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To celebrate the @museoguggeinheim turning 20, @googleartsculture invited @johantonnoir—known for running, flipping and jumping across Paris's busy rooftops with only a pair of sturdy shoes—to capture the the museum’s iconic, swirling roof from a new angle. 📷: @trashhand


This week's #MySuperG comes from our friends at Google Brazil to celebrate Afro-Brazilian culture and identity in Brazil's music, food, art, clothing and history. Viva!


A sparkly, shiny celebration captured by #teampixel photographer @sidgoswami.


Where in the world is Carmen the #Doogler? We found her at our Pittsburgh office! Rescued in 2009, this sweet pup loves playing fetch (with cat toys), and commuting to the office with her Googler Dad, only to later sleep on his desk.


Shredding into the week with this #MySuperG ✂️ by @officialsarahrosado. Tag your own creative interpretation of our logo and you might be featured!


#teampixel photographer @prateekkeshari captured beautiful red and pink sandstone in this symmetrical shot of a Jaipur palace.


Meet Marine Veteran Elizabeth Jones, another amazing Google Student Veterans of America scholar. After leaving the corps in 2007, she became an electrical engineer. Today she works as a systems engineer on anti-submarine warfare systems to protect American soldiers at sea. On the scholarship program she says, “Google’s done a lot more for me than just giving me a scholarship. I feel like it really showed me that there are people like me doing great things with their degrees.” #honoringvets


Meet Army Veteran James Matthew Landis. A computer engineer working on healthcare applications for robotics, James is a recipient of the Google Student Veterans of America scholarship—a program to help veterans on their path to attaining a computer science or IT-related degree. He also works at No One Left Behind in Pittsburgh, PA, a national organization dedicated to helping America’s wartime allies and their families resettle safely in the U.S. “We’ve brought in 8 families in our first two months and I’m incredibly proud of our work,” he says. #honoringvets


Bringing the bold colors of city streets to your Pixel, we’ve launched new phone cases with muralist and painter @jasonwoodside. He even brought his geometric work to our #googlepopup in LA with a mural outfitting the building, pictured above.


A #MySuperG that can pencil you in, thanks to @bashirsultani.


Creators like artist @shantell_martin are using #ARCore, our platform for building augmented reality experiences, to push creative boundaries. For Shantell, this means continuing her iconic line drawings into 3D space. See our story for more on how other creators are using AR.


#teampixel photographer @shawnsblog takes us on the road and into the woods with this serene, misty picture of fall in Virginia.


In case you hadn’t herd, last summer some friendly sheep helped capture imagery of the Faroe Islands for #StreetView. Today, the #SheepView imagery is officially on Google Maps! To this we say, “where there’s a wool, there’s a way.”


Trick-or-treat yourself all the way to Westeros with #Dooglers Gustave and Mieka! Ruling from the Iron Throne in our LA office, these pups dressed as Cersei and Jaime Lannister always know where to find the best snacks in all the Seven Kingdoms.


#MySuperG is ready for fall thanks to this autumnal creation by @ack_bos.


We can haz your timeline? Taking over Instagram fur #NationalCatDay, we're Mosey and Thunder, two purrfect rescue kittens from the Bay Area. To make room for all our toys, we've sent the #Dooglers on a nice, looong walk.


Out of all the apples in the orchard, #teampixel photographer @jerkharry picked the sweetest ones.


That gourd-geous smile means Charlie has fallen into his favorite season. 🍂. This NYC-based #Doogler loves playing in piles of leaves, exploring the city’s parks and snuggling on the couch.


As bright as the lights of Diwali, this colorful rangoli #MySuperG was created by @kalakar to mark last week's festival.


You’re never too old to play in the mud. #teampixel photographer @samarthv.pattar throws a ✌️ sign at his reflection after the rain.


Sparkles, space, and side of fries, this #MySuperG is all about balance. See these and all of the things you love right in your feed in the Google app.


Some 1.2 billion people around the world need better access to clean 💧. Researchers at Google and beyond are betting on supercomputers to help solve this by making ocean water drinkable.


Meet Gladys Karina, a program manager at X, Alphabet's moonshot factory. Originally from Ecuador, Gladys Karina is pictured wearing a toquilla woven straw hat, a traditional Ecuadorian art. “Knowing where I come from is a key part of knowing who I am and what I stand for. No matter how difficult the obstacle, I know that I do not stand alone. Supported by the strength of our forefathers and inspired by the potential of our descendants, our cultural heritage is a beautiful ode to our history and a lighthouse for our future. We all are living legacies." #HispanicHeritageMonth


Pixel 2, meet the Bayou. Photographer Timmy McGurr, also known as @13thwitness, brought the new Pixel 2 to New Orleans, exploring and capturing the city’s vibrant people, incredible seafood and beautiful scenery. #teampixel


Our CEO @sundarpichai was in Pittsburgh, PA yesterday, visiting with students at Langley K-8 School and joining local Googlers to volunteer at Goodwill's Digital Skills Career Day. Sundar's visit was part of our announcement of new programs to create more opportunity for everyone, including $1 billion in grants, 1 million Googler volunteer hours, and #GrowWithGoogle, a new initiative to help Americans grow their skills, career or business.


We're feeling on top of the world! #StreetView is celebrating a major milestone today by traveling the furthest north we’ve ever been, to Quttinirpaaq National Park in Nunavut, Canada—about 500 miles south of the North Pole.


Originally from Mexico City, Alberto is now an industrial design creative lead for Hardware at our Mountain View headquarters. Above he’s holding an original molcajete from his grandma, a tool used to make salsa from scratch. On his work, he says, “Growing up in a vibrant city with a mix of cultures (the hyper-modern and the ancient traditions co-existing), shaped my method of problem-solving and tackling challenges. One of the most interesting challenges of my job is translating Google’s brand values—being “approachable,” for example—into physical objects.” #HispanicHeritageMonth


The story of the Agoraphobic Traveller, known on Instagram as @streetview.portraits, is even more amazing than her photos. Though her condition prevents her from travelling, she uses #StreetView to visit and capture photos of remote places in parts of the world that have always fascinated her. #SearchOn


Google Doodles don't just happen on our homepage, sometimes they organize office summits! Taking care of business from our Washington, D.C. office, meet #Dooglers (from left to right) Sophie, Whiskey, Finn and Calvin.


You love: cooking, crafts, color and community gardens. Your feed in the Google app loves: all the things you do. #MySuperG