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Specializing in treatment of thinning edges, balding scalp areas, and alopecia of all ethnicities 💕Shop & click link below 👇🏾Shipping 📦📫 worldwide! 🌍


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- I think this has become my favorite updo style💁🏽 especially since you can jazz it up with cute headscarves. I've also been using @edge.entity follicle stimulant to help me reach my waist length hair goal (currently at mbl). This product helps keep my edges in tact and is great for overall hair growth. I'm a sucker for nice smelling things and this smells so bomb! Kind of like a fresh minty scent 🌿 Use it on thinning edges or bald spots. Just apply it twice daily and watch the magic 😉 .
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Omg!! 😍😍 How beautiful are her locks! 😩 Thank you @thezioniafrancis for trusting Edge Entity to help grow your hair 💚


We wanna see pics 😍 @jus_foxie_


The 2 ounce jar is a 1 month supply. Now, why 1 month? Who could use this jar for 1 month? Let's say your thinning area is across the perimeter of your hairline from ear to ear, you could successfully use this jar for 1 month, and maybe even have some left over. Edge Entity is a thick creamy substance, similar to the texture of a conditioner, and it dissolves very easily into the scalp. A little goes a LONG way, so not much is needed to cover the area.

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- Okay here we go again...April 4 I lost 50% of my hair after having a Lupus flare up since December. I was literally an emotional wreck. For two days straight I sat outside of my backyard, I ignored every incoming call and cried while staring in the distance asking. “Why me? What do I do now”. But one call I couldnt ignore was my brothers. His words of encouragement helped a lot. From there I said f*** it. This happens to so many men and women out there that I don’t need to dwell in this. I should embrace it! I commend all the women out there that are brave enough to show their vulnerabilities during their hard times. I’m not a spokes person for any hair care products. I’m the average person going through some things but yet have hope and optimism. So the pics taken in this order: April 4th, below April 19th and last pic was taken today. The products that I’ve been using is @edge.entity and @glammednaturallyoil.


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One struggle with having Lupus is hair loss. Aside from the embarrassment, Finding hair products that will help regrow your hair is close to impossible. Well, The first pic was in July, second pic Aug and last pic is recent and I had a hair cut just a month prior. Thanks to @edge.entity my hair is growing back healthier and thicker than before. 😁


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Such a huge difference! 🙏🏾


This style was soooo cute! But I think she was just ready for her hair to grow back ☺️ so she used the Edge Entity Follicle Stimulant to help! Read her story below •

I used it for 2 months now. I applied it morning before I styled my hair and at night. I didn’t put any edge control or anything on the area because I only wanted the edge entity on it there really good and I probably forgot a day max, but other than that I did it consistently everyday. I took the smallest bit and massage it on there for probably like 15 seconds. I would clean the area once a weak by co washing with conditioner and then applying. I wanted a new hair style so I shaved my head then hated it so I wanted it to grow back fast so it could fit in my weave installs and I could sew it up and grow it back 😂 but yesss I love it, not oily at all so it’s very easy to use everyday and if you have a weave it won’t get your hair oily because I would have that problem with other hair growth products then I would stop using them bc it was getting my hair too oily. A little really goes a long way!


When consistency pays off! How easy is it to do the SAME THING twice a day? It’s NOT easy. And we understand. But it pays off! @Travelbugdiva actually sets an alarm to apply every night! Lol Read this beauty’s story below. •

I received the product April 10th or 11th i believe and started using it April 12th. I would try and put it on every morning. In the beginning i would forget and i was skipping a few days so no i wasn’t using it consistently. I tried to do it morning and night. No i didn’t clean the area because i was scared the hair would come right back out. And i have absolutely NO idea how the damage happened. I just happened to look one day and there was NO hair in that area. I started going crazy! Saw this and the results of a few and decided to try it. Very happy and shocked about it growing back. Since seeing the results it’s becoming second nature to apply the product twice a day.
I’m overly joyed about these results. Gotta go. 1015pm is my alarm to apply my second dose lol


Giiiirl you better come through with this beautiful natural hair! 😍😍 I had to repost! •

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I have to say that I am really really happy with the results I’m getting from the two hair products I am using the set I purchased from @vidahairgrowthproducts and to grow the weak areas and edges I’m using product @edge.entity the two combined are giving me this. #sephorajunkie47 #vidahairgrowthproducts #edgeentity #edgeentitygrowsmyhair #hairgrowth #hairgrowthproducts #hairgrowthjourney #over40hair


We thank you so much @sese_meslayy for your courage and bravery in sharing your story with us. It takes a lot to unveil a sensitive issue such a Hair loss to the world. I’m so glad that Edge Entity could take part in your hair growth journey. 🙏🏾🙏🏾Please read her story below!

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This Is The Beginning Of My @edge.entity Hair Journey And I’m So Very Excited. I Have Had Hair Problems For The Majority Of My Life Dealing With Bullying, Not Feeling Beautiful Enough, Wanting To Wear Certain Hair Styles That I Couldn’t, Transitioning To Shaved Sides To Try And Hide Myself. I’ve Tried So Many Products, Oils, Doctors, But Nothing Has Helped The Way I Wanted Thus Far. IM DONE HIDING!! This Will Be My First Time Trying A Hair Follicle Stimulant And I’m Proud To Say It’s With @edge.entity . The Smell Is Wonderful...Peppermint, Coconut Milk 🤤 Exciting, EXCITING. Will Be Keeping You Guys Updated With My Hair Journey 👌🏾#edgeentity #hairgrowth #hairjourney #alopecia #naturalhair #healthyhairjourney


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