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#GRYMMATHLETE @miss_matthew_lifts taking 5kg over her competition max for a smooth single prior to her volume work.
Kate’s next meet is to be done without the use of knee sleeves; this took a while to get used to, but it seems like we’re finally making some BIG strides in her squat training to smash some YEWJ PB’s come Nationals in July!


#GRYMMATHLETE & master of photography/angles @annadavis68 performing 8 reps with 90% of her competition max... yeah, 8 REPS WITH 90%! Although were aware that it’s not uncommon for female lifters to be able to perform a higher number of reps closer to their 1RM, this is still massive progress for Anna; as we made the decision to use sumo for her deadlifts, she finally seems to be in her stride for a big total corn the British Powerlifting JNRs at the end of this year!


#GRYMMATHLETE @dean_roberts1 performing some late night 5’s on squats with around 75%. Dean has recently just finished his “intro” block from a pretty serious elbow injury, that saw a lack of competition squatting and benching.

As things are on the up, we’ll be looking for dean to regain some lost ground and then some prior to his next competition in July!


#GRYMMATHLETE @strongman_28 performing his AMRAP set w/ 220kg and getting 4 solid reps, at the tail end of a hard week and part of a full SBD session, which included an AMRAP on squats prior!

Matt is looking to come in Strong for the South Wales Cup in July, which will see him absolutely destroy his old total!


#GRYMMATHLETE @lukeg342 is at the tail end of his penultimate block before @welsh_powerlifting Welsh Championships, this coming April; we’ve upped his squat frequency and are prioritising intensity for his deadlifts; although fatigue is high, it seems he’s starting to realise his strength built in prior developmental blocks, with this 10kg PB of 210kg in the squat and the ridiculously easy single with his competition max on deadlift. Luke was scheduled x1 @ 8 on both of these days and although were still keeping his workload and fatigue quite high until the last minute, I’ve no doubt that more massive weights will fall during these final weeks to set him up with something tasty at the competition!


#grymmathlete @danyuill showing that you don’t, always, need to be lifting heavier weight to have an indication of progress; these two pulls are the exactly the same weight, with 240kg, but are almost a year apart AND about 15kg of bodyweight! We’ve worked on Dan dropping some unwanted body fat, which has enabled him to compete as a 93kg lifter; we had to be a bit more nuanced with his training and recovery whilst he was in a deficit, but through patience and trusting the process, Dan is creeping up on his previous best lifts, at two weight classes lower!


#grymmathlete @bigweesh hitting some paused triples with 220kg, prior to his back-down work and bench pressing! This current block sees Josh performing the paused squat twice/week, on top of his Competition squatting to work on his cadence and overall control of the movement. Josh is currently trying to go up a weight class, so we’re putting all these extra calories to use through added volume and it seems to be working wonders!


Here’s #Grymmathlete @ows_tobs pulling a huge PB of 340kg, followed by a PB triple of 320kg, AFTER volume work on squats and bench! Owain is currently in prep for his British Championship in May and is looking good to blow his previous total out of the water! We’ve come to the conclusion that Owain responds to a fairly high frequency on all of his lifts, as his recovery is far above the norm; his current training protocol his him hitting, relatively, high intensity singles on the competition lifts each week, with lighter sessions to aid his recovery and work on skill acquisition.


#GRYMMTRAINING athlete @joshhayford competed at the NW strength expo today, whilst knee deep in his current training cycle. We wanted to treat this as a tester meet for the British in November; ideally ending up around RPE8/9 lifts to set us up for a big total later in the year.
Here is Josh's 3rd deadlift attempt @ 265kg, which followed a 212.5kg squat and 125kg bench; both of which were very submaximal and led to a 20kg total PB. Josh's eagerness to get back into training means we're back to building off of this total to push for a 630ish come next time.


#GRYMMTRAINING athlete @joshhayford is currently training for the JNR British in November, but we've got our eyes on the NW Expo in September as a train through meet.
So we're lowering the volume and upping the intensity every 4th week of his training; this means the week of his September meet will just feel like a normal training session, rather than adding uneccesery anxiety or stress.

Here he is hitting 257.5 x 2 @ 9 after working up to singles @ 8, then followed this up with some back down sets. All the added sumo work has had a great carryover to Josh's conventional, which we're hoping to push hard come November!


#GRYMMTRAINING athlete @deanrob_wales performed admirably at his last meet, particularly in his bench press.
Dean has always enjoyed squatting and deadlifting, and had a history of treating bench like the "break" inbetween the three; we managed the curb this attitude and got a 20kg bench PB as a result, with far more left in the tank.

This was 140kg for his third attempt, and I'm confident there was 142.5-145 there on the day. Dean will total 700 a lot sooner than he thinks.


#GRYMMTRAINING Athlete @danyuill in the third and "peak" week of his microcycle; an analysis of Dans previous training blocks have shown that he adapts to a stimulus very quickly and hits a "peak" every third week.

To accommodate this, his current training block runs in 3 week phases to ensure the third week is reactive to how his body responds; here he is hitting a top set of 6 @ 8-9 RPE with 180kg. Not long returning from injury and over a 15kg weight loss, Dan is steadily climbing to that 650+ total we're aiming for at the end of the year.