the red sphere. In fact, on the exceptionally hot days we have been experiencing the last week or so, most days Redbay can be seen with her arms wrapped about “her” ball, possibly due to some cooling effect it has on her. It is somewhat mystifying that with over 7 acres of comparatively cool forest outside her doorstep, the old lady chooses to snuggle with a hard plastic ball for nearly the entire day! :P 📸credit: David Haring (DLC Staff Photographer)
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We were going to wait ‘til next week, but hey -- what better time to announce the DLC's newest infant, Nacho, than on #CincoDeMayo?!? :D 🇲🇽 Nacho is a CRITICALLY ENDANGERED mongoose lemur born at the Duke Lemur Center on April 4. He's pictured here at just 3 days old! Stay tuned for more images + info next week… In the meantime, CELEBRATE!

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WE HAVE BIG NEWS! Two critically endangered blue-eyed black lemurs have been born at the Duke Lemur Center! 🎉🎉 We're thrilled to introduce you to infants McKinnon and Poehler, born 3/22 and 3/23! Their mothers, Wiig and West, are two of just four female blue-eyed black lemurs of breeding age in North America. This species is so rare, in fact, that in 2015 it was estimated that they could go extinct in the wild as little as 11 years 😧

All of the blue-eyed black lemurs at the DLC are named after blue-eyed celebrities. This year we've honored two of our very favorite actresses, Amy Poehler and Kate McKinnon of Saturday Night Live! Amy and Kate, we hope you're as thrilled with your new namesakes as we are! Come visit them sometime! <3 <3

For LOTS more images and info, click below to see our blog post!
Welcome to the world, McKinnon and Poehler! We're so happy you're here!


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It's a boy! 💙 Meet Gothicus, our first infant sifaka of the season!
This little fellow was born to Antonia and Gordian via C-section on 1/6/17, the day before a major winter storm hit Durham. Gothicus had the lowest birth weight (76g) of any surviving sifaka infant ever born at the Duke Lemur Center. He had to be hand fed around the clock by the vet dept for nearly a week before Antonia was able to properly care for him. He's now thriving and weighs nearly 160g! (Huge shout-out to the vet team and techs! Amazing job!) Like his parents and the DLC's other sifaka, Gothicus shares his name with a Roman ruler.
Welcome to the world, Gothicus! 💙

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🎉 It’s the beginning of BABY SEASON here at the Duke Lemur Center! Who is this tiny baby sifaka? We’ll reveal this infant's face and name later today… Stay tuned! 🎉
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Photo by David Haring, the DLC's photographer extraordinaire.

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The Lemur Center's new kid on the block, Kidman, is actually a seasoned DLC veteran! Kidman was born at the Lemur Center in March '94 and free-ranged with her mother, Lamour, for a couple of years until she received a SSP ("Species Survival Plan") recommendation to transfer to the Bronx Zoo's St. Catherine's island wildlife survival center --- a gorgeous, nearly uninhabited island (except for lemurs!) off the coast of Georgia. After the Bronx scaled down their operations on the island in 2006, Kidman returned to the DLC until 2008, when she was again shipped on breeding loan, this time to the Los Angeles Zoo (an appropriate place for a blue-eyed lemur if ever there was one!) 🌴
Now in her mid-20s and no longer able to breed, ultimately the decision was made for Kidman to return to her original home at the Duke Lemur Center so that she might spend her final years as a companion animal for our single male, Presley. The DLC, of course, welcomed the return of our prodigal lemur with open arms! <3 Although Kidman is 22 years older than she was when this photo of her free ranging was taken, she is still a stunningly beautiful animal!

Welcome home, Kidman!
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HOW cold did you say it was?
Minias the red ruffed lemur is looking forward to spring.
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You’d planned to send your sweetheart a dozen roses for Valentine's Day… Why not send a dozen lemurs, too? <3 The DLC's 2017 video valentine guarantees this will be your loved one’s most adorable Valentine’s Day yet!
Visit lemur.duke.edu/valentine to learn more, see photos, and place your order!

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Registration is now OPEN for our Lemur Learning Homeschool Academies I and II! Classes start February 7th. Register online at lemur.duke.edu!


Free-ranging lemurs in January? Only in North Carolina! This Ring-tailed lemur enjoys the forest on a warmer morning. #ringtailedlemur #lemurs #nofilterneeded


On the #tenthdayofchristmas the #dlc gave to me, 10 #lemurs leaping!

In this #throwbackthursday video of our sifakas free-ranging, you can see the #lemurdance as well as the amazing leaping ability! Our sifakas can leap up to 30 feet from tree to tree!


On the #ninthdayofchristmas the #dlc gave to me, 9 #sifakas dancing!

Have you ever seen a #lemur dance? Our Coquerel's sifakas get around on the ground by hopping like ballerinas. You can see their beautiful dance on our Walking with Lemurs tours, starting again in spring!


On the #eigthdayofchristmas the #dlc gave to me, 8 #lemur paintings!

Did you know our lemurs paint as part of their enrichment? We have their beautiful artwork for sale in our gift shop, as well as gift certificates for Painting with Lemurs tours! #christmasshopping #lemurart #modernart


On the #seventhdayofchristmas the #dlc gave to me, 7 SAVA Silkies!

The Silky Sifaka (propithecus candidus) is a species of lemur found in the Northeast of #Madagascar, in the SAVA region. The Duke Lemur Center SAVA Conservation organization has greatly contributed to the protection of this and other lemur species in the area. (Photo credit: Steve Coombs) #lemurs #conservation #silkysifaka


On the #sixthdayofchristmas the #dlc gave to me, 6 #primates #training !

These #lemur technicians are doing some #positivereinforcement training with black and white ruffed lemurs. Looks like everyone is having a good time! The treats probably have something to do with it... #animaltraining #enrichment #craisins #idoscience


On the #fifthdayofchristmas the #dlc gave to me, 5 GORGEOUS RING(TAIL)S!
Can you spot the 5th #lemur in the picture?
These #ringtailedlemurs are enjoying their afternoon in the free-range enclosure. They can't wait for the warm weather to return! (Photo credit: David Haring)

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On the #fourthdayofchristmas the #dlc gave to me, four calling #lemurs !

The call of a #ruffedlemur can be heard half a mile away! #ringtail lemurs like to join in on the fun, too. Who has heard a lemur call at the #dukelemurcenter ?


On the #thirddayofchristmas the #dlc gave to me, three fuzzy friends!

Red ruffed lemur triplets Carme, Puck, and Titan were born in 2012. Red ruffed lemurs can have litters of up to 6 at a time! How many of you have met this troublesome trio? (Photo by David Haring)

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