Casey Elise Christopher@imogenthekitten

Animal advocate and pet photographer Ⓥ @CaseyElisePhoto for dog photos

Pocket Mouse’s tiny body couldn’t recover from his illness and his organs failed last night 💔🐭


All my kittens are prettier than I am


My little sea monsters have the biggest personalities and I love it so much 💗




This is Pierogi ❤️ My little potatoes are so much fun. They are chunky little floofs and they’re now five weeks old. Three more weeks and they’ll be ready ta go 🥔


Yesterday @straycatalliance had a bottle baby party at @catcafelounge and it was an explosion of cute ⭐️


Pocket Mouse has now been in the hospital for a week. He is hypothermic and being tube-fed because he refuses to eat. His eyes kind of opened and his URI is a little better, but he’s living in an incubator and is still super sick. He is so small - look how big his head is on his body 😭 I love my lil hot Pocket and want him home with me, but it looks like he’s gonna be chilling at the vet for a really long time ❤️🐭 If you wanna donate to his care my Venmo is Casey-Christopher and


It’s a beautiful Sea Angel 🦈


Smilin’ @wolfie_smiles


I love my little potato heads 🥔


Got four tiny screamers out of a yard in south LA yesterday with the help of @kittenxlady and @iamthecatphotographer and then the @aspca took them from me. Teamwork 😎


Gave my sea monsters some churro treats 😹


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