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My new album 'Hands Are Made For Working' is out now.
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Me asking why you haven’t grabbed your ticket to my headline show yet? 50 tickets left so get your hands on ‘em. It’s going to be one of the most honest and raw concerts I’ve done. If you’ve ever been through a difficult time, doubted your faith, or felt like giving up this show is for you. Link in bio. See you there. #HAMFW


It took a lot of hard work and sleepless nights but the money from my album sales just came through and I can finally afford this white ASOS t-shirt I’ve wanted for a while. Can’t thank you guys enough. #HAMFW


Have you ever been to St Tropez and seen a brother play a mandalay?


This birthday is a special one for me because I’ve gained a new perspective. “Life is a beautiful struggle.” - That sums it up. There’s good days and there’s some really really bad days but trust me, there’s beauty in it all. Your bad times have a habit of strengthening your character and making you realise what’s really important in life. For me, I’ve realised how important family is. Used to give the world / career my best and then give my family the scraps. On stage having the time of my life but hadn’t made time to see my Dad in weeks. It’s funny what we spend time chasing. Life’s about balance. Money, clothes and cars are cool but try and appreciate the people around you who love you, be generous to people who can’t repay you, and try to do things that you love. Never take a day for granted, and even on the worst days there’s blessings to count.


I’ll be supporting @andymineo on his European tour. It’s gonna be mad so grab your tickets before they’re gone. 🇬🇧+🇺🇸 #HAMFW


Pleased to announce my pal @itsnickbrewer will be supporting me at my headline show in London this month. Ticket link in bio - Grab yours now!


Pain is pain, we all feel it in different ways. When you find yourself in difficult situations, how do you keep going? Share, you might help someone in the process. #HAMFW


It’s been 3 weeks and you haven’t listened to my album yet? #HAMFW


Can’t wait to perform Summer In The Streets for the first time. Hands Are Made For Working live show, June 30th @ Camden Assembly. Ticket link in bio! #HAMFW


Pain to purpose. #HAMFW


Heart of a king. #HAMFW


Aight Boom. #HAMFW - 🎥 @harrisoncosstick


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