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Email us @ [email protected] for an application! Or email [email protected] to submit a feature!

Hard to believe Fennel and Thyme don't have a home yet!
They are available in Southern California as a pair! Email us at for an application


How beautiful is Belle? She's looking for her forever home! Email us at for an application!


Sweet boy Saffron is looking for his forever home! He is also available for fostering with his sister! Email us at is you're interested in fostering or adopting!


Cuddle puddle! Sicily, Capri, Rome, and Milan are all looking for their forever homes! Email us at for an application!


Emma and her 3 beautiful, healthy, babies are looking for a long term foster home local to Southern California! Email us at if you're interested in Fostering! Estimated foster length is 2 months but may be longer if they don't find a home by then!


Happy Tales Foxy! Foxy has found her forever home after several months of searching! We are so happy for this sweet girl! ❤️


Today our deaf, CH boy was adopted! Oliver was rescued from Lancaster shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized there. He went to an amazing home with another deaf CH kitty!

CH is cerebellar hyperplasia. It is a non progressive neurological disorder that often causes shakes and wobblyness. They are happy and healthy.

Special needs kitties deserve love too ❤️


Timothy is available for pre-adoption! This cutie pie has a ton of spunky personality! Email us at for an application!


Bonded pair Milan & Capri are available for adoption! Milan is the ultimate cuddle bug and Capri is super spunky and playful! They are socialized with children, cats, and dogs! Email us at for an application!


Teagan is a stunning, unique, playful Siamese who will be ready for adoption in about 2 months! If you'd like to apply for pre-adoption, email us at She is quite the little fighter and survived against the odds!


Our stunning medium haired boy, Shakespeare, is up for adoption! Email us at for an application!


Hey guys! I want to take some time to highlight some of our expensive cases we've taken over the last 3 years of rescuing. Approx. 600 kitties and about 5 dogs have come through our rescue. Many who are not in the rescue world believe our funds are entirely sustainable by adoption fees but unfortunately, they arent. On average, we spend around $300-500 per kitty. We've only recently raised our adoption fees to $175 from $150 and this was due to the inclusion of fecal tests. If we received a $1 donation from every one of our followers, we'd be able to fund the rescue for an entire year or more. Our annual operating expenses are about $35,000- $40,000 a year.

Consider a $1, $5 or more donation to help us continue to save lives. We currently have a $3000 outstanding vet bill. A $1500 Laboratory bill. And around a $3000 bill on our emergency credit card.

I'd like you to first meet Avery. Avery is a senior kitty in our rescue saved from euthanasia at Devore Shelter in San Bernadino. She was listed as 20 years old and was near death. She had almost no blood left in her body due to severe flea related anemia and a massive upper respiratory infection that caused her to be completely malnourished. She was abandoned, as a senior with bad teeth, and left outside at a mobile home park.

It took over a year to get her healthy. She required a blood transfusion. Over $1000 in testing due to a variety of illnesses she had. She was not SPAYED and was aged down to 15/16 years old. Now she's spayed, healthy, and happy. She's recently lost some weight but is making strides to gain it back. We have spent nearly $3000 on her alone. She was at one point adopted but unfortunately became withdrawn and unhappy so we felt it best for her to return to the foster home she loved.

Avery is living proof that even senior kitties deserve a chance. She could have been euthanized. But she's now doing so well and is loved for however long she has with us.

Our paypal is